Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

The filling of the targets.

The kids decided to make each color a certain point value to help keep score of the winner.

Kylie took tons more pictures, but Del was able to get this one of Jordan.


Elaine took a small slice of each pie.

Looking at Elaine's plate, I quickly realized there was NO way I was going to do the same thing she did.

We decided to share the pie...AND the guilt.

Obviously Kayla had a slice of each also and didn't share with anyone!!  Spencer had to save her from the worst tummy ache ever.


Preston was easily entertained on his mothers phone.
Del and I were up early Thanksgiving morning  preparing the turkey and stuffing for a 3:00 dinner.  I mentioned to him that I was pretty sure that our beautiful sleeping daughter, Kathryn, thought there was a turkey fairy that miraculously prepared, dressed and cooked the turkey each year.  I remember many a time wondering what time my mother had been up Thanksgiving morning getting the dinner started.  Now I know....EARLY.
Family started arriving around noon and the kids got some water bottles and other containers ready for a backyard shoot out.  When Elaine and her family arrived, they all went out to our forest and shot guns for a little over an hour, had some good fun and then came in for a yummy dinner.  Everything was perfect.  Good food, family and fun.  Everyone was gone around 10:00 p.m.
A successful Thanksgiving...with time to be grateful for the many blessings I enjoy in my life.
I enjoy a simple life.  Del, children and grandchildren, family and friends.  The gospel and my testimony - temple covenants, an eternal future with all I hold dear to me.
For all these things, I give thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Landed on My Butt in the Briar Patch

Friday was my day off...and it became a very busy day off.  I ended up going over to Kylie's to inform her of the news that her father and I were getting her and Mike a new baby crib and chest of drawers for baby Madison.  The previous plan had been to take a used crib that we currently have and also a chest of drawers given to us by friends, paint them white, and let Kylie have those for Madison's new room.  But, Kathryn also has possession of those two items and I felt that as a mother, I was giving more importance to one daughter's needs than the other.  So instead, I came up with the new plan, which was found appropriate by Del and exciting for Mike and Kylie.  I was thrilled too.
While I was at Kylie's house, Mike was in the kitchen playing Betty Crocker, making a yummy yellow cake.  He came in the office a few times and would ask us a, 'what will happen if I only have 2 eggs and the recipe calls for three?' - and once, he came in with a 9X13 cake pan and a measuring tape and before he could even ask the question, I assured him that he had the correct pan.
It was at this exact time, that Kylie had just finished ordering the new crib and dresser online and we were talking about how there would be some 'assembly required'.  I reassured her that dad would be available to take care of anything she needed and caught Mike's look of 'what am I? Chopped liver? I had to laugh as Kylie tried to comfort Mike saying he would certainly be needed to help, but it didn't do much good as Mike pouted, and while stomping off said, 'Don't mind me...I'll just go finish making my cake.'  What a man!!!  I laughed so hard that in the throwing back of my head in laughter, I hit my head on the bookshelf behind me...the bookshelf DAD had made them.  Mike said I deserved it.  I probably did.
I had Kylie dress and go with me into town to buy some other things for Madison's new room - letters, crib sheet, material, paint and a few other things for projects we still needed to get finished; then I went home pooped. 
Del and I were planning on going to the were Mike and, of course, we all decided to go together.  Before we went though, Del decided he wanted me to go out into our back acre of the woods and look at some possible Charlie Brown tree's for our house.  I was still huffing and puffing over the decision we were making to for-go the Hobby Lobby tree and go for sentiment instead.  But I thought if I was going to get on board with this decision, I better make sure we found the best Charlie Brown tree out there.
Del was showing me several dead trees that we were going to need to chop down and then take the chain saw to.  He kicked over a few and then even pulled a few over to the I tried to be his equal.  I found this one dead tree, fairly small trunk and only about 6 feet tall that I attempted to push over.  I soon realized that 'pushing' was not achieving the desired results so I then decided to PULL towards me with all the strength I could muster.  Apparently, it was sufficient as I felt the tree give and sent me flying right on my butt into a patch of thorns and stickers.  I knew it must have looked HILARIOUS as the look on Del's face was one of stifled laughter mixed with genuine concern for my comfort.  He helped me up and then took full advantage of the permission I granted him to laugh.  He roared!!!
Of course, as soon as he could breathe again, he was anxious to check me from head to toe, seeing a few bleeding scratches and cuts...and POKIES...I had pokies all over my hands and left arm.  And as the evening progressed, more of them surfaced on other parts of my body making me look like I had been attacked out in the woods.  I only WISH it had been that exciting.  It made for a great story later that evening when we picked Mike and Kylie up for our date night...and of course, as Del shared THAT story, Mike saw fit to share my earlier adventure at HIS house when I smacked my head on the book shelf.  All in all, I was once again, the evenings 'entertainment'.
I aim to please.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I'm Thankful

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.
So many of my friends and family have spent each day of this month expressing something different  for which they are grateful.  I've done that before; in fact, I think I did it two years ago and really liked thinking of something different each day for which I was extremely grateful to have in my life.
I didn't do it this year.  Not that I don't have so much to be grateful for, but i just didn't want to NOT remember something just because I ran out of days, or I forgot something on another day.
And the picture...the picture is soooo accurate.  I am allowing little or NO stress this year during the Holidays.  I refuse to not be happy - not have and make wonderful memories...not feel the true happiness of the Season.  I WILL remember my Savior this Season and give Him all glory and honor for all that I love and enjoy.  I don't need to break it down into a daily dose of gratitude....I feel it all...and I AM completely consumed with gratitude.
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

And Which Would YOU Choose???

Del's choice - what I call, the 'Charlie Brown' choice.  For our first Christmas in our new home and with our new property, Del would like to go out and cut down a tree from our own little forest in the back yard and decorate it.
My choice - what I call, the 'Hobby Lobby' choice.  I would love to have an elegant - gorgeous - warm - inviting - tree.  I'm about 'ambiance'...

The decision will be made in the near future.
Which tree would YOU choose???
We shall see.

Thank You Pintrest

I decided to make a few new Christmas decorations for our new where did I go for ideas???  Well, to PINTREST, of course!!!!  Many of you will recognize these pictures from Pintrest.  I got each and every idea from it and made them over the past few days.  Easy, fast and they are really nice.  Some are not completed or put up on the wall the way they will finally hang, but you can get the idea.  I have a few more projects I will try to get done over the Thanksgiving holiday and then decorate the very first week of December.
Last year, my Josh Grobin Christmas CD disappeared with both daughters claiming total ignorance.  Yeah, right!!!!  So I went out last weekend and bought myself a new one and have threatened both said daughters with death if I lose sight of it even once!!!!  It is the cd of choice, always, but I have added a few more to this years Christmas collection and I have them in some player at any given time.
Tis the Season.
Also, last Sunday, I was cornered by a counselor in our Relief Society Presidency who said she had heard from various sources that I was the one she wanted to ask to sing the special musical number for the Christmas Program.  Argh...a new song, that I have never heard.  So I will start practicing this week.  It's about the Mother Mary and her feelings of giving birth to the baby Jesus...and the emotions of being a new mother...not so easy for me as it is also the time of year, that as a mother, I lost my first born. 
Time to set aside some feelings and focus on another need.  I'm glad for the opportunity.
I think.

He's Older Than I Thought

Someone had a birthday yesterday and even though I have had him at 54 this whole year, he is actually 56 now, having been 55 this whole year.  OOPS!!!  But he's not bad for 56 is he???  I sure love him.  He is my dearest sweet friend.  This has been such a sweet year for us with us reaching some much desired goals and seeing some very long awaited dreams come true.  We have worked hard together - loved together, fought together, sacrificed together and forgiven together.  We have reached a beautiful level in our relationship of trust and devotion to each other and our marriage and children.  I love him very much...forever and eternity.  Happy Birthday Del.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Twent Five Yards of *#$# - Dirt

Our compost arrived.  Yeah...manure...for our garden.  Del is one happy man and Preston is one happy little boy.  He loved playing in it when he came to visit Papa the other day.  Of course, his parents weren't real thrilled with the fact he was playing in poop dirt, but Preston didn't seem to mind one bit!!!  Del will now spend the next few weeks working the compost into the ground in preparation for planting our garden next early Spring.
A lot of hard work in our future!!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Building a Fort: Papa Style

measuring first

marking the place with the marker

more measuring

Little parts always go in the mouth.

Getting closer

Papa needs help holding up this side.

It fits Preston, but will it fit Papa too???

Big enough for Preston and his best friend, Papa too.

You know, watching these two work together takes me all the way back to 23 years ago, watching Del playing and building with his own son, Jordan.  Preston is like Del's little shadow.  He follows him everywhere and does exactly what Del does.  And he's brilliant...really, Preston is freakin brilliant.  He talks like no other 2 yr old I know...he sings, dances and quotes parts of the movies he watches.  I just LOVE to watch him as he learns new things.  He's quick to do what he sees others do.  Tonight, Del was teaching Preston how to jump over the rope on the floor.  No problem.  Then he tried to teach Preston to jump rope...a little more difficult, but he attempted it.  He always wants to please.  And then, when Kylie gives him her phone to play with???  Oh my...that's when his real genius comes out.  ABC's, animals, songs and movies...he knows them all and how to get to each one.  And his attention span has no ending - no limits.  He can concentrate on one thing for literally hours or until it is over.  And his facial expressions are priceless.  I can literally watch him forever.
It was a very fun night with him glad Kylie brought him to play.

He's Shaking Things Up

We have 25 yards of top soil being brought in this next week, so Del is preparing the garden area by rota tilling the earth.  It's a shaking job and his arms get real tired.  Plus, the rota tiller is not a very large one, but it's free for our use from our nice neighbor.  It will take Del most of the day to get the garden turned over and ready for the dirt to be delivered next week.

Lacey spends most of her day outside with Del, overseeing the work being done in the garden.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Has Arrived in Our Neck of the Woods

The right side of our back yard
The center of our backyard...please note the cut wood.  Del got a chainsaw for his birthday and has put it to work for our winter firewood.

Gorgeous colors throughout our forest.

Del making a box for our firewood that will go on our back patio.

And while Del worked, I baked a homemade cherry pie for a pre-Thanksgiving party we are going to tonight.

It's Time to Think PINK

I wrote the cutest post yesterday here on my blog and when Kylie went to look at it, her eyes went wide and she screeched 'MOM, we haven't told people her name yet!!'.
Of course I had sweet baby girls name written across the very top of my blog....and all throughout the I had to delete the whole thing.  And it was so good too.
So, to all of you, (maybe the one or two) that had actually read the post, and saw our sweet baby girls name, please put it out of your mind until Mike and Kylie see fit to share her name with the world.
I've not written a lot about the upcoming arrival of our sweet granddaughter but time is short.  Kylie is due next month and so it's time to kick things in gear and get ready for this little one to arrive.
Today, I took Kylie to Lowe's and we bought the paint for the baby's room...I decided that my gift to Kylie for Christmas was going to be covering the cost to do the nursery for this little girl.  So, paint was purchased today and in the near future, we will go and get some things to make some crafts she wants up on the walls and then I will start the painting of the crib and chest of drawers we have over here at the house.  They will be painted white.  Del will be making a changing table top for the chest of drawers and then one or two shelves that will go up on the wall.  All will be painted white.
This is fun...getting ready for a baby girl. 

Speaking of babies... Funny story..
Apparently, a woman in KENYA gave birth to twin boys on Tuesday, election day.
Want to take a guess what she named them???
Yes, there is now a black Mitt Romney!!
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are their names.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Guy on the Left....the FAR Left

Yeah...another 4 years with the guy on the left.
HOW disappointing can THAT be??!!
So frustrating when Romney comes away with the POPULAR vote, but Obama comes away with the political vote...what does THAT tell us about our country??!!  We're on the 'downslide'.
Romney gave it a very valiant and honest effort but I think it will be his last attempt at running for the office of President.  The United States just isn't ready for a righteous President.  The walls of the White House wouldn't know what to do....
God Bless America.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Fleeting Ouch

I've done a lot of learning, growing, changing and healing over the past two years.
I try not to talk about the past anymore unless it is to help me realize how far I have come from a very difficult place in my life.
Which means, on occasion, it still hurts.
The aftermath and fallout is sometimes evident but mostly, I have recovered and moved on.  Memories are the worst and regrets will be always.  But, I am in a really good place now...a really good place, so the hurt isn't much more than just a fleeting moment. 
For this, I am grateful.
I only reflect on it this exact moment because of the day...nothing significant and nothing I want to continue to remember again, but it just brought to light the fact that there has been progression, of which, I am grateful.
I will just be very careful who's offer of 'friendship' I accept on Facebook from now on.
'Once burned, twice shy...twice burned, fool was I.'

Monday, November 5, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

Death, destruction and devastation.
Another natural disaster...this time, in New York and the Jersey Shore.
It has been heartbreaking to hear some of the stories of this tragedy.  This, right in the middle of the Presidential campaign, has truly put things in perspective for me.  These people have lost all that they have, including some, their lives. 
Let's have this presidential election tomorrow and be done with it, so we can get on with the business of helping these REAL people get their lives put back together.
Sending prayers to our Heavenly Father that peace and comfort will come to those who are truly in need.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

This Could Be Big

Tuesday is Election Day.  I have already voted...over a week ago.  For Romney...Mitt Romney.
If he wins, it could be big.
In what way???  A Mormon President of the United States?  This could be big.  Not like he's going to implement the Law of Tithing or Law of Chastity, although, wouldn't THAT be cool...?  But, to actually have someone in office who talks to God, knows how to hear and wait for answers to his prayers...and can know and recognize promptings from the Spirit???
Wow....that could be big.
I voted for Mitt Romney, but did enough Americans do the same??
I guess we'll know, come Tuesday night.
God Bless America.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slightly Worried

I was surprised when Del was sick a few weeks ago...enough to actually keep him home from church.
But now, my surprise has me a little more concerned and worried than I would normally be.
Del is sick again.  The same thing as last time but a little worse and a little more taxing on him this time.  He's actually going to stay home from church again tomorrow AND he didn't even go outside the past two days.
His lungs...and breathing is difficult for him.  He's been sicker the past three weeks more than he has the past ten years.  That causes me some worry.
He turns 55 in a few weeks.  He's still as strong as an ox and as stubborn as a know...but I can see where he is starting to slow up a little with this illness.
I pray for him.
He needs to be well.