Saturday, February 27, 2010

Even Without Pictures

I have come to the conclusion that life still happens and memories are still made, even if i don't take pictures of them. But I haven't liked to post anything without a picture, so they have gone unwritten. And now, I feel regret. So, I have changed my thinking and resolve as to my blogging posts and purpose. This is like my journal and up until the beginning of my BLOG, I did write in a Journal and never included pictures at all. The purpose was to record what was happening in my life, even without pictures. And it must continue that way.
So, now I will be writing of experiences in my life, with or without pictures. Many of the entries will be only photographed in MY mind, but I will at least have it written for my family.
The month of February is the shortest month in the year and yet, with my last day of work for the month being last Thursday, we ended with the best production numbers of my full 6+ years with Apple Orthodontix. I worked hard and in two weeks, the payoff of a nice bonus will be well worth the hard work put forth.
I'm looking forward to spending some of the money to go up to Utah with Del to visit my parents and some other family. It appears that my father is not doing very well. According to my sister Rebecca, Parkinson's Disease is taking it's toll on my father. I haven't seen my parents in over a year and during that time, he has had some dramatic changes in his abilities that are very obvious to those who live up there, and for those of us who don't, we will be quite surprised and shocked to see his disabilities. I need to see him....Elaine and I wanted to maybe go up earlier, before family reunion in June, but Becca says seeing him in June should be okay. I'm having a hard time dealing with the thoughts of my 'energetic and full of life' father going downhill so quickly. I'm scared. I need to SEE him to know how to handle what I see. Del is feeling the same need with his mother and father, so we will also try to go by and see each of them in the same visit. I'm sure it will be very difficult for him also. This is a very hard time for us both.
Jordan is enjoying his classes in school. He got a job with one of the counselors in his Bishopric, who is a lawyer. Jordan is wanting to go into law and so this will be a great experience for him. But the job is in Idaho Falls, over 30 minutes away from Rexburg, so he's needing a car. How we are going to handle that need is going to be rough. We need to try and find him something that will just get him back and forth and nothing more...around $2000 or so. I will need to have a few more good months at work to try and help him out. Always a financial need....He and his roommate are also wanting to open up some type of 'hangout lounge' in Rexburg, a place for the students to go to just 'hang out' and doesn't cost a lot of money. His roommate Jason is covering most of the finances, but Jordan is coming up with a lot of the ideas and creations of the whole thing. Del and I try to be supportive. It IS a good idea, but I'm not quite sure if it's the right timing for Jordan. But we need to support his enthusiasm for the project.
Kylie and Mike are at a great point in life with this new baby news. They went to the doctor for their first visit yesterday and got to hear the baby's heartbeat and see the fetus on the ultrasound. How exciting for them. It all seems a little more real for them now that they have a visual. Kylie has been feeling wonderful - really only has had a week or so that she felt queasy and actually threw up only once. She's tired, but seems to be handling the changes to her body and moods very well. Mike is, of course, beyond excited and so attentive to Kylie's needs and those of the baby. He will be a great dad. Her due date is September 29th.
Kathryn is FINALLY recovering from a 10 day terrible bout of sinus infection, strep throat, double ear infection and bronchitis but more importantly, from the final 'aftermath' of her breakup with her first boyfriend Wayde Voss. It has been a very long February for her. But I think she might actually have her feet under her now and strength to get back on track. She has some school work to catch up on but otherwise, I think she'll be okay. We finally found out she is accepted for the Fall/Spring track for college, so we will be taking her up to school in early September. Both she and Jordan will miss the birth of Mike and Kylie's baby, but we're hoping to go up to Utah for Thanksgiving, with Mike and Kylie, and having the college kids come down from Idaho so they can see the baby along with great grandparents.
Del was passed over for a promotion and a raise. He was disappointed and very discouraged. He has been working so hard and giving his all, but not to be this time. So, he continues where he is and will still give his all. He and I are SO enjoying this great stage in life...spending some quiet evenings at home, talking with our kids about their lives and trying to help them through each stage that comes their way while trying to know how involved to be or not to be in each case. We have especially enjoyed the past two weeks of the Winter Olympics and the BYU basketball season preparing to go into March Madness playoff's. We have always been such sports fans and spent many a previous year actually attending the games. Not so much now, as we can't afford the luxury of traveling here and there, but we see what we are able on tv.
A good stage in life...enjoying it all, with or without pictures to post.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Because They Hadn't Been Taught Yet

I started reading the Book of Mormon again last September and have been reading in 3rd Nephi as of last week and the week before. It's my favorite part of the scriptures; when Christ dies and then comes to the America's to visit His 'other sheep' that are here.
I remember when I was a teenager and was reading the scriptures for one of the first times, seriously, trying to understand what it really meant. I remembered thinking, as Christ taught most of the same scriptures that I found in the New Testament; 'Why is He repeating himself in the Book of Mormon? Saying the same things He said in the Bible?' Because they hadn't been taught yet...they hadn't heard His message yet.
And so, I put myself in their sandals, listening and hearing His message for the first time...being taught by His mouth..watching Him as he spoke to me and looked into my eyes. No wonder they wept such tears, as did He. No wonder He didn't want to leave them and they clung to Him.
I've been reading for 5 months waiting for this part of scripture, trying not to skip ahead but to read all that led up to His visit to the America's. And it met by expectations. It does every time.
I read at night when it's time for bed. I've been asking Del questions and picking his brain on a few thoughts this time around and he has enlightened me several times at to the meaning of certain scripture. I enjoy his insight and thoughts. I tend to have questions that sometimes are insignificant in the eternal perspective of things, but he is patient with me and tries to answer with the spirit.
I asked him the following questions the other night...
1. What will be the role of the Holy Ghost in the Celestial Kingdom? And will he ever receive a body?
2. Where were the Three Nephites during the Apostasy and with them holding the Priesthood still, why was there a need for a Restoration of the Priesthood?

and a few others...Sometimes Del just sighs, but most often, he shares the learning he has received from years of studying. I guess I should do the same.
I truly love though, that I am learning to Love the scriptures and their teachings. I love my nightly studies and shared insights with Del. It's something I now look forward to at the end of each day.
Makes it complete.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Madam Librarian

I've been put out to pasture: given the 'old lady calling'. One week after turning 50, this was the ward calling I received; the ward librarian. I barely know how to run a copy machine - and have no clue as to how to copy a two-sided paper. This will be interesting.... plus, no-body talks to me once they have their dry-erase markers, color crayons and scissors. It's a very lonely place.
But, with all the quiet and alone time, I have taken the opportunity to read my scriptures. It's like being in the temple where you see everyone sitting quietly and reading. I love it. I have had a few very spiritual and touching moments in my 'alone' time while reading and pondering my thoughts. I'm wondering if this calling is a blessing in disguise. I'm using it, whether intended or not, for that purpose; to be a blessing in my life.
So far, so good.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Wonderland Texas Style

Oops, two of Lacey...
Yes, this is Texas...with 9+ inches of snow; an all new record.
But it's gorgeous. Reminds me of Idaho and Utah, which always gives me happy memories.
I haven't blogged in awhile even though much has been happening. But it's been much of just your regular daily things.
An update of sorts...
Jordan: still in Rexburg enjoying a good semester in school. He and his roommate Jayson are exploring some business options together and they sound very promising and exciting. I'm happy to hear the excitement in his voice. He's dating some and enjoying some new friendships but mostly busy with this new adventure.
Kylie: she's just starting to experience the beginnings of morning sickness. I'm praying she can have a fairly enjoyable first trimester. She and Mike will go to the doctor for their first visit the end of this month. They should be able to hear the baby's heartbeat, which is always a tear- jerker for me. I bought a box of diapers and a few little clothing items for the baby the other day while out shopping. It was so much fun to imagine this precious grandbaby coming in 7 months.
Kathryn: she is still struggling emotionally at times with the break up of her first relationship. But, it will be the first of many, I'm sure. She has severe senoritas so most days are drama filled and as if on a roller coaster. She has received her track schedule for BYU I - and she will go Fall and Spring semesters. She's anxious to move on. She will start a new job next week, I hope, and so that will help to keep her busy.
Del and I are doing well - I so enjoy being his wife. He has been hoping for some advancement and pay raise at work, but we're not sure that is going to happen yet. As parents, we continue to do our best in guiding our children in righteousness; some days more successfully than others.

I will try and keep up better on the blog. Just haven't had a lot of energy to write what seems to be mundane.
Sidenote: Chad and Bethany have left on their mission to Moscow Russia. The next year and a half will be interesting at Apple Orthodontix.