Monday, July 30, 2012

This is Why

Preston is the first of many grandchildren we hope to have.  But he, and the others, are the reason we have bought the home and land that we have and hope to make memories on for the rest of our lives.

Starting With Smaller Bites

I have an elephant to eat...the 'blogging' elephant.
Yes, it's been weeks and there is SOOOO much to catch up on.  I'm really behind.
But it's all the move....the packing up of everything and then the move.
So, I'm going to just take this one bite at a time...small bites, and only write about what is significant and I want to remember.    
The pictures kind of tell it all.                                                 

This is one of about 15-20 'rooms full' of boxes to move.
Preston spent hours with this spray bottle.

My happy Kylie found out she's having a GIRL!!!!

The beginning of Del's beautiful garage.

Our front porch.

A corner in our kitchen

The Master bath tub

Dels side of the closet

My side of the closet.

Clothes are just not that important to us, as you can see.

My first 'oops'; a hole in the kitchen wall.

Del spackling my 'oops'.
Preston wants to spackle too.
Jordan built us a fire pit

Papa and Preston having some fun in the water.


Too cute


Yard work with Papa

Going for a ride

Going out into the woods

Tired of carrying the rope

Papa teaching Preston how to 'lasso' the branches.