Saturday, October 7, 2017

Mr. and Mrs. Ammon Malone

 It's a done deal.  No exchanges, no returns...Ammon has married our Kathryn.  And they are happy.I will write more about the weeks event the week before the wedding and the wedding day later, but I at least needed to get it documented that our last child is officially a spouse...Sept. 15, 2017.

Friday, October 6, 2017

It Is Enough

 Our country has been divided for years and years over racism and evil in the world.  A few years ago, black athletes started protesting their feelings of inequality  by taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.  As this demonstration has progressed over the past few years, it has further caused much controversy and emotions, not only with black lives matter, but now with ALL athletes, black or white.  Pres Trump has called for protesting athletes to be fired, team owners and coaches are calling for unity and everyone is trying to play ball.  I am disappointed at it all.

 Hurricane Harvey hit Houston and other southern Texas cities in August, literally destroying city after city.  The church from our area, has literally sent thousands and thousands of volunteers to help with the clean up every weekend for the past month.
 Mexico suffered 2 earthquakes back to back in the month of September, destroying many cities and causing the death of hundreds of victims, including an elementary school full of little children.

 Hurricane Irma hit Florida and 2-3 other states back to back, then end of September.  Once again, many homes and cities destroyed, more deaths and destruction.

 And following Hurricane Irma, came Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico, COMPLETELY  destroying the whole island.  It destroyed everything on the island to the point that all missionaries had to be evacuated and sent to other missions, and those citizens still on the island are dying from lack of care and attention by our government.

 And then, just this past weekend, we have the worst US violent attack/killings in Las Vegas Nevada, where during an outdoor country concert, a gun man, in a nearby hotel, shot 1000's of rounds from automatic shotguns and other weapons into the 22,000 concert audience - killing 58 and injuring over 500!!!  He then committed suicide and shot himself. The week has been FILLED with daily news updates as to those surviving, those dying, those escaping the tragedy and those still in shock and traumatized.
 President Trump, since his inauguration in January, has proven, in my mind and opinion, to be one of the worst and most frustrating Presidents of this country.  I can barely stand to hear, on a daily basis, of his stupid decisions, remarks, opinions and controversial actions. Probably most of all, he gives me NO hope, but only despair, for the state of our once very powerful and respected country, which now considered to be the 'joke of the world'.
 Last weekend was our Semi Annual General conference, where it was announced days before, that President Monson would NOT be attending, due to failing health and weakness.  Much love and prayers were offered on his behalf, and he was dearly missed.

And then, it was announced at the beginning of the last session of conference, that our dear Elder Hales, of the quorum of the twelve, had just passed away after the morning session of conference.

These events have all occurred over the past 3-4 months, a long with other huge events in my personal life, all of which have left want to say emotionally exhausted - but it's more than that.  I feel weight - heavy weight upon my mind and heart.  It's not that I am hopeless.  I'm not.  But I am weary and it appears very clear to me, that the Lord is involved in the humbling and refining of His people in this world.  It feels like chaos - but a very planned out chaos - make sense?  To add to these months of NATIONAL disaster, we have also had two ward families affected by 'accidents' of the most terrible life threatening level to where our ward members have been set back on their emotional heels.
I'm trying to internalize the message being sent from the Lord - I'm trying to figure out 'what does this mean' to me???  What do I need to DO? CHANGE? RESOLVE? REPENT OF??
It has caused for many sleepless nights - even tears for those affected personally, and time on my knees in more humble and fervent prayer.  And then my scripture study has been more meaningful as I am currently reading of these exact same circumstances happening to the people of the Book of Mormon.  My studying has been surprisingly connected to the daily events I'm experiencing - answering direct questions and situations I am finding myself in these past few months.  It's almost overwhelming to realize that daily, I am having 'aha' moments and clarity of thought. I have, multiple times, meant to take to blogging these experiences, but have found that they have happened so frequently, that I have lacked time to record them all, so I have ended up recording none.  I'm disappointed at that. 
But one thing I have clearly felt this past week, after some of these last situations have happened, I have been able to pin point the manner in which I need to handle this world around me.  This following thought came to me
'My calm is knowing that soon, my Heavenly Father will say 'it is enough', and He will once again, send us His Son'.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

35 Years...and Still Going Strong

Saturday was our 35th wedding anniversary.
I adore Del - and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm kind of okay too.
We spent the day busy - first thing in the morning, we went to the church to take our turn helping to clean - then we did some grocery shopping before coming home and doing laundry while watching the 2006 BYU/Utah football game re-run.  The we went to the temple, to Red Lobster for dinner, and then ended the night with Del watching 'Catching Fire' Hunger games on the couch with his mom, and I was in our bedroom watching a shark show with Jordan and Lexi on my king sized bed.
And our sweet life goes another wonderful year.

Friday, July 28, 2017

My Nightly Cocktail

All this; just to live another day.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

2 Month Old Princess

Look at her!!  She's growing so fast - laughs, smiles, coo's and eats constantly.  I love holding her..she's a real snuggler.
And she still looks just like her older brother..but with a bow.
Love you baby Evie!!

Emerson in July

Playing Rummikube with Papa and Grandma Shirley.  Pretty sure he was winning.

Beach fun with daddy.

Making mud pies.

The Bishop catching a quick nap after church.

Helping Papa find something before the workday starts.

Armadillo Hunters ..EM: We're gunna get 'em now Papa!

Humble Pie is NOT Made of Chocolate

And I'm getting a pretty big slice of that pie today.
I have a nephew and niece that, for a few years, I was very very close with.  Then our family moved out here to Aubrey, causing some distance between us and a few less opportunities to see them and have them over.  But mostly, my nephews wife was posting a few things on her face book page that I just felt uncomfortable with - and I was VERY judgmental as to what she was wearing, or NOT wearing - and I said and did things that were unkind, unCHristlike, and very judgmental on my part.  I finally deleted her as a friend on facebook, no longer wanting to see what she was posting.
And I hurt her.  Just recently, I reached out on a few occasions, asking her questions, wishing her a Happy Birthday replies...Then I finally asked her why she wouldn't friend me on face book.  She replied by asking why I had deleted her three times as my friend...and she called me on the carpet...literally called me to repentance and humbled me to the core.  I was embarrassed and mortified that I had been told I had treated her SO poorly and unkindly.  I felt such a hypocrite, such a bad representation of my family and my beliefs, and especially such a poor representative of my Savior.  I was so disappointed in myself.  And she won't be forgiving anytime in the near future.  I've really hurt both her and my nephew, something I regret terribly.
It will take time of true repentance on my part, and a softening of their hearts for forgiveness to come anytime soon.
I have to be a better person.. I AM judgmental - I AM opinionated and tend to not accept those who think or act differently than I do.  And I AM a hypocrite.  I feel so bad - so so bad.
Needless to say, I will no longer be that way.  Not at this cost. I was so unkind and I just can't do that .  EVER.
I'm deflated....just totally and completely deflated.
I must never act this way again.
I'm so sorry.