Sunday, August 29, 2010

She Came and Went

Jordan and his friend Lexi left on Friday, flying to Washington State where they will spend about 8 days before going back to Idaho to school. Lexi arrived last Sunday - was here a total of 5 days. We saw her very little and talked even less than that.
Just a sense of disappointment over the weeks lack of events and interaction.
We know nothing more about her than before she came. Even less about Jordan.
What's there to say?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's That Time of Year

I'm flying my colors.
So there is no mistake, I am a BYU fan - I bleed BLUE - through and through - deep deep BLUE.
Jordan posted our colors today on the outside of the house.
I have high expectations this year for BYU, sustained by much faith and prayers.
I remain faithful in each game til the final tick on the clock. I NEVER walk away from a game, no matter the score. I'm in my seat until the last player leaves the field.
When we win, I don't act surprised but celebrate with confidence and joy.
IF we lose, I defend each player and their plays and the coach and his decisions.
By the end of the season, I am a complete and utter mess, both mentally and physically.
But I enjoy the ride and I enjoy each season.
So, let the Season begin...

The Project Continues

The two of them have been working on this every Saturday since the beginning of the month. We're seeing some great progress too. It's turning out to be a beautiful piece of furniture and not a bad father/son relationship either.
Thank heavens that when the project is over, the relationship won't be.
It appears to be eternal.

In Record Time

It took only ten minutes - a new record...
Jordan went and picked up Matt Hickens truck - a nice Dodge Ram that Matt is letting Jordan borrow all next week while Lexi is here. Mainly for transportation, as we only have two cars for the family - but also for 'coolness' while his girl is here!!!
Mark Roberts is in town too, with his wife Alison. He had called earlier in the day and the gang, Mark, Jordan and Ricky, were going to do some hanging out. That ALWAYS means more than just 'hanging out' - something ALWAYS happens - it's just a matter of time - inevitable!
I could have used a stop watch for accuracy but I'm pretty sure it was within ten minutes of being with Mark that the phone call came. Jordan had gone over to Mark's in Matt's truck - he had to be cool for Mark too who has his own truck.. anyways, Jordan calls. Seems they've been in an accident - in the truck. (heart drops TO THE GROUND). Jordan pauses ON PURPOSE before saying 'Mark's truck', knowing I was cha-chinging, in my head, all the money we were going to owe Matt Hicken the rest of our lives...(Jordan thought that was funny - NOT).
Mark's parents are gone to a wedding reception, so I get the call to come out and help. Of course, upon arriving, Mark gives me a big hug and the joking begins about old times. Of course, I'm thinking that there is no such thing as 'old times' when it's still happening!!!
Appears an older lady ran a red light right in front of Mark and he hits her on the side - nothing too bad on the truck, but the ladies car is ruined. mark and Jordan get to work on the truck, trying to bend out the wheel well so that Mark can turn the truck both ways and the truck won't need to be towed. A call comes from Mark's dad who had finally called Mark back and I giggle as I over hear the conversation and explanation Mark gives to 'Elder Roberts', or Jonathan, as we know him. I can hear Jonathan laughing as the facts of the scenario are detailed - ' Of COURSE you're with Jordan...of COURSE it's only been ten minutes, of COURSE no-one is hurt, no-one EVER gets hurt...) side note- Mark STILL has a 'BB' in his hand from one incident and Jordan STILL has a scar on his side from a bottle rocket incident...but no-one every REALLY gets hurt..
So, after watching the two of them for over 30 minutes, interact and reminisce about old times, while trying to get the truck DRIVE ABLE, I finally leave to come home while they go to get dinner. I had to laugh as I watched them, remembering the last time I saw the two of them on the ground underneath a vehicle of any sort, there were 'firecrackers' involved. Not one of their most brilliant moments. It included a 3rd Eagle Scout too - I still just shake my head at the adventurous lack of common sense those boys had...or DIDN'T have.
Needless to say, I grounded the boys for the rest of their time here together. When I noticed that they're smirking meant that they had already made other plans, I just sighed, gave them 'the look' and said, 'Just try not to kill anyone', and I left them to their giggles.
I try to remain calm whenever 'the amigos' hang out. I know there will be fun, adventures and of course, new memories and stories to tell. I keep hoping they will 'outgrow' this lack of common sense and adventure they seem to display - harmless fun - stupidity - Two of them have wives now, for Pete's sake - the other one, Jordan, is the butt of all jokes and needs the wife the most.
But, I don't see much changing over the next few years or so. I think what needs to happen is parenthood. They need to have children. I think they need to experience some of the worry and stress that Jonathan, Bev, Del and I have been experiencing over the past 8 years. That's the ONLY thing I can really see maybe subduing some of their 'need for speed'.
My only fear? It would give them just one more person to tag along with them on their adventures!!! Hopefully, though, their wives would set some boundaries for them.
Yeah. Like THAT has ever worked before!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010


Kathryn's old friend is back... and with a vengeance!!! She started with the sore throat, went to the doctor Tuesday and they said it was some type of infection and so I got the antibiotic and started her on it. Then it got worse and the throwing up yesterday, she couldn't even swallow, eat and was still throwing up.
Mononucleosis...her throat is so full of infection that it has been making her throw up. She hasn't been able to keep anything down and is so exhausted. So I took off work yesterday and took her to the doctor again. The doctor looked at her throat and said it was one of the worst cases she had ever seen. Blood work was done - test was immediately positive - they are also going to test the blood to make sure there is no liver and spleen damage going on - .
And then the shots came....4 pricks later she had been given a pain killer for the discomfort and phenergan for the throwing up. Within in an hour, she was finally comfortable for the first time in days.
Now, it's REST REST REST mixed with any amount of fluids I can get down her. She did start throwing up again last night but then slept through the night after only getting up once for pain pills. Hopefully, we will start to see some improvement in about a week.
She is now registered for one online class at BYU Idaho in order to hold her spot on her track. All other classes and her apartment reservation have been cancelled. She has turned in her current online class materials, took her final for English 3 which she passed with flying colors and still has the final to take for her Nutrition class. She will then be a high school graduate - officially. Heavy sigh.
I can see SOME progress. She's had no Internet, face book, phone or driving privileges. She's only worked and stayed home sick, always with supervision. She's never left alone and seems to be comfortable with this new lifestyle we are enforcing. She has no social life, except for family, and will continue that way until we see fit to change any of the rules.
It's been the first two weeks of a 6 month journey and so far, so good.
I know better than to hold my breath though for fear of instant death.
Some lessons are learned a little quicker than others.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Most Inconvenient

So Kathryn woke up with a very sore throat Sunday. She started complaining about it Saturday so I knew she was preparing us for a 'stay at home' Sunday. I imagine there will be quite a few of those over the next 5-8 months or until she at least gets a testimony.
I had prepared myself for what I would do too. I was betting she thought we would leave her here at home for three hours like we have so many times before but she was betting wrong. When I went to wake her up and was so surprised that she moaned and groaned with aches and pains (NOT!!), I told her to stay in bed and that I would stay home with her. She didn't like THAT idea at all but I reminded her that she would be having a constant family companion with her over the next 8 months, no matter how inconvenient it was for any of us. I gave her a smile and politely said 'Not being able to trust you is really the pits, isn't it?"
So I was home from church. Not fun AT ALL!!!
But we'll all get used to it soon enough.
Who knows? We may actually end up friends at the end of all our 'bonding time'.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Baby Shower Day

There are a lot of people who love Kylie very much. And deservedly so. Kylie is a wonderful girl who lives the commandments and is deserving of all the love and respect she receives from people. She lives a good life.
Today was an expression of that love shown from many friends and family that came to honor her and congratulate her in the upcoming arrival of her baby. I was so proud of her and the way she carried herself today. She truly is grateful to these wonderful people that have been so good to her.
The first baby shower was this morning and it was hosted by her cousin Scarlett. I helped with a few of the decorations and some food and then Elaine also made two wonderful salads and so we had some wonderful food and a good turn out of family and friends. Everyone had fun visiting while eating great food - we played just a few games and then she opened her gifts.....such kindnesses from these people.
The second shower was hosted by Dana Hicken and some other friends that helped Dana with the food etc - Meredith Smith, Shelly Dalebout, Kim Davis, etc... and another fantastic turnout. These were all ladies that have known Kylie since she was in Young Women's. She admires and loves these women. They are the women that she has watched and followed for over 8 years - their examples, their actions, their words and their lives. And she has not been disappointed in a single one of them. They have helped Del and I raise Kylie into a beautiful and faithful young woman. It meant a lot to her that they were there.
And once again, she was showered with beautiful expressions of love and gifts. Dana had each of the guests do artwork on a chosen 'onesie' that would be worn by Preston at some time in his life. Even Dana's two daughters that Kylie adores, Lexi and Megan, each made Kylie a onesie from them. I was so touched by the unique idea and what each of the girls had done on their onesie that I teared up. Kylie will think of each of those special people each time she dresses Preston in one of those outfits. How appropriate....
And the gifts were wonderful. Those ladies really out did themselves. Kylie and Michael and little Preston will want for nothing. I'm pretty sure Preston will have something new to wear each day for at least the first 40-50 days of his life. And he will be the best 'decked out' little baby boy around...such cute outfits. I'm going to be so lucky to be his grandma.
Which is another thing. I keep getting asked what I'm going to have Preston call me...his other grandma, Michael's mom is going to be 'Uma' - which means grandma in Polish. I'm thinking I will probably just be Grandma or maybe Nana - which was the name of the dog in the movie Peter Pan - who knows...just something to think about. Del wants to be 'grandpa'....original huh???
Anyways - a very fun day for Kylie. I soooo hope she understand how much she is loved by these good people. I especially hope she realizes that she has lived a life that merits all the love shown her today too.
I love you so very much Kylie. Thank you for

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Difficult Step

I was very proud of this young lady today. One of her recent challenges required her to return some things in her possession to their rightful owner - and admit her part in the situation. It was hard and VERY scary, considering what some of the consequences could have been. But, she and I had decided that because it was the right and necessary thing to do, that we would also be ready and willing to take the consequences, whatever those may be.
There was much compassion and love shown by those whom we needed to be understanding and forgiving. It was a much needed relief and blessing for Kathryn to be forgiven and embraced by those to whom she had shown offense. I was so grateful that it turned out the way it did and that she was ultimately able to have a very wonderful experience in the repentance process.
Tonight, I give thanks to a loving Heavenly Father that is softening and preparing the hearts of those that Kathryn will need to ask forgiveness of over the next few days.
This is hard as her parent too...but I need to stand by her side and give her the support that only a parent would give at this time. I would love nothing better than to make her go do this on her own and take her blows and punches.
But I just can't.
I still love her...very much.
She needs to not be left alone in this.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Missed Opportunity

So, I was to become an 'empty nest er' in a couple of weeks, but it's not to be. At first it was going to be Jordan here for a year, earning money to go back to school and Kathryn would be gone. Now, it's Jordan who will be leaving in 3 weeks to go off to school and it will be Kathryn staying home. Not because of money, although she has not yet earned her portion of the school expenses; but because she is not ready and worthy to go off to BYU Idaho according to the Honor Code.
Sad. I'm just really sad...for all of us. I'm sad for Kathryn that she has missed this chance to move on in life and do what she hoped to do away from home. But, these choices she continues to make and life she has continued to live will not merit her attending the Lord's school...not yet.
Sad for me and Del. I was so excited to have time with Del - just me and Del. Quiet alone time - another missed opportunity. Yes, I know it will come eventually, but I was ready for it NOW. But now, I have to wait.
So I'm sad.
Today, Kathryn started being trained as an assistant at my orthodontic office. The ladies there understand that Kathryn will be staying home now and so they have taken it upon themselves to train her to do more things at the office. I'm glad. It gives her a more sense of worth, and she needs that. She's pretty much at the bottom of the barrel right now and so she needs to pull herself up and get herself busy to try and prepare herself to possibly be ready to go off to school in 8 months or so. She will only have work and home to cling to, so I'm hoping that's enough for her to live off of. She's pretty much stripped of everything else.
This will be a rough 8 months . A refiners fire for us all. I just hope the flames don't become too hot and the burn isn't too intense that none of us survive it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weekends Are For Family Fun

Weeknights seem to go by so quickly and they are just too short to really get anything done each night before it's time to go to bed. So that's why we play on the weekends.
I try to have some type of family get together every weekend - especially while Jordan is here at home. And this past weekend wasn't any different.
My sister Elaine and her family have been out of town for a Moon family reunion and we are certainly needing to get together with them. So that left cousins Sean and Becky and Mike and Kylie. of course, each even has to be based around food first - and good food at that. Chipotle was the theme for Saturday night with homemade salsa/pico de gallo - YUM YUM YUM!!! Then we played games and of course, the laughs with the computer.
Sunday night was with Mike and Kylie and just our little family - more games and desserts. But I took the time to really study the faces of my dear family. They are fun to be with...even with the ups and downs we seem to experience and the good and bad times, I love each member of my little family. I wouldn't trade a one of them...
Maybe two, but not just one of them.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Project Has Begun

My son in law has never really had a father that he has done a lot of things with as he was growing up. Del has kind of taken on that role when Michael married Kylie and they have both seemed to enjoy the new relationship. Del has always found an importance in making memories...with your children, with your heritage, and with the future, and he has especially wanted to do this in the making of things with his children.
over the years, Del has made a lot of our furniture - and it's beautiful, gorgeous furniture. But the beauty of it has been in making it WITH someone - mainly Jordan, so far. They made me a lovely game table that I do my jigsaw puzzles on and they play chess. Then he and Jordan made me three gorgeous book shelves for our home that are nice pieces of furniture.
Now Del has a grandchild coming and he wants to leave a legacy. But he wants it to be more than that. He wants in to be a lifetime memory. So he and Michael are making this project together.
For weeks they have been in the planning of this project...a baby changing table. They have drawn the plans, done the measurements and last week purchased the wood. Yesterday, the project began.
Of course, Del needed to buy some more tools. So he was like a kid in a candy store going to Mike's aunts home and buying up some of her old saws and tools etc. Plus, he was able to go and get a few things he's been wanting - an overall wonderful anniversary gift. He was pleased.
And the actual work began yesterday. Of course, Del doesn't find it as 'work'. He's in heaven - absolute total heaven.
As you can see from the pictures of the first day, there was a combination of humor, work and accomplishment. There are a good 4-5 weeks more before they will be finished and many more pictures to come, but from what you can see, Del's hope with this project will meet all his expectations...and more.

A Busy Weekend of Celebrations

Del and my 28th anniversary was Thursday. We decided not to have any big celebration that day as Jordan was just home and we planned on just combining it with a big celebration on Saturday along with Kylie's 21st birthday.
So, Saturday was busy. I was up early making homemade kolachi's while Kathryn was on the computer finishing up some of her online courses for graduating high school. Jordan was on a cleaning frenzy!! He was a maniac in the family room cleaning the blinds, vacuuming the couches and cushions and every corner he could find. The room was spotless.
Kylie came over at around 1:oo for Kathryn and I to go with her to her first of three baby showers - this one being hosted by her aunt in law. The party was wonderful and Kylie got some wonderful gifts. People were very very kind to her. And she looked so cute all pregnant and all.
After the shower, we all went to Chili's for Kylie's birthday dinner and then came home to relax and play more games. I love to catch her and Jordan in their little bonding moments they have - they really make each other laugh. they share pictures, memories and just some fun things that I like to catch on camera - the moments are happening all the time. I hope to see a few more over the coming weeks.

Jordan's Home

When the kids together, they LOVE to watch funny things on the computer. They just laugh and laugh for hours and it cracks me up to listen to them.
Jordan got home Wednesday night. I made cinnamon rolls and then ran to the airport to get him. He got in late. But the very next night, Mike and Kylie came over and the fun began. We had a great dinner and then while Kylie cut strawberries for dessert, they watched these funny clips on the computer. Laughter erupted. And then we played games for the next few hours.
I haven't made a big deal about Jordan coming home because he was going to be coming for about a year, to earn money and get on his feet financially in order to be able to go back to school next year.
But, two days before he came home, he was offered a financial opportunity that allow him to go right back up for the fall semester and do two more semesters of school. I don't want to go into any details here in my blog but to say that there are some very kind people out in Jordan's special world that find him worth the cost of investing in his educational future. We, and Jordan especially, were very appreciative of the chance. So, Jordan will only be here for 6 weeks before he goes back up to Idaho.
But he does have a girlfriend - her name is Lexi Harris. Apparently, she will be coming to visit the end of August for about 5 days before they then fly to Washington State, where they will visit her family for a few days before both going back up to school. She sounds like a wonderful girl and we look forward to seeing what she's like. Jordan says things won't happen for awhile though as they get to know each other better and better over the next two semesters.
So, the fun begins for the next 4 weeks.