Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Official Today

I emailed my resignation to corporate today.
And I feel great.
Then I sent a personal email to Chad thanking him for the employment he provided to me and my family for the past 6+ years...
and then I let out a huge sigh of relief.
It's done and over and being put in it's appropriate place.....
in the past.
Never to feel like that again.

"I'm SO Big Grandma!!!"

Preston came to visit me today.
Oh my gosh this child is adorable!!!
He went with his mommy to her doctor's appointment where mom has recovered from delivery and is weighing only 122 pounds. I told Kylie she looks waayyy too thin - she has chicken legs and scrawny arms - no thighs what so ever - and is wearing MAYBE size 2 jeans. I worry.
Preston was pretty darn hungry by the time he got to our house so Kylie fed him right away. I got to change his diaper and then hold him for awhile before he wanted to go home for a nap.
But I had to snap these few pictures of him before he left.
Such big bright eyes. And he smiles now too!
Grandpa will be unhappy when he finds out Preston came by and grandpa wasn't here!!!
Oh well - I gave Preston enough hugs and kisses for both his grandpa and grandma!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dodged a Bullet

Kathryn and her boyfriend broke up.
And the minute that happened, the flood gates opened up and all the dirty details came pouring out!
It's been a rough two days since Kathryn and Brett mutually agreed to part ways...and I'm now just hearing from Kathryn some of the intimate details of their relationship - things I'm not real thrilled about, but grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that kept watch over the situation.
Needless to say, Kathryn dodged a bullet.
Yes, Kathryn was young and immature in the relationship, but at least she was honest and forthright with her weaknesses and shortcomings.
Not so on the part of the other person involved.
But no details - it wouldn't be appropriate.
But as her mother, I am so grateful that there were feelings and promptings that 'not all was well in 7th heaven'.
Kathryn truly is blessed.
It makes for her slightly broken heart to heal a little more quickly.

On The Market Again

Well,, I officially quit Apple Orthodontix today.
It is time to move on.
I have enjoyed, for the most part, my experience with the company.
My cousin and his family have been very good to me, but it's time to find something else to do.
Here I am job hunting again and I feel like a 16 year old...
But there has to be SOMETHING out there that I can do - I just need to find it.
And then make some good money at doing it!!!
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Preston's Blessing Day

What a great day!! And a good week leading up to the special day.
Kylie has been able to get Preston to start smiling - and only she is able to do it!!! It's amazing how that sweet little boy responds to his momma. And so she and Mike have been able to capture a few precious pictures of Preston grinning from ear to ear, but I'm not able to get them on to my blog. But at least I've been able to see them.
Friday night, I was able to babysit Preston here at the house, then Saturday night, Mike and Kylie had us over to dinner and Kylie made this yummy salmon and potato meal that was to die for - with dessert that I could have WAY over indulged in - but I didn't. And then yesterday was the big day.
Preston was just as good as ever. Several of Mike and Kylie's friends and family were able to be there as Mike pronounced a beautiful prayer to the Lord and blessing for Preston. There's nothing quite like a baby being presented to the Lord and blessings being poured out upon him. I was touched.
After church, we had Mike's mom and sister over with the rest of the family for a special dinner and game night - tons of fun - with our little guest of honor, Preston, stealing the show. He even came into the house riding on his new bike grandpa bought him...It seemed to be no big deal for him though...
So a nice, relaxing and memorable weekend for our little family.
Wish Jordan could have been here for the blessing.
Everything has it's time and place I guess.