Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Out of Commission

I started feeling the onset of 'the crud' last Wednesday.
It's been a week later now and I have been pretty sick - down in bed and just YUCKY!!!  Bad cough, ear ache, stuffy nose - what everyone else has had through the winter, I just waited until Spring to get it.  I'm pretty sure I have both an ear and sinus infection - and upper respiratory something.  I'm pretty tired from not sleeping well and then Monday and Tuesday, I had committed to babysit the grandchildren and knew Kylie wouldn't be able to get anyone else on such short notice, so I barely lived through those two days and now today, I'm allowing myself to be sick again.  I'm thinking I'll probably need to get on some antibiotics so that means a visit to the doctor tomorrow.
During this week of being sick, I have sent another 20 or so resumes but nothing - again.  I'm wondering if the timing is just all wrong - especially after a phone call from Rebecca on Monday night about daddy.  Apparently Monday was a pretty significantly bad day for my dad.  My sister Sheila and mom described some symptoms that Becca said sounded much like seizures - a few of them.  He has stopped talking - can't or won't I don't know which.  And he has lost more weight and is very fragile.  Is not doing ANY physical therapy anymore and they have actually put him on Hospice now.  Becca says she felt it bad enough to call me and Elaine and says she doesn't think he'll last much past two months, if even that.
My heart sank. She says his mind is fairly good - but his body is just not going to keep pace with what he can still think and remember.  He's in a LOT of pain - needing to be on a morphine IV drip and apparently, he said something to the affect of wanting to be released from his body and the pain.  I don't know the details of that comment, as Becca said it was mom who heard it.  And mom might be in a little denial, I don't know.  Becca says there are times mom says '2 yrs daddy could still be around', but then Becca sees him and says there is no possible way he will be here for 2 more years.  I know mom is being told different things from different people and she is exhausted from it all.  She needs some relief.  I may go up there again in the near future, but I will wait until after General Conference.  I need to at least be feeling better myself first.

The Blossoms of Spring

We have SPROUTS!!!!
From our previous planting in January of our Christmas bulbs from Sean and Becky, we have our first daffodil!!!  Several have blossomed since and we have a few tulips on their way up too, so our front flower garden is looking really colorful.
Then these are also the tomato seeds I planted last week for indoor growing first, and look how they have grown!!!  It is sooooo exciting to see...and our garden??!!  I am now seeing our potatoes breaking through, our onions are all coming in, carrots and our raspberry and blackberry plants have green sprouts on them also!  We only have corn and pumpkins to plant and we might get those in the end of this week or the beginning of next.  I have to get feeling better first.

YM/YW Setting Things on Fire

I was sitting in church last Sunday, which was Ward Conference, and Del was conducting, as requested by the Stake President.  He was giving the announcements and I was paying attention, but not really, until he mentioned that THIS weeks YM/YW activity 'would be at the Bishop's house'.  EVEN THAT didn't hit me as unusual until I remembered Del was the Bishop.  That meant MY house on Wednesday night.  I quickly looked up from my appt book in my lap to catch Dels eye and gave him MY eye.  I heard a few giggles from those who had seen my surprised reaction and just kind of shook my head like ,'this is going to happen a lot'.
When Wednesday came, I had the back yard cleaned up and the patio nice so that there would be plenty of room for everyone to hang out.  The youth arrived with their leaders and within 30 minutes, the boys had taught all the girls how to build campfires and we had two roaring fires going.  The girls were passing off requirements for girls camp and the boys were getting things ready to roast hot dogs and marshmallows while Del took some of the youth out into our forest to gather wood.  I was hanging back with some behind the scene details as I wasn't feeling well and really didn't want to get anyone sick.
The evening was a blast - the kids all did great with participation, hanging out and getting things done.  The leaders let the kids do most of the work and when it was finished, we did some clean up before the night ended with some of the boys starting to arm wrestle on one of the benches Del had made.  Several of the boys wrestled and then one of them asked to wrestle the Bishop.  Uh Oh.  Of course, Del kept it quiet that he was both the Idaho State wrestling champion and on his mission and at Ricks College too.  He just casually went up to the bench and started with the first boy who challenged him.  One after one, Del showed them some good competition but I could tell how easy it was for him to beat each one of them.  So the boys thought they would start to bring on some of the 'BIG GUNS' - the football players. The cheering from the crowd got louder and louder as Del took them each down and they each brought out their cellphones to start recording the action.  After Del had beat each of the boys, some of the YM leaders decided they might want to step up and show the boys some real competition.  Del beat the first two of them with little effort, but then one of the counselors, a former football player came up to take his turn.  It looked like the Bishop might have his first 'real' competitor...and even though it took just a little longer and with the kids a little louder with their cheers and encouragement, Del took him out.  The kids were making comments about their Bishop and how 'surprised they were and impressed with how awesome THEIR Bishop was'.  I was trying not to smile as I very casually made my way up to the bench and took my place in front of the current champion, extending my arm out in position to compete.  The kids and leaders all cheered and yelled to the Bishop to wrestle me, so he came over and extended his arm.  Right before the countdown happened, I leaned over and kissed Del and then took his arm down.  He let me.  Everyone laughed and cheered and clapped for me....I stood up and said, 'It's all in the kiss.'  They knew Del had let me easily beat him.  It was funny.  What a sweet gesture.
After everyone had left and Del and I were outside putting out the fire and cleaning up some of the last garbage, I told him thank you for letting me beat him and expressed how pleased I was that the youth and leaders seemed to have such a great love and respect for him, not because of his wrestling abilities, but because he was a Bishop willing to be right there in the middle of fun with each of them - helping to teach them - helping to encourage them - loving them and being close to them.  He had just finished 4 days of TREK with them the previous week, where he had developed relationships with them, encouraging them to work through the toughness of TREK and finding success in achieving their TREK goals.  And then he had made each of them a wood plaque/pencil holder to help them remember TREK and now, he had just been with them at HIS house, once again, sharing a memory with them.  And several of them had already made comments of how 'hands on' he was and how much they admired him.  I was proud.
He already has a great love for the youth and I can see how much he wants to help them in their pursuit of happiness.  They will love him the more they get to know him and realize how much HE loves them.
Another thing I realized...our home is perfect for our life now and for Del being Bishop.  We had about 50+ people here and we could have had at least 100 more.  It will be a great 'gathering' place for both our immediate family and our ward family.  I am seeing direct correlation to promises made in my patriarchal blessing about our home.  I am so happy we are where we are.  The Lord loves us.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Got Me Some Help for Planting

Monday was a big day for gardening.
Not only did I do all the planting of the indoor stuff, but then, from 4:00 - 8:30, Del and I spent in the back putting up more post for the grape arbor, attaching the fencing to the posts, preparing the ground for the grapes to go in and the roto tilling the back garden space for more planting. You can see the fence in the background of the above pictures.  And we're still not done yet.  I was too exhausted.
But today, I found me some help.  Actually, she volunteered to help, of which, I was extremely grateful.  We got dressed in our gardening clothes, which for me, is just cut off pants rolled up into shorts, old t-shirts with cut off sleeves and then Dels old cowboy boots.  Then outside we went.
Kathryn and I both LOVE country music, so I put her in charge of gettin' us some 'tunes' going, so she hooked up her phone to our little stereo system, got the extension cord for it, took it out onto the grass by the garden and cranked up the volume.  Oh my, we had a good time plantin' our green beans.  Took us three hours, but we planted 32 LONG rows of green beans, zucchini, squash, watermelons and cantaloupe.  We got us a little bit of sun and huge backaches, but were quite proud of what we accomplished.  By the end of it all, I could barely move.
Kathryn took a two hour nap while I got dinner ready and then I went and took a shower and cleaned up.  Dinner was early, as Del had an evening at the church of interviews and meetings.  I was in pajamas by 7:00 and would have crashed for the night except BYU had a basketball game at 8:30 in the first round of the NIT.  Can't sleep when that's on, so I stayed up until Del got home at 10:00 and we watched the end of the game together.  They won, and will move on to the next round.
On tomorrows agenda?  Corn....rows and rows of corn.
Then green onions, herbs, bell peppers and plotting out where the tomatoes will all go.
I'm tired just thinking about it.
But a big thank you to Kathryn.  We laughed, sang and then laughed a whole bunch more.  She made the time and work go by a lot faster for me.  Love her.

Gunna Be a Week of Planting

Monday started my week of planting the final things for our garden.
On the agenda?
Tomatoes - 4 different kinds - indoor planting first
Jalepeno peppers

All the ingredients for my homemade salsa.  We are trying to grow most of the ingredients ourselves for our wonderful salsa...All these will grow inside for several weeks before I transplant them to outside.

Another Saturday Night @ Blackjack Oaks

 Del was gone on Trek from early Wednesday morning to getting home on Saturday at about 3:00 in the afternoon.  It was soooo good to have him home and he looked really good yet very tired.  He shared some of the highlights of his trip and then mentioned that he had a special project he wanted to do for all the youth and leaders that were in his group but he would need all of our help and it had to be done by Sunday evening.  So off to work we started. 
Del wanted to make wood blocks that would have a pioneer saying on them, and then a picture of the pioneers walking with covered wagons, all modge podged to the wood.  Del got to cutting the wood, Jordan started the sanding, and then Lexi and I started the putting on of the pieces of paper on each side of the block.  It took almost three hours to do but we finally got about 70 of them finished and ready for the next day.  About that time, Sean and Becky and then Mike and the kids arrived for a nice dinner I made.  Kylie came a little later after she finished with a photo shoot.  Baked chicken, rice, fruit, homemade salsa, vegie, rolls and baked potatoes made for a yummy dinner.  Kylie arrived shortly after and we all moved to outside by the huge fire Kathryn and Sean had built for our Samores.   We had a great time taking pictures, laughing, music and stories.
I am going to try and be doing this once a month.  I've said that before but just not taken the time to plan them and get them done.  We always have so much fun, I've just been neglectful.
Our next one is planned for Sunday April 7th, which will be General Conference weekend.

Friday, March 15, 2013

St Patricks Day Color? JEALOUS Green

Our neighbors are the sweetest.  When we were in the first stages of even LOOKING at this property with the hopes of purchasing, they were right there in our backyard, visiting and getting to know us better and hoping, right along with us, that we would ultimately end up as neighbors.
And they have been nothing less than the kindest and friendliest people ever since.  They have watched what we have been doing with our property, especially in the backyard, and we have watched as they have made additions to their backyard.  Their patio was done the end of last year and has been a wonderful addition for them that they have been enjoying many a night.  They have asked us about our garden and have watched the process of us bringing in the dirt and getting the yard ready for planting, but they had no concept as to the size we were actually talking about.  They have been impressed and envious but have been glad that it is OUR work to do with the promise I will share with them.
But they just couldn't let it go.  This afternoon, I go out and tell Eric (the Mr.) that this new little project he has going on today is making it very very difficult for those of us trying to 'keep up with the Jones'!!!'  This is a cover for their new patio - going to be open and beautiful..and Eric is making it himself.  Really?  What a show off!  Not that Del couldn't do it also, they are both such handymen!! But the fact that Eric has the TIME to do it is what makes me jealous!
It will be a gorgeous addition to their home and our mutual backyards.  What I can't wait for?  I can't wait for our garden to be in FULL harvest mode...when .you can see rows and rows of produce - vegies - fruit etc etc.  THAT'S what I look forward to - the harvest.  Our backyard will be glorious. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Everything Went Up In Smoke

Last month, the Catholic Pope decided that he was too old, feeble and unable to continue as the Pope, so he resigned.  This was a first in the Catholic church and drew much controversy and comments from all those Catholic in the world.  It also stated the historic process of the electing of a new Pope.  Yes, the Catholics do it by election.  All of the high Cardinals gather in Rome at the Sistine Church where they, for days, take votes as to who should be the next Pope.  The first day, they vote in the morning and in the afternoon.  After each vote, if there is not a unanimous vote, they blow black smoke from a pipe stack that has been placed on the top of the church.  If the vote IS unanimous and they have mutually agreed on who should be the new Pope, then WHITE smoke will come billowing out of the said smoke pipe.
It wasn't until the second day, after the fifth vote that we had white smoke and the announcement of the new Pope.  Another FIRST, as the Pope, for the first time, was chosen from South America - Argentina to be exact.  And yet another first, he will go by the name Francis - the first. Quite a process.

Congratulations to the Catholic Church

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

He's Got Spurs, That Jingle Jangle Jingle

Within 2 weeks of moving out here to Aubrey, Del was asked by several members of the high council to be one of the 'trail captains' on the Stake Youth Trek activity, and asked him if he could ride a horse.
Bahahaha...?  Really?  But even though he told them yes, he actually had to go out with one of the horse owners to show that he could, indeed, ride a horse; and do it well.
Since then, back in September, he has been preparing for Trek.  He has done more horseback riding, gathering supplies together, checking out all the camping equipment (set up the tent in the living room), attending meetings and buying last minute needs to be ready to leave this morning at 4:00 a.m. Of course, he didn't get home from stake meetings, interviews and Bishopric responsibilities until 11:30 last night, so we were until 1:00 a.m. packing up his things and getting everything into the van so he could just dress and leave.
The 4:00 alarm came early...but he was up and gone within 30 minutes for a four day adventure I'm sure he will totally enjoy.  He'll be riding a horse for 4 days, wearing his boots, wearing his hat, interacting with the youth in the stake, and especially in his ward...and he'll be right in his element.  I'm excited for him.
While he's gone, I will clean house, continue to job hunt and keep an eye on the yard and garden.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

There's an Elephant in the Box

Sunday, my Primary lesson was about The Three Witnesses to the Golden Plates in the Book of Mormon.  I first expressed to the kids, how difficult it must have been for Joseph Smith, that when he told people of the First Vision, and then again, of the Golden Plates, how difficult it must have been that no-body believed him; that his story was so 'crazy' to so many people, that there were very few, outside of his family, that would believe him.
I then continued.  "It would be like me trying to convince you really smart kids, that ...that..there's like, an elephant in this box!!  Crazy, huh!!??"  A few of the kids laughed and agreed with me, but then there was Dillon and Brooks, who both said, 'I believe you.'  So, I chose those two and Renee' to come out in to the hallway with me, where I opened up the box and showed them, that there was, indeed, an elephant in the box.
When we returned to the room, I asked all three of my 'witnesses' , one at a time, what was in the box.  After they each confirmed that there WAS an elephant in the box, two more of the kids believed that there was an elephant in the box, and I rewarded them by taking them out into the hall and showing them the elephant in the box.  They, in turn, returned to the classroom and proclaimed that 'there WAS an elephant in the box'.  The others would not believe until I finally took them out into the hall and showed them, also, that there was an elephant in the box.
I asked the following questions:
1.  Why had some of them believed me right from the beginning?? (they were like JS's family)
2.  Why were there three that got to see the elephant first, before the others?  (they were chosen and had the faith like Oliver, Martin and Peter).
3.  If all of them saw the elephant, how easy would it be to convince someone else that there was an elephant in the box?  (they were pretty sure they could convince anyone)
So I had Sarah Burton, the Elder's Quorum President's wife, who was standing out in the hall, come into our class room.  After asking her one or two questions, she quickly caught on to the scenario I had set up and the role I would be wanting her to play.  I asked the Three Witnesses first, to tell Sister Burton what was in the box and why they knew it was there.  I allowed them to say all they wanted to say and then I asked her if she believed them.  She laughed and said, 'Believe that there's an elephant in that box?  Hmm...I don't think so, but...'  Then I asked the remaining kids if any of them wanted to tell Sister Burton what was in the box.  Each of them fervently tried to tell her what they believed was in the box, saying that they had SEEN it AND TOUCHED it.  I then asked Sister Burton if she believed what she was being told.  She hesitated and before she could say anything, Dillon said ,'It doesn't matter if she believes me.  I know what's in there.'  Sister Burton continued by saying, 'Well, I guess if ALL of you say what's in there is an elephant, I guess I have to believe you.'  I asked the kids if I should show her.  They said yes.  I opened the box and showed Sister Burton the same elephant that the other children had seen.  She was surprised but was glad that they had told her the truth and then she left the classroom.
I then asked the kids if it had been hard to convince Sister Burton and how much easier it had become when more kids told her the truth.  Then I expounded on Dillon's remark of 'it didn't matter if she believed him because he KNEW what was in the box'.  I explained that Joseph Smith felt the same way...and how much easier it became for him to tell the truth when he had, first, THREE witnesses to support him, and then another EIGHT witnesses.
We read together, from the Book of Mormon, the statement by both the Three and Eight Witnesses as to their testimony of the Gold Plates.  The discussion continued that it was important, that even if no-one EVER believed those witnesses, it was important that they testify of it's truthfulness. 
I think they understood it; the importance of witnesses, and that if there were ever a time that they were in a position to be a witness for the Savior and His gospel, that they would have the courage to be that witness and share their testimony.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bishop's Heart Attack

At least it was non-life threatening!!!
While Del was at the church having interviews and meetings, some of the Young Women in the Ward came and 'heart attacked' him...hearts all over the front door and a treat left inside.
When he came home a few hours later, reading the messages on each of the hearts put a big smile on his face.
Bishop survived his first (and hopefully ONLY) heart attack!!!