Sunday, July 16, 2017

Making the Sabbath Day Holy

Del's Sunday's are exhausting.
As Bishop, he is in meetings starting as early as 6:00, and many Sunday's evenings, he doesn't get home until 9:00 or even 10:00 p.m.  But most Sunday's , he does manage to get home by usually 6:00 for dinner.
Today, he came home tired - and in pain- and I could see the weariness on his face.  But he joined us for a yummy dinner, then read Emerson some books, then made almond chocolate clusters with Emerson and then came in our room to take off his suit coat. As he walked towards the door to leave the room, I stopped him and asked him where he was going?  He had mentioned at the dinner the table that he was going to make it an early night tonight, so I expected him to start that process.
But no. Through his painful steps and aching movements,  his answer to me was , 'I'm going to go rub my mothers feet, then I will collect the eggs and then put the chickens in the coop.'
Yes, he's going to go massage his mothers feet.
Her Bishop.  My husband.  Her son.
God's angel.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shoot Em' Up Cowboys!

You've go to love Saturday morning Westerns and cartoons that can capture the undivided attention of the three generations of men in this house.

I'm Pretty Sure the Kid is Winning

He asks us every day; from early morning to late evening, Emerson asks us to play with him.
It's hard when we have other things to do, that we can't play right he'll go into his room and play by himself with his cars or blocks.  But his greatest joy is when he asks us to play, and our answer is 'yes'.
He's been fascinated with the tiles from this game, Rumikube.  Every day, when I come home from work, I will see them scattered all through the front room on the floor, where I can see he has played with several different opponents throughout the afternoon.  And it just so happens that this is one of Shirley's favorite games.  So, the other night, after dinner and dishes were finished and put away, I was able to capture this adorable moment when I was passing Shirley's bedroom.  After I took the picture, I went to my bedroom where I could still over hear much of the conversation in Shirley's room.  Several times, I could hear both Del and Shirley pleading their case to the 3 yr old expert of Rumikube that 'their plays were legal', only to hear Emerson say, 'Nope, I make the rules'.
No wonder he proclaimed himself the winner of every game.
He makes the rules.

Evelyn Mae Blessing Day

July 2nd, 2017 was Evie Mae's blessing day.  Lexi made both Evie's beautiful dress and headband.   Both baby and outfit were beautiful. 
Although her eyes looks dark here, they will actually end up a steelish blue.

Her mama is loving dressing Evie in all the cute little outfits she has.

She gets more and more adorable every day...

JULY 4th Family Fun

The holiday was spent at both Mike and Kylie's neighborhood pool and the Denton Water Park, with a lazy pool and slides.  And food - yes, lot's of barbecuing fun -
God Bless America!!