Friday, February 3, 2017

Our 2016 Changes in a Flash

Jordan and Lexi have lived with us for a year now.  We LOVE having them with us and will hopefully have them with us for yet another couple of years.  We have grown to love them very much.  We have adjusted nicely to sharing our living space and love having little Emerson running all over the place.

Jordan and Lexi are wonderful parents to our sweet Emerson - lots of fun things to do each day.

Yep!!  Lexi is expecting baby #2 - a GIRL!!!  Due in May of this year.

And speaking of Emerson - we love him.  Adore him actually.  He loves living out with us - exploring, hiking, chasing chickens and growing into quite the little man.  He loves all things MOMMY, DADDY< PAPA and even Nana will get a shout out on ocassion.  He goes to nursery at church and in just another week, he will start pre-school  and swimming lessons.  He's potty trained and  very independant.  His trademark???  That mop of curly hair!

If there's dirt, he'll find it, play in it , and eventually be covered head to toe IN it.

The Crump family had some great changes this year.  The most exciting was the building and moving in to their new home.  It is beautiful and big enough for the kids to play and finally run around outside in safety.  Kylie's photography is growing and she is busier than ever.  But she always has time to spend with her sweet family. Mike got his new 'man cave' in the new house - media room with BIG screen t.v. - and painted in his favorite Cowboy colors blue and silver.

Mike and Kylie were able to go on a cruise last month for  sweet get away.  

These three are truly the best little grandchildren ever.  And even though we don't get to see them nearly as much as we would like to, they are thought of each and every day.  Preston is in kindergarten now, Madi in pre-school and Lucy is in to everything.  They love their new house.

Cute family picture.

And here is our Kathryn.  She's now 24 and still living in Utah.  She has the same job but seems to really enjoy it.  Well, at least it brings in a good income for her.  She has 2-3 really good friends, one of which she brought home with her for Thanksgiving - Whitney.  Loved having her here.  Kathryn LOVES skyping with her nieces and nephew- misses home a lot.  It has been fun to go up to Utah to visit with her a few times.

She's so so pretty.  Loved being in Utah with her.  Did have a few medical challenges this past year with kidney stones.  After those, I doubt she'll have children.

Del and I were able to go to Arkansas last year where Del performed the wedding of our dear friend Alana to her husband Lance.  We had a wonderful few days there, along with a few other trips to Utah to see our mothers and extended family.  I love spending time with this man.

I turned 57 in January.  I'm still at Bliss Orthodontics and love my job.  I work with really good people and the company is growing in leaps and bounds.  I still play the organ at church, but have moved from pianist in Primary, to the chorister.  It is probably my favorite calling; lots of hard work, but so worth it to be with the kids.  I took a semester off from the Millennial choir, but I'm back again, with our first rehearsal starting next week.  I've loved the few trips we've taken this past year and really look forward to the trips we'll be taking THIS year.  I'm trying to not dwell on some family drama lately, but it does make my heart sad when there are issues between family members.  It has caused me a few tears over the past 4 months or so, but I'm learning to realize that I cannot solve or fix everything.  I love each of them and pray for them daily.

As mentioned before, Del is in his 5th year as the Ward Bishop.  It keeps him busy and happy.  He's also still at EMC but with a different branch working with a few different people.  He is so blessed to have this job where he is able to work from home and have the flexibility of doing many other things during the weekday.  He still loves being Papa, even though he has been severely restricted this past year in what he is able to do  and when he can be with them.  The main update on Del is his health.  Although not directly related to his MS, it is .  He was literally laid up in bed for weeks - in pain like he has never had before.  He has been in therapy for months and limited in any physical activities or movement; to the point that he has done NOTHING in the yard, garden or outside for 4 months now.  He has realized that we will not be able to do this year, what we have always been able to do in the past, as far as our garden, yard and house improvements.  This is very difficult for Del to swallow, but he's actually feeling his full 60 years that he turned in November.  He also misses the type of play he is limited to with the grand children , but they have been very patient with him and just love any time at all that they can spend with him. I am always on him to remind him of his do's and dont's now, in order to be in the minimal amount of pain.  He doesn't like that, but the fall out from 'over doing it' are so extreme for him that it's no longer worth it to be disobedient.  But that is his life now.

In the Home Stretch

Del is in his 5th year of being Bishop.
It has been a wonderful experience for both him and our family and we have felt extremely blessed.  It has mostly been a LOT of long hours, a LOT of heartbreaking moments for him and a LOT of love and compassion developed in his heart for the members of our ward.  It will be a time of which we look back on with joy in our hearts and love from our Heavenly Father.
There have been a few perks too.  Carolers at Christmastime and plates and plates of goodies from ward members - invitations to weddings, graduations and many many baptisms.  Del has been able to attend a lot of memorable ocassions just because of his calling as Bishop and able to interact with some very special people.
The above pictures...just a little perk.  With me being the biggest BYU fan out there, I was thrilled weeks in advance to find out that Kyle Collinsworth would be giving a fireside for our stake at our ward building.  I was looking forward to going...seeing him in person.-- touching his arm or whatever.  But, we were also babysitting Emerson at that time and come that Sunday evening, Em was exhausted and needed to go to bed early.  The realization that I was the one needing to stay home, as Del needed to be Bishop that night with the youth in our ward, left me slightly slighted.  But that Bishop made sure not to have me forgotten - He had a picture taken with Kyle and then also was sure to get an autograph for me to be brought home.
Kyle plays here in Texas on a D League team and he gave Del some extra tickets for us to be able to go to another one of his games tonight.  I'm looking forward to it - maybe I'll get my own picture taken with him...

Friday, January 20, 2017

Babies Having Babies

Mike and Kylie are on a cruise.  I know - my kids and their vacations. Shaking my head.
I spent the day with my sweet granddaughters, Madi and Lucy.  Of course, their favorite thing is playing 'mommy' with their babies.  From what I can see, they are both going to be really good mommy's in the future, as long as you don't count the being thrown across the room and accidentally tipped out of the stroller while naked as a jay bird.
I don't see the problem.

No Snoozin' While They Were Cruisin'

Del and I had Emerson for a week while Emerson's parents went on a cruise for their anniversary.
Jordan and Lexi live with us right now.  They have for a year now, and we have LOVED every minute they have been here. Emerson is a blast and funny as all get out.  And of course, he adores Papa - well, and me.
BUT HE IS 150 MPH at all times.  Always on the go with a gusto of life that is hard to not have rub off on you.  He stayed two days at other homes while I had to work, but then I took two days off and we were on the go always.  There are more pictures that I didn't post - mostly of him playing out in the mud...but what a great time we had with him. He loves it here - loves outside - from one end of our 2 acres to the other.  Such Fun

Another Year Older

I turned 57 this year - yah, I'm getting up there.
But not as bad as Del.
He just turned 60!!!

A Peaceful Transition??

No.  There were protesters, radical democrats and a lot of chaos.
Donald Trump was made President of the United States today, replacing Barack Obama, President for the past 8 years.
I didn't vote for Trump.  I didn't vote for his opponent either.  I wrote in a name.  So did Del.  He told me he wrote in 'God's' name.  I laughed.
But Del's candidate is truly the only one who can help our country now.
The highlight of the whole even was watching my sister and cousin Ruth, singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the event.  So proud and excited for them, a memory they will have always.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Tickets are Paid For

London Bridges Falling Down...

Big Ben

Yes, Paris France

Arc de Triomphe
The flight is booked, the hotel reservations are made and I AM SOOO EXCITED.
It started as a business trip for Del...until...he invited me to go with him.  Now, instead of a 4 day trip for Del, it has become an 8 day trip for the two of us.  We are attaching days to the front and back end of the four days to make for a very encompassing vacation for us.  I'll give further details later, but the planning process has been fun for the two of us...
So, London and Paris - HERE WE COME - February 23rd - March 4th.