Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Explain it to God

It's pretty much a 'no brainer' that the information forthcoming is NOT going to be good when the conversation starts with...'Mom, you love me unconditionally, right?'
We all have to make choices in life.
We make those choices based on the information and knowledge that we have at that specific time in our decision making process.
We try to make right choices.
We try to please others.
We try to please ourselves.
But in the scheme of life and at the end of the day, we are only accountable to one person.
We try to please God.
So the question then becomes....What does GOD want me to do?
Of course, depending on one's faith and belief in God, the answer to that question will vary.
Things change...
People change....
Feelings change....
But God does NOT change.
He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
His law NEVER changes, even with our individual interpretation of HIS law.
And we WILL have to explain it to Him.
There are some who then try to eliminate God so as not to have to be accountable to anyone for their actions.
How convenient.
But that won't change what is.
So my answer to the original question of 'do I love you unconditionally?' The answer is yes. And so does God. But you WILL have to explain it to Him. And then He will kindly remind you that you KNEW the law, chose to disregard it, made YOUR choices and will now suffer HIS consequences.
It is what it is.
I can't explain it any better than He already has.
He being...God.
It IS Him we are trying to please?

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Simple Things Make Her Happy

Lacey doesn't ask for much...
Dog food, water, a daily walk and an occasional pat on the back from one of us here in the house.
And she gives SOOOO much back in return.
Not a day goes by that she doesn't run to greet each of us at the door when we come home.
She makes us laugh...
she doesn't get into trouble and she's a trusted companion.
So in return???
A ham bone from dinner the other night.
Oh my....
HOURS of enjoyment from such a simple thing as a ham bone.
We love Lacey.

Jordan and Lexi Have a New Baby

As far as grandchildren go, I haven't really bonded with 'this' one yet and she's not the cutest one either...but THEY seem to like her.
Jordan and Lexi have a new car....and they LOVE her.
I'm happy for them....

This Makes Me Happy

After church, we spent Sunday evening over at Mike and Kylie's having dinner and playing with Preston. Of course, we did our usual of making smoothies, which is Prestons favorite thing to do with Papa. They were yummy.
Then while Papa was putting Preston down to bed, the kids had some fun looking at some funny things on you tube...for a group of people that just a week ago I wanted to disown all of them for their bickering and petty jealousies and back biting, I got a kick out of watching them sit all over each other and laugh together.
It made me smile.
Must have been a payback moment for me cause I felt very blessed for trying to live the way I should be...
I'm happy.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here We Go Again

My days are rolling into each other. It's that time of year when nothing new is happening and nothing exciting is starting either............
Well, kind of.
The winter hibernation is now manifesting itself on my waistline.
I have only gained 3 pounds back...BUT...the inches are thick on my waist.
My tummy is back.
So, I am back to power walking, as of last night. And Lexi is going with me. I'm hoping that after 4 months of walking again and back on cutting out all my 'wants' as far as in between eating, I'll lose it all again.
I can only hope.
And there are a few changes at work.
One of our techs, Christy, left and went to another vet office.
The another of our techs, Heather, had her baby. She will be out until the end of March.
Then Linda, the other receptionist that trained me, has left and gone on to another better paying job. I am now the receptionist.
For now, they have hired a temp tech to fill in until Heather comes back and another tech, Tracie, who is pregnant, is now assisting me at the front desk part time. But she will go back to tech at some point and I will be left as the only receptionist up front.
I'm sure I can handle it on my own. And I'm hoping that after proving that for a few months, they will see fit to give me a raise.
The attitude of the office has changed. People are happier...I'M happier, more at ease and feel a little more relaxed. Things aren't as strained and stressful as before. So I'm loving my job again.
We are more social and outgoing with the clients at the office. It's nice to feel like I'm making some friends with them.
I've connected with some friends on face book from back 30 years ago...friends that lived in Nelson apartments when I was there. I couldn't remember some of them, but do now. I'm also trying to reach out to some friends in the ward...actually doing my visiting teaching and enjoying it. And I'm wanting to stretch my personal time into more socializing with some of these friends. I'm wanting to not just live in my little box anymore...but stretch my comfort zone to spend more time with others.
It's an exciting possibility...
and I hope it works out.
Gunna try it anyways...

Monday, February 20, 2012

'You're Making Me Look Bad!'

Last Saturday was an unbelievably busy day at work.
We had 9 (NINE) new patients come in that day. and several emergencies.
Needless to say, it was hectic.
Our last two patients of the day were in the back treatment area and I had some last minute things I needed to do in the back before being able to wrap up our paper and computer work.
As I entered the treatment clinic area, I came upon two of our techs and one large kennel technician(boy) who were doing all they could to hold down to the ground a VERY large 120 pound black lab that was completely out of control....thrashing and trying to bite and escape. I was nervous for them as they tried to protect themselves and others in the room.
I stepped back from that scene to take sight of another scene directly to the left of the first. There stood one tiny technician, holding in the palm of ONE of her hands, a miniature chihuahua that only 5 minutes before, had weighed in at barely under ONE pound, if soaking wet. That little chihuahua was eyeing that black lab with a look that said, 'Knock it off! You're making us all look stupid!' I looked from one to the other and found myself laughing right out loud at the humor in front of me. Where was a camera when I needed one??
I've giggled a few times at the memory of Saturday and have since thought about how much alike all of us are in so many ways and yet how different we are in others. Similarities and differences....and how those each either compliment or embarrass our own kind.
Just thoughts...and a funny memory.

A Thought To Live By...

NOTHING good comes from living in the past.
Trust me, I know.

Mormons; What We Do

There are several of these being posted on facebook and all.
This is the only one I have found actually funny.
There have been different themes...teachers, firemen, doctors etc etc...
But it got to the point that enough was enough; some really stupid one's were being written.
But then I saw THIS one...
I found it both funny...and accurate.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

It Was Worth the Effort

Working a LOT lately and seldom getting a weekend off to relax or just VEGETATE.
So I'm tired.
Tempted this morning to just stay in bed and catch up on some sleep this quiet Sunday morning...
but of course, THAT would be completely contrary to the theme of this years Primary Program of Choose The Right.
So I was up and showered and before dressing, did my hair.
Okay, I'll admit, it was a little wild today - spiky, poofy kind of 'out there' kind of thing going..and I should have known it was maybe a little TOO far out there when Del entered the bathroom, took one look at me, and in a 'set back on his heels' kind of look, laughed. Or at least, it better have been the hair he was laughing at and not at the fact I wasn't dressed yet.
I never regret my decision to go to church when I have days like today in Primary.
My church experience today ended as follows:
From three yr old Spencer Frederick...'Sistuhr Lott', (in his adorable little voice)..'I love you'...PAUSE..'Yo haiwr is funny'...I laughed. He continued..'did you look in duh mirwor?' I replied..'yes'...he asked, 'did you lauff?'
I did then.
I'm going to write a book someday, titled 'Out of the Mouths of Babes' and share everything I've heard these sweet children say in Primary over the years.
I will make a fortune...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

We Just Adjust

MWAHAHAHAHA.......(wicked witch sound affects included).

Him's Lubs Me

I found these love tokens yesterday, Valentine's Day, on the counter in the kitchen.
Del loves me.
He doesn't have to. In fact, I've given him so many reasons over the 30 years not to love me, but he does.
He still does.
Still. That word amazes me.
On SO many different levels.
Happy Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

When the Family Gets Together....

The night always focuses around Preston somehow.
We went to Mike and Kylie's house last night after church and naps to have a great ham and potato dinner, watch the animated movie Tarzan and then make Rice Krispy Squares and play games.
It was a fun night....

Going to Need a Double Wide

Each Sunday, I receive pictures drawn by the sweet children in the Primary. They are pictures of anything and everything and each picture has a story behind it. I tell the children that when I go home, their picture goes up on my refrigerator and stays there until it is replaced by a new one the following week. I usually receive one or two a week.
Yesterday, I received all of those you see on the front of my fridge. I told the children i was going to need a bigger refrigerator to fit all the love I had received from the....a 'double wide refrigerator'. They loved did I.
I told them I went to church with my heart feeling just THIS (.....) big, but came home with my heart feeling THIS (................................) big now.
It made them happy to know I loved them as much as they love me.
And I do.

No More Monkey's Jumping on the Bed

My three children have always loved our king sized bed.
And they would jump and play on it for hours.
And still, even now, they love to come over and lay all over my king sized bed.
Apparently, it's being passed down to the next generation as Preston too, loves to jump on Grandma and Grandpa's bed....It seems to be the second favorite gathering place for our family, the first being the kitchen table. (kitchen area).
So it's all I can do to keep these monkey's from jumping on my bed.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quotes I Want to Remember

I just finished reading a book called 'Souvenir'.
It was good and a quick read for me, as it was a romantic novel, my favorite.
One thing I really enjoyed and wanted to not forget, were some quotes that were in the book, at the beginning of some of the chapters...
so I will record them here so I can have them always.

1. 'Love is a promise, love is a souvenir,
once given never forgotten,
never let it disappear.'
John Lennon

2. 'Do, for love, what you would not do.'

3. 'God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December.'
J.M. Barrie

4. 'There is a crack, a crack in everything.
That's how the light gets in.'
Leonard Cohen

5. 'Everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him,
and then choose that way with all his strength.'
Hasidic Saying

6. 'There is no remedy for love
but to love more.'
Henry David Thoreau

7. 'I hold it true, whate're befall;
I feel it, when I sorrow most;
'Tis better to have loved and lost
Than never to have loved at all.'
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

8. 'They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream, our path emerges for awhile,
then closes within a dream.'
Ernest Dowson

Monday, February 6, 2012

'It's Always Fun When Grandpa (& Grandma) Comes

It's been years, but dad and mom finally made it back to
Texas for a visit. Wonderful to see them after almost
a year. 'Marked' changes physically, but still here.
Sheila's first visit to Texas, I hear. Three oldest sisters.
Dad, mom and their three favorite daughters.....I said.
Grandma and Grandpa with their LOTT grandchildren.
Uncle Bob, Aunt Talmage, Mom and Dad.
Preston meets his cousin Savannah.
Preston meets his cousin Grant.
COUSINS...Becky, Janene, Kathryn and Kylie.
Kayla and Kathryn.
Make a Million...Sheila and Elaine's hands.
My two favorite men....

It was nice to have my parents and older sister come for a few days to visit. They stayed at Elaine's house and we went over each night to spend some time eating, playing games and having the cousins intermingle and visit.
Tons of fun...tons of laughs...tons of food...
Dad and are mom are showing their age a little more...especially daddy. His Parkinson's is taking it's toll on him...he doesn't talk a lot...has a harder time keeping his head up and sitting up straight; his hands shake, he 'observes' more than 'participates' and appears quite weary most of the time. For someone, who four years ago was the epitome of health and vitality, this disease has not been kind to him. I ache seeing him so limited in his energies and abilities but marvel at how quick his mind and memory are when discussing things of the gospel and the spirit. He is quick to tear and slow to speak. He remembers little of short term moments and has to be reminded often of what he used to know instinctively. He struggles to smile...not that what he sees and hears doesn't bring him joy, but that his ability to actually have his lips form the smile takes a little more effort than he is accustomed to. I sat with him for a time in which I shared some special Lott family experiences I thought he would find interesting. In sharing some of Kathryn's activities, he cried quietly with pleasure that she was accomplishing some things he always hoped she would do...staying involved with gymnastics, especially in a prestigious and well know gym. He was so pleased with her good choices and progress. And he cried when he first saw and hugged Kylie. He loves her and it's so sweet for me to know, that for some reason, he finds her so special in his heart. He thought Preston was adorable, which of course, he is.
I loved watching mom and dad enjoy each of us daughters, and then each of their grandchildren, and then in turn, each of their great grandchildren. At this stage in their lives, it's hard for them to remember each individual. I mean, for heaven's sake...they have 12 children...over 70+ grandchildren, (I think) and then I don't know HOW many GREAT grandchildren. Mom remembers each and every one of Not so much. But he knows we are all his; and that brings him joy.
I'm still not ready for anything to be different....meaning...I'm not ready for anyone to be 'gone'. Meaning...I'm not ready for dad OR mom to die. Not saying either one is going to anytime soon...but...yes, it's most likely going to be...sometime....soon.
But, I'll think about that another time.
Not today.
Today, I'm going over to Elaine's to go spend the last night with my parents before they go back home to Utah.
Tomorrow will come soon enough.