Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Big Day For My Grandson's

Preston's first Day of Pre-school.  He looks so adorable!!!!

And Emerson is 6 months old!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Old Folks

We have been so busy this past month of August.
I don't know why or how, but the past few weeks have gone by so quickly with mostly the day to day things happening but I have not stopped to take the time to write anything down about what is happening.
Del has finally recuperated from High Adventure and was finally feeling back to his 'old' self.  He is trying to eat differently this month to help his body feel better from just slight aches and discomforts.  So he has been cutting out most of his desserts, sugars and especially ice cream.  Never thought THAT would happen.  But it has helped.  He does feel better.  He did get a new dental implant from the dentist and will be having a crown done in three months for it, so that has made him slightly uncomfortable for the past few days.  He's had lots of Bishop work to do - interviews, callings, parties for Young Men and Young Women and just being busy with church things.  We've been able to attend the temple with young couples being endowed and we were the witness couple, which was a wonderful experience.  We've had a lot of family time with the grand kids, which has been the best - And he has built me some washer and dryer pedestals for my laundry room and has kept up with a lot of the outside comings and goings of the garden and yard work.  We have canned jalapenos and also some meat again for our food storage and will have much more to do in the near future.  His job is wonderful to allow him to work from home and we feel sooo blessed that he is able to make such good money from the comfort of his office here.
I'm going through menopause and have been a little more moody and stressed than usual.  I love my job..and had an unbelievable month in July, but August has found us with one girl finding another job and quitting, and another employee falling apart and making a lot of mistakes during the past few weeks that I have had to carry the brunt of the embarrassment and fallout from.  I've not been pleased.  Plus, Dr Henao has been gone for almost two weeks of the month and I have not felt very productive.  Just moody.  I even had a meltdown with the one employee that I really think is very unnecessary in the office - and Dr Henao had to talk to me to reassure me that things will be okay.  I hate being like that.  I am usually the rock in the office.  I don't let much, if anything at all, affect me in the office.  But this employee has done me in..a little.  I am also trying to help a little more in my Relief Society calling - especially with some of the drama of some of the sisters in the ward.  Gosh - and we do have some drama.  But things are beginning to iron themselves out and people are stepping up to help in a lot of different ways.  I am learning, quickly, to put aside those who tend to like to cause drama and be the center of conflict, and put them in their appropriate place in my life.  I'm not giving much credence to those that cry wolf really loud.  And we're asking many of our ladies to quit being so needy and start being more self reliant in taking care of their issues - especially emotionally and moody wise.
I'm also wanting my house back.  I love Jordan and Lexi - but I'm looking forward to the day they will have a place of their own, thus leaving Del and I with a place of our own too.  I'm wanting to finish decorating and setting up house for us empty Nestor's.  But it will come soon enough.  I have been decorating my home a room at a time.  I'm currently doing the laundry room - going to remove the freezer and put it outside in the garage - then put a folding table in there that I will paint and distress a little - put some 'pop of color' in there and make it a little more useful for laundry.  The pedestals have been wonderful in and of themselves.  I don't have to bend over so far to put things in the washer or dryer, and it keeps more things off the floor.  When it's done, it will be way more functional for it's purpose.
The guest bedroom has been in the works for a year.  I am currently having two homemade quilts made for the beds...and I have started collecting and buying pieces fro the bedroom and walls.  I have furniture that I am going to paint and distress also, making the room a very country cottage shabby chic look.  It will be my favorite room in the house, I'm sure.  Del is being very tolerant as I do this whole process.  Hopeful, I will be getting my living room furniture for Christmas...Del asked what I wanted - that's what I told him.  Fingers crossed.
My dreams are bothering me lately - of people and feelings I really don't want to dream about.  It bothers me.  Really bothers me.  And I just don't know what to do about it...so I don't do anything, which is exactly what I need to do - nothing.  Adds to my emotions and mood swings.
Spent a family night at Elaine's house too - had some pictures taken of us which I posted on facebook.  It was amazing to me how many people commented that we looked like twins.  Really??  Okay, we have the same hair color, we're obviously sisters, but twins.  I was flattered and felt bad for her.  We did have a fun night with our children and our grandchildren.  Jordan and Lexi couldn't go, but Mike and Kylie were there - so between the two of us, Elaine and I have 10 grandchildren!!!  Isn't that fun??  And they all had so much fun together.  I wish we could get together a little more often, but time seems to slip away from us with our church duties, jobs and our own little families.  But I am going to try and have everyone out in October for a get together again - Del and I have also planned and booked a 'get away' together the first 10 days in October - we're going up to Utah to visit our mothers, Kathryn, siblings and then see a BYU football game.  Just a sweet time to be away by ourselves, away from stress and commitments.  Nice, huh?
I could write some other things, but I'm going to hold off for now.  I will try to write more on a regular basis so I don't have to try and remember a month at a time.  I've forgotten sooo much, and I don't want to do that.

Mike, Kylie, Preston and Madi

This was just part of the month of August with Kylie and her family..

Mike and Kylie bought a home and will be moving into it in just two weeks.  I am so excited because their new house is going to be only 20 minutes away from us!!  So much closer!!  The new house is very much like their old one but just a little bigger and a slightly different layout.  But best of all, it has a place for the kids to play both inside and outside so they can enjoy life again instead of stuck in an apartment.
Mike and Kylie's jobs are going well and keeping them both very busy.
Preston starts pre-school tomorrow!  Can you believe that???  He will be four in September and is growing up so fast.  He carries on wonderful conversations and is really quite brilliant for his age - says words I didn't know until I was in school. He loves dinosaurs right now and plays with them day in and out..And he knows what each one is and what it eats and how it sounds.  He's very much into playing outside in the dirt and loves to come to our house to play.  He loves his daddy and mommy too and loves spending one on one time with each of them when he can  School is going to be great for him.  He will learn so much and make some cute friends.
Madi is a spit fire.  She's going to be the death of Kylie - I keep telling Kylie that Madi will be her first ER visit, her first heart attack and her first anxiety attack.  Madi has no fear - she jumps from everything, mostly following the lead of her older brother.  She sees Preston do things and thinks she can do the same at her age.  She's not even two yet - only 19 months - and she jumps off furniture, climbs up on furniture and also climbs and jumps out of her high chair.  Her biggest thing now is...she's a fish - thinks she can swim anywhere she wants just because she has floaties on.  The minute Kylie puts floaties on her, she heads for the deep end of the pool and as far out as she can go in the lake.  No fear - no SENSE of fear.  And she is is such a tomboy now - wanted to wear Preston's underwear over her diaper, but Kylie got her some princess underwear so she has that on now.  And she knows what she wants and when she wants it.  She is FOREVER walking around the house calling for PAPA...PAPA...to the point that we all hate PAPA when he's not home cuz Madi calls for him for hours.  She follows him around everywhere too - she still loves here NANA too and loves to come see me at work, but oh my, she is just sooo active.  Spit fire....I don't know what she'll do when Preston goes to school tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see how she reacts.
The pictures of both these grandchildren are the best.  They are so full of life.  We love spending time with them and watching them learn and grow with such distinct personalities.  And they happen to still adore us right now.
And Kylie got to spend some time with her cousins - I noticed how pretty she looked that night, so took a picture of her.  Today, she stopped by my office and had her hair pulled back into a pony tail but with make up on.  Dr. Henao made the comment about how pretty Kylie looked.  I was pleased.  She really is quite a lovely girl/lady.  She didn't get it from me!!!

Jordan, Lexi and Emerson

Now that Emerson knows how to crawl and sit, he is found like this most often when he wakes up in the morning or from his naps. 

Six Months Old

We got new sling shots and these two were the first to try them out.

One of his many pensive looks.  Perfect little face.

Cutest three cousins - 

Preston can crawl around and then bring himself to standing position against most anything.

Emerson's first trip to the Lake with the family.  He LOVED the water.

And he loved the feel of the sand in his feet and hands.

Family fun in the sand.

 Emerson is growing like a weed.  He is now 6 months old - has kind of said 'dada' and 'mama' but hasn't done it again since.  He crawls all over the place and can now pull himself up against furniture to a standing position.  He has just started to eat solid food this past week with sweet potatoes being his favorite food so far.  He is happy and pleasant until he gets hungry or tired but sleeps well and is very good.
Jordan is doing well in his job and is hoping to have some really good sales of homes in the near future.  They are planning to move out in the next few months into a place of their own.  I hope they are ready and can afford it.  Lexi is making things all the time for Emerson, from clothes, to quiet books to ties to decorations for his room.  They leave in two days to go to Washington for a week to visit Lexi's family.  Only her mom has met Emerson, so it's time for him to meet the rest of the family.  It has been a pure joy to have them living with us for the past year, especially in being able to watch Emerson grow and learn so many new things.  I will miss them when they leave.