Tuesday, August 1, 2017

35 Years...and Still Going Strong

Saturday was our 35th wedding anniversary.
I adore Del - and I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm kind of okay too.
We spent the day busy - first thing in the morning, we went to the church to take our turn helping to clean - then we did some grocery shopping before coming home and doing laundry while watching the 2006 BYU/Utah football game re-run.  The we went to the temple, to Red Lobster for dinner, and then ended the night with Del watching 'Catching Fire' Hunger games on the couch with his mom, and I was in our bedroom watching a shark show with Jordan and Lexi on my king sized bed.
And our sweet life goes another wonderful year.

Friday, July 28, 2017

My Nightly Cocktail

All this; just to live another day.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

2 Month Old Princess

Look at her!!  She's growing so fast - laughs, smiles, coo's and eats constantly.  I love holding her..she's a real snuggler.
And she still looks just like her older brother..but with a bow.
Love you baby Evie!!

Emerson in July

Playing Rummikube with Papa and Grandma Shirley.  Pretty sure he was winning.

Beach fun with daddy.

Making mud pies.

The Bishop catching a quick nap after church.

Helping Papa find something before the workday starts.

Armadillo Hunters ..EM: We're gunna get 'em now Papa!

Humble Pie is NOT Made of Chocolate

And I'm getting a pretty big slice of that pie today.
I have a nephew and niece that, for a few years, I was very very close with.  Then our family moved out here to Aubrey, causing some distance between us and a few less opportunities to see them and have them over.  But mostly, my nephews wife was posting a few things on her face book page that I just felt uncomfortable with - and I was VERY judgmental as to what she was wearing, or NOT wearing - and I said and did things that were unkind, unCHristlike, and very judgmental on my part.  I finally deleted her as a friend on facebook, no longer wanting to see what she was posting.
And I hurt her.  Just recently, I reached out on a few occasions, asking her questions, wishing her a Happy Birthday etc...no replies...Then I finally asked her why she wouldn't friend me on face book.  She replied by asking why I had deleted her three times as my friend...and she called me on the carpet...literally called me to repentance and humbled me to the core.  I was embarrassed and mortified that I had been told I had treated her SO poorly and unkindly.  I felt such a hypocrite, such a bad representation of my family and my beliefs, and especially such a poor representative of my Savior.  I was so disappointed in myself.  And she won't be forgiving anytime in the near future.  I've really hurt both her and my nephew, something I regret terribly.
It will take time of true repentance on my part, and a softening of their hearts for forgiveness to come anytime soon.
I have to be a better person.. I AM judgmental - I AM opinionated and tend to not accept those who think or act differently than I do.  And I AM a hypocrite.  I feel so bad - so so bad.
Needless to say, I will no longer be that way.  Not at this cost. I was so unkind and I just can't do that .  EVER.
I'm deflated....just totally and completely deflated.
I must never act this way again.
I'm so sorry.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Making the Sabbath Day Holy

Del's Sunday's are exhausting.
As Bishop, he is in meetings starting as early as 6:00, and many Sunday's evenings, he doesn't get home until 9:00 or even 10:00 p.m.  But most Sunday's , he does manage to get home by usually 6:00 for dinner.
Today, he came home tired - and in pain- and I could see the weariness on his face.  But he joined us for a yummy dinner, then read Emerson some books, then made almond chocolate clusters with Emerson and then came in our room to take off his suit coat. As he walked towards the door to leave the room, I stopped him and asked him where he was going?  He had mentioned at the dinner the table that he was going to make it an early night tonight, so I expected him to start that process.
But no. Through his painful steps and aching movements,  his answer to me was , 'I'm going to go rub my mothers feet, then I will collect the eggs and then put the chickens in the coop.'
Yes, he's going to go massage his mothers feet.
Her Bishop.  My husband.  Her son.
God's angel.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Shoot Em' Up Cowboys!

You've go to love Saturday morning Westerns and cartoons that can capture the undivided attention of the three generations of men in this house.

I'm Pretty Sure the Kid is Winning

He asks us every day; from early morning to late evening, Emerson asks us to play with him.
It's hard when we have other things to do, that we can't play right now...so he'll go into his room and play by himself with his cars or blocks.  But his greatest joy is when he asks us to play, and our answer is 'yes'.
He's been fascinated with the tiles from this game, Rumikube.  Every day, when I come home from work, I will see them scattered all through the front room on the floor, where I can see he has played with several different opponents throughout the afternoon.  And it just so happens that this is one of Shirley's favorite games.  So, the other night, after dinner and dishes were finished and put away, I was able to capture this adorable moment when I was passing Shirley's bedroom.  After I took the picture, I went to my bedroom where I could still over hear much of the conversation in Shirley's room.  Several times, I could hear both Del and Shirley pleading their case to the 3 yr old expert of Rumikube that 'their plays were legal', only to hear Emerson say, 'Nope, I make the rules'.
No wonder he proclaimed himself the winner of every game.
He makes the rules.

Evelyn Mae Blessing Day

July 2nd, 2017 was Evie Mae's blessing day.  Lexi made both Evie's beautiful dress and headband.   Both baby and outfit were beautiful. 
Although her eyes looks dark here, they will actually end up a steelish blue.

Her mama is loving dressing Evie in all the cute little outfits she has.

She gets more and more adorable every day...

JULY 4th Family Fun

The holiday was spent at both Mike and Kylie's neighborhood pool and the Denton Water Park, with a lazy pool and slides.  And food - yes, lot's of barbecuing fun -
God Bless America!!

Friday, June 30, 2017

See Jordan Run

I was here at my computer an hour ago when I saw Jordan racing past my bedroom window.  I immediately jumped up and ran out to the back door just as I saw Jordan racing back out with shot gun in hand.  That's when I knew we had lost our 3rd chicken this week.
And our Wiley coyote is getting more and more brave. At the beginning of the week, Del watched the coyote go running past our back window and Del went out and chased it into the back forest, but not until that coyote turned around and stared Del down, just daring  Del to shoot it between the eyes.  It left two separate piles of feathers as his reminder that he's moved back into the neighborhood and we should be ready for a return visit.
The Circle of Life at Blackjack Oaks.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Define 'Lesion'

For someone not diagnosed with any certain Disease, the word 'lesion' has many possible definitions.
For someone with Multiple Sclerosis, it means that there are definite results from 'episodes' Del has had over the past years.
For someone with Multiple Sclerosis AND other issues going on causing him SEVERE and unusual pain, 3 'significant lesions that appear to be something OTHER than MS' cause me a LOT of concern.
His MRI results show three lesions - one in the brain - one in the C4 spine - and one in a gland behind his left ear.
We're told it could be MS - we're told it could be tumors - we're told it might be spots of infection or inflammation.  What in the heck does all that mean.
AND - they want us to re-check him in 6 months to see if there are any changes, since the last MRI was 18 years ago.
Ok, NO!!  I am not going to THINK it's anything for 6 months, while we TRY a gluten free diet, we TRY certain medications and we TRY to see what it night be.
I want Del going to an MS specialist, who, from years of experience looking at MRI's can say, 'Yes, those are from MS' or 'NO, I've never seen that with MS before, it may be something else'.
I don't want 6 months to go by with his having 'lesions' that only have question marks behind them.
Del means more to me than that.
Looks like I'm going to have to get pushy and whiny in order to be heard by my sweet husband and the doctors...
I can do that though.

Four Weeks Old and Incredibly Adorable

This sweet baby girl is being blessed this coming Sunday.
Can she be any cuter???
I don't think so!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Promised Blessings in View

This was Del's Father's Day gift from me.  It is a quote from each of our patriarchal blessings, hand painted and then framed.  They are hanging in our bedroom.
When Del and I got married, we shared our patriarchal blessings with each other, and each of us chose a part of the others blessing that we really loved and felt was significant .  These were the phrases we chose.
That was 35 years ago.  Those phrases still hold the same significance to each of us, so I had them made for our remembrance. I love them.  I look at them in the privacy of our bedroom where only we get to enjoy them, and they bring me comfort - joy - security and peace.  I know that my life, intertwined with his, brings these blessings.
There are many other parts of our blessings that also hold special significance for us, And we strive each day to be worthy of the many blessings promised us through righteousness.
Happy Father's Day sweetheart.

Monday, June 19, 2017

New Diets

Del's been told to go gluten free.
I've been told to 'eat clean'.
I'm good with this.

Not Dead Yet

Continued Health issues are creeping up on us.
Del has had one of the worst past two months ever.  He has swelling in his legs and arms, severe pain in his neck and legs...to the point that he actually made an appointment to go to the doctor.  As I posted earlier, he is allergic to a lot of things, but in my mind, not any that should be causing the symptoms he is having.  It's something else.
His MS has now reached the highest level of severity - and there is something else.  What it is, I don't know yet, but I insisted that he have an MRI done last Friday, of which we will know the results the end of this next week.  He has lost weight - about 13 pounds.  He's weak, he's tired, no appetite and no strength to do much of anything.  That's not an allergy.  Something else is wrong and I'm determined to find out what.
And then I went to the doctor last Friday to find out the results of some testing I've had done - good news is I do not carry the gene for breast cancer...bad news, I have Hashimotos disease, which is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid and now I'm on meds for that.  Plus, menopause has left me with NO sex hormones...no testosterone, no estrogen, progesterone or saritonan.  Depleted - boe dry.  Now, I'm needing to decide whether or not to do hormone replacement therapy or let myself ride the sexless train out for the rest of my life.  But more than just that, it's mood swings, weight issues and constant fatigue.
I've got to get through Del's issues first - then I'll worry about me.

But This One is Deadly!

Del and Emerson were out on one of their daily hikes in the back forest when they came upon  this one.
A Copperhead.  And Del didn't see fit to kill this one. He can't explain why either.  I'm not happy about this and won't be going outside anytime in the near future either.
And if by chance, that deadly snake makes it's way up to our backyard and porch, and decides to bite any one of us, you can be assured I will be letting Del know just how not happy I really am.

Three Weeks Already

Hard to believe she's already three weeks old -
and she's beautiful.  She looks just like Emerson - seriously.  There was one picture that Lexi posted on facebook that Kylie responded to by saying, 'It's Emerson with a bow'.
Sure hope she comes with the same curly hair in a few years...

Ammon, the Arm Slayer

This is Ammon.
Kathryn's fiance.
Yup, you read that right.
Ammon Malone.
I've never met him - neither has Del, but we both said 'yes'.
So, to explain the details.
A month ago, Kathryn decides to tell us she has been dating a guy for a few days and he's getting serious.  She is hesitant, but really likes him.  Things progress and with in 2 weeks, they are talking marriage.  The next week, he calls Del and asks if he can marry Kathryn and Del says yes. Now, we are a planning a wedding for Sept. 15th in Utah.
Yes, he's handsome, talented, hard worker, good personality and sense of humor, and a HUGE BYU fan.  He's also the father of 4 children and has been divorced twice.  Certainly red flags when we first heard, but then the details were shared - first wife was an arranged marriage shortly after he got home off his mission and his father died.  They had 2 children, and then decided they should have remained friends and not gotten married.  They have Rykert and Lilly.  Rykert has cystic fibrosis.
Then a few years later, he married again, had two sons, and that wife had about 6 affairs on him and was mentally not well, so ended up in a rehab place.  Ammon had the two younger boys until she got out and then came and took them.  She won't let Ammon see the boys now.  He's taking her to court for joint custody.
And Kathryn has found herself smack in the middle of all of this instant motherhood stuff and very much in love with Ammon.  Del and I are actually impressed with Ammon and feel that he and Kathryn are a perfect match.  He has drifted away from the church after his father died and both divorces and so needless to say, there will not be a temple wedding.
But we are pleased with Kathryn's choice.  We have had several opportunities to talk and visit with Ammon both on the phone and skyping - he's sharp - a singer too.  He treats Kathryn beautifully and kindly.  And she is very lucky and blessed to have found such a great guy.
Of course, Kathryn does have some anxiety - this instant motherhood thing has her slightly thrown out of her comfort zone.  I think she'll handle it a lot better than she thinks she will.  The Lord is very mindful of Kathryn and her abilities.  I think He will sustain her in her desires to be a good wife and step mom to these kids.  And we will support her in this new life she will have.
Kathryn seems genuinely happy - calm and content when with him.  Less drama - less sick - more stable.  She just seems ready.  I'm happy for her and know that if she will trust in herself, in Ammon and in the Lord, this will actually work and make her very happy.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Papa's Cup of Coffee

This is 5:30 this morning.
Saturday morning.
The 'I get to sleep in' morning.
And this is Emerson - the 'I had a bad dream about monsters and need my Papa' morning.
Most people need a cup of coffee first thing in the morning to help them even function.
This was all Papa needed.
Early morning story time with Emerson.
Papa's cup of coffee.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Allergic to Everything

Del is at an all time high level of pain and discomfort.  Even the word 'cancer' has crossed my mind and been in my thoughts.  And he has apparently been in enough pain that he finally went to the doctor.  He hasn't been able to walk, his neck has been in pain, his feet and ankles, his legs, arms and almost every joint in his body.
So the testing has started.  He went and had his blood drawn - about 8 viles of it...we are still waiting for most of those results which we should receive later today.  In the meantime, they did environmental allergy testing, sticking him with 6 panels of needles, with 10 needles in each panel into his back.
The picture says it all.  He is literally allergic to everything.  Every tree, bush, type of grass, pollen etc etc...so..that means, that the very thing he does of working out in the yard for mental and physical therapy is one of the many things that is actually gradually killing him.
Nice.  The doctor will also be telling us all the foods he is allergic to - and Del may end up needing to go glucose free in his eating habits.
My thinking.?..bottom line, I think , and Del and the doctor also somewhat agree, that Del's MS has progressed to the next level.  He is now experiencing even more severe symptoms and discomforts.  I'm worried. I'm worried things are getting worse...and quickly. I'm trying not to panic and make things up in my head - but until we get some test results, I'm watching Del struggle every  day to walk, kneel to pray, turn his head, hold things in his hands and basically to simple functions.  I just want him out of pain.  But I'm even having to be careful how I word THAT request in my prayers.  I don't want him out of pain if the only way for that to happen is death.  But I don't want him to suffer.  There have to be answers soon, and then ways to treat the symptoms...
Faith..Prayers and patience.  Not my strong points...but I'll try.

Evelyn Mae Lott

She's ARRIVED!!!
Our sweet little Evie arrived Saturday, May 27th at 1:48 p.m. with no time to spare.  Her due date was the day before where Lexi did have contractions, but then they stopped and Saturday came with really nothing happening.  But that changed real quickly giving them only enough time to drive to the hospital where she was already completely dialated and delivered only 10 minutes later.
And she is beautiful...looks much like Emerson did.  And speaking of Emerson?  He loves her already.  Wants to always hold her, touch her, kiss attack her and be near her.  Jordan has adjusted well to having 'his little girl'.  And Lexi is the perfect mother, as usual.
Welcome to the family sweet Evie Mae.

Calming Emerson Before the Storm

The week before Lexi's due date, Emerson was feeling the excitement and tension in the air of the upcoming birth of his baby sister.  He knew something was different and he was feeling a little misplaced.
So those of us around him made special efforts to cuddle him, give him undivided attention, do special things with him and all things to make him feel special.
It worked.  He certainly felt loved.

School Days...and Lucy

Kylie always takes first and last day pictures of school.  When she went to do it this year, Lucy INSISTED on having her picture taken too.
All three are adorable.