Friday, December 31, 2010

And So it Comes to an End...

Hard to summarize this year.
I guess the famous quote of 'it's been the best of times, it's been the worst of times' is applicable this year.
Most difficult in the area of parenthood and trying to have unconditional love during the hardest of trials. But I have learned the most during those exact same times...patience, tolerance, acceptance, and a deeper insight into the heart and mind of those involved. I hope not to experience again, several of the events of the year....the memory of them will be hard enough to erase from my mind, let alone having to relive them or go through them a second time. Hopefully, once burned, twice shy.
I've learned the most about myself...I've realized that I've not been honest with myself in a lot of the way I live my life. Mostly, I try to portray myself in such a positive light in all areas of my life when in reality, things are not always that rosy...but it's never been okay to show that there have been problems and concerns that I have had to deal with. Always the concern of appearances...
But it IS okay to not always BE okay. It IS okay to not always be happy. It IS okay to struggle with concepts, certain beliefs and certain standards of life. It IS okay to not be 'whole' not be perfect...and certainly okay to need something more than what I have.
Hard to understand by others but as long as I understand it and what to try and do about it, that's all I need.
I need to make sure, this coming year, that I take care of MYSELF first so that in turn, I can then turn around and take care of those I really love...and who need me.
So 2010...I bid you farewell. I will not miss 99.9% of your memory....but the .1%, I will cherish and build upon in 2011.

It's Only Enchanting in the Movies

When I first saw the movie Beauty and the Beast, I remember thinking how wonderfully clever it was to have the furniture, household items and appliances talk and be somewhat human to us, the viewers. Made the movie so much more interesting...
Now though, I think we have gone a little to far in trying to make those wonderful fantasies a reality in my world...
My microwave talks to me, telling me I have to cover my plate before it will re-heat....
My refrigerator talks to me, telling me I need to reset my temperature and close my door all the way....
My dishwasher talks to me telling me I forgot to push a certain button before it will start again...
And my scales talked to me this morning...telling me that 'one of us needed to get off.' OUCH!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Eyes Can See - Now My Ears Have Heard

I was made keenly aware today that my blog is being read by a few new readers who are not accustomed to my, shall we say, 'sense of humor'?????
I'm sarcastic - always have been and always will be...I don't try to be but I guess I use it as a 'self defense' mechanism to protect me from hurt. I usually throw the first punch. My family will tell you that we are the worst when it comes to joking around with each other - jabs, punches, scratched out eyes and humor LACED with sarcasm. Del has been embarrassed for years. But me and the kids??? We thrive on it. My picture perfect life that I portray throughout this blog is obviously a lie - no one, not a single family in this world, is THAT happy. And like most families in this world, there are things I am NOT sharing. 'WHAT MORE COULD THERE BE??' you ask??? Plenty...but most of it left better unsaid.
So, apparently, I need to apologize to my new readers. No, I do NOT intentionally make EVERY day April Fool's Day - Yes, I DO like to make my kids laugh and most usually AT THEIR EXPENSE. But do not be deceived....they can dish it just as well as they are dished!!! I have taught them well...But because there are new eyes reading this blog, my ears have heard your concerns and I will TRY to tone down the sarcasm. BORING....!!! And the first time I am told to quit being 'fake', I am going right back to 'dishing' the dirt of my family.
So, right up front - NO, I do NOT love and adore my husband and children as has been mentioned in here fact, there are days I can barely tolerate them. None of them are being translated any day soon. But of course, I am here in Texas for one reason and one reason only - to get used to the heat so that when I go to hell, I'm not shocked by the weather.
So, interpret my blog as honest OR sarcastic; only each of you can decide for yourselves. Most of you won't care...but for the one who insists on me being purely honest in my emotions and feelings??? I heard what you said...and you read between the lines.
But, put your glasses on first to make sure you caught my meaning!!!

Del's Talents at Work Again

If you've followed my blog over the years, you've seen some of Del's work.
He builds furniture as a hobby - and loves it.
This year, Kylie and Mike have been the recipients of much of Del's love.
Of course, when Preston was born, there was the changing table.
For Christmas, Del made Mike and Kylie a set of book shelves, the same that Del and Jordan made me several years ago. Mike and Kylie are buying a new home that they'll move into next month and so we thought it would be nice if they had some nice furniture to put in it.
So the first two pictures are the new bookshelves, minus the shelves in them, but the last one is mine, so you can see what they will look like. They come in a set of three - two tall ones and one shorter. And they are gorgeous.
I'm so impressed with Del's work; especially since I know the time and effort that goes in to the finished project. He made these bookshelves in just over 6 days...early morning to late evenings he spent outside in our garage, cutting, sanding and perfecting each piece of furniture. It's his therapy. And talent? Yes, he has talent to imagine and create what he makes and then puts just enough love into it that the beauty is enhanced in the final project. You can see it. You can touch can feel every ounce of love he put into it...and then it's yours.
Thank you Del.

Before It's Over....

The year is coming to an end, but before it's over, I wanted to remember some of the joys and highlights it brought into my life. And the obvious first and most joyous was the addition of my grandson Preston Michael.
I had been told over and over through the years that being a grandma was way better than being a mother and for the obvious reasons of being able to spoil them, love them and still have the benefits of sending them back home to their parents to be raised.
All of that is true. But it's more than that....way more than that.
To watch my own daughter go through labor and then give birth to her own child was an experience I hope never to forget. And to know that even though not my own child, that newborn baby is still part of me - carries my blood line and my genes...I have had some influence, no matter how small, on the genetic make up and characteristics of that child.
But one of the biggest joys of having Preston here with us is the calming and peaceful ambiance he has brought into not just my life, but the life of my husband.
Del is a new man. I knew he would be a remarkable grandpa because of how he was as a father. There is no better. But Del now appears to have a reason to live. He has more energy - he has more spark in his eye, he has more joy. It's as if Preston's life gave Del life.
Del adores Preston - finds any and every reason to see him, babysit him, be with's cute that on any given day when I know Del should be coming home from work, that he is instead, stopping off on his way home to see his get, what we have affectionately called, his 'Preston fix'. Del will come home a much more renewed and vitalized man after spending this short moment with Preston.
So, my greatest blessing for the year of 2010 and what I give most thanks for is...
Preston Michael Crump

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

As the Year Comes to a Close

Well, for some reason, I wasn't able to download any of the pictures I tried to post. So i will try to put some in tomorrow.
Yah, I know - it's been an inexcusable amount of time since my last post. And what's the worst part about the explanation...? I can't give one. I mean, there's an explanation...I just can't give it. If I've learned anything over the past two months, it is that although my blog is a very personal and emotional record of my comings and goings, it is also read by a lot of people. And I have learned from my, I will continue to try and share most of what is happening in my life but do a much better job of protecting the innocent people involved.
The beginning of November found me unemployed - both by choice and fired...But since it was the first time in over 15 years that I was without work, I decided to go ahead and take the rest of the year off and I don't plan on going back to work until after Jordan and Lexi's wedding in late January. I have LOVED not working...not being lazy, just not working for a paycheck. It has given me quite a bit of time to reconnect with my life - my past, my present and my future. My past has come back to haunt me - but in a good way. I just have to try and live each day as it comes and goes...not making any sense to anyone but myself...
I'm here again though to mostly wrap up 2010...and prepare myself for the new year of 2011 in just a few days.
With Del...
He has continued to work 14-18 hour days until these last two weeks of the year where he has mandated holiday vacation. And he needs it. His MS continues to worsen - and he continues to keep his complaints to himself. He teaches the 16-18 yr. olds in Sunday School and remains the faithful home teacher. He is hoping for some big changes in the coming year in his employment...what? I don't know - well, I do, but can't say until it happens.. But he deserves it if and when it comes.
Jordan completed a very successful semester up at BYU Idaho and now has just 2 weeks until he and Lexi will be married. He's been working 2 jobs trying to save money - did not come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas and I have missed him terribly. This cutting the apron strings is painful and I'm having a much harder time than I ever expected. But he's happy and loves Lexi.
Kylie is loving being a mommy. Of course, these first few months with Preston have been heaven and he's been the perfect baby. She and mike have adjusted to parenthood with the greatest of ease. Preston is growing like a weed and has brought so much joy to the whole family. He smiles and has started to find his voice and emotions. The few times we have been able to babysit have been some of our happiest.
Kathryn has been a roller coaster...both joys and sorrows - none to be shared. She is the one I need to most be careful of sharing her life in this blog but she is the one with the most going on. There are good and bad days...and when she turns 18 in two weeks, it will be interesting to see what she decides to do in her life. I love her through it all though...and even though there are those who fail to understand either her heart or her head, I understand them both and try to give her the necessary love and support she so desperately needs.
Then me??? I won't even start to explain my life since November 1st. I have successfully started my last diet - lost 16 pounds so far with only at least 40 more still to go. These past two months have been the happiest and most emotional days of my life - only I would understand why...a combination of my past, my present and my future. There will be a lot happening in this next year for me personally...and I am trying to spiritually, mentally and physically prepare for every part of it. I don't want to make any mistakes so I am trying desperately to make sure each step is thought out carefully and with a clear head. Sometime it is easier than others and most certainly harder to do than most other times in my life. But my motto has become 'my life is what it is' and I make no more excuses for who I am or what I'm trying to accomplish and become.
Tomorrow I will post pictures and a few more details of some past events...
will try to wrap it all up by the end of Friday night...New years Eve...

Saturday, December 4, 2010

At a Loss for Words

The past 5 weeks have been the most difficult for me.
And I can't even write about it...
personal - so very personal..
The Book - The Shell Seekers - Richard and Penelope
I can't write more right now.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's Official Today

I emailed my resignation to corporate today.
And I feel great.
Then I sent a personal email to Chad thanking him for the employment he provided to me and my family for the past 6+ years...
and then I let out a huge sigh of relief.
It's done and over and being put in it's appropriate place.....
in the past.
Never to feel like that again.

"I'm SO Big Grandma!!!"

Preston came to visit me today.
Oh my gosh this child is adorable!!!
He went with his mommy to her doctor's appointment where mom has recovered from delivery and is weighing only 122 pounds. I told Kylie she looks waayyy too thin - she has chicken legs and scrawny arms - no thighs what so ever - and is wearing MAYBE size 2 jeans. I worry.
Preston was pretty darn hungry by the time he got to our house so Kylie fed him right away. I got to change his diaper and then hold him for awhile before he wanted to go home for a nap.
But I had to snap these few pictures of him before he left.
Such big bright eyes. And he smiles now too!
Grandpa will be unhappy when he finds out Preston came by and grandpa wasn't here!!!
Oh well - I gave Preston enough hugs and kisses for both his grandpa and grandma!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dodged a Bullet

Kathryn and her boyfriend broke up.
And the minute that happened, the flood gates opened up and all the dirty details came pouring out!
It's been a rough two days since Kathryn and Brett mutually agreed to part ways...and I'm now just hearing from Kathryn some of the intimate details of their relationship - things I'm not real thrilled about, but grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that kept watch over the situation.
Needless to say, Kathryn dodged a bullet.
Yes, Kathryn was young and immature in the relationship, but at least she was honest and forthright with her weaknesses and shortcomings.
Not so on the part of the other person involved.
But no details - it wouldn't be appropriate.
But as her mother, I am so grateful that there were feelings and promptings that 'not all was well in 7th heaven'.
Kathryn truly is blessed.
It makes for her slightly broken heart to heal a little more quickly.

On The Market Again

Well,, I officially quit Apple Orthodontix today.
It is time to move on.
I have enjoyed, for the most part, my experience with the company.
My cousin and his family have been very good to me, but it's time to find something else to do.
Here I am job hunting again and I feel like a 16 year old...
But there has to be SOMETHING out there that I can do - I just need to find it.
And then make some good money at doing it!!!
Wish me luck!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Preston's Blessing Day

What a great day!! And a good week leading up to the special day.
Kylie has been able to get Preston to start smiling - and only she is able to do it!!! It's amazing how that sweet little boy responds to his momma. And so she and Mike have been able to capture a few precious pictures of Preston grinning from ear to ear, but I'm not able to get them on to my blog. But at least I've been able to see them.
Friday night, I was able to babysit Preston here at the house, then Saturday night, Mike and Kylie had us over to dinner and Kylie made this yummy salmon and potato meal that was to die for - with dessert that I could have WAY over indulged in - but I didn't. And then yesterday was the big day.
Preston was just as good as ever. Several of Mike and Kylie's friends and family were able to be there as Mike pronounced a beautiful prayer to the Lord and blessing for Preston. There's nothing quite like a baby being presented to the Lord and blessings being poured out upon him. I was touched.
After church, we had Mike's mom and sister over with the rest of the family for a special dinner and game night - tons of fun - with our little guest of honor, Preston, stealing the show. He even came into the house riding on his new bike grandpa bought him...It seemed to be no big deal for him though...
So a nice, relaxing and memorable weekend for our little family.
Wish Jordan could have been here for the blessing.
Everything has it's time and place I guess.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Take Time to Remember It

I'm getting so busy with planning Jordan's wedding details for Utah that I am forgetting to take time to record the things that are happening here at home....
Del is in Idaho with his father. He emailed me yesterday and today, sharing some tender moments and memories that he is having with his father. They are such cherished events and those moments have been extremely profound for Del right now. His emotions and feelings are so close to the surface that he is finding himself in tears many a time in the past two days.
One of those occasions was accented by Jordan arriving and making the memory with his father...three generations there together and Jordan found his father in tears. Hard for Jordan to handle as he has only seen his father maybe once or twice in tears before. I was touched that Del found it significant enough to email me and share it with me this far away. I wish I could be there to experience it first hand, but I'm not quite sure it would have happened the way it has if I had been there. I'm not sure Del would have felt free enough to be as expressive as he has been without me hovering over the situation. I'm thankful Del was able to go.
Yesterday, Kathryn's boyfriend Brett came with us to church. It was nice to see her interacting with him and having him help her with her Primary responsibilities. They make a cute couple. After church, Mike and Kylie and Brett and Kathryn came to dinner. YUMMY ham and funeral potatoes with green beans and rolls - sooo good. And everyone had so much fun- we took pictures, played games, played with Preston, watched family movies and just laughed and laughed all evening. It was so comfortable having us all there - everyone seemed relaxed ..just a great time.
I don't need to go into any details but we're all pretty sure that things will progress nicely with Brett and Kathryn and in time, we may have yet, another wedding. They seem to be very good for each other - and very much 'in-like' with each other. We will see what the future brings.
I went to bed last night missing Del terribly, but very content knowing where he was and what he was doing - I was pleased knowing how much fun we had had that evening as family - and wished Jordan and Lexi could have been here too to be part of it all.
But all in time - everything in it's time and season. They are where they need to be right now - and we are here, holding down the fort until we can all be reunited in January for the wedding.
I'm looking forward to then...
Until our grandson the cutest thing in the world or WHAT!!!???

Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Much to Detail

And no pictures...
But I'll try to remedy both those situations later...
With Del - my father in law has been ailing terribly the past few months. In and out of the hospital and in and out of near death days. Del is flying up to Idaho tomorrow to spend 4 days with him before he 'passes', as THAT day could be any time now. When it does happen, Del and I will then fly up for the funeral.
It has been an overwhelming emotional roller coaster, but also a very spiritual experience for Del as he has connected and tackled this occasion with the love and support of each of his 6 brothers. They have spent endless evenings on conference calls coming up with plans on how to care for and assist in the passing of their father and it has been very touching to see this band of brothers coming to the aid of their step mother.
Del is also in the process of sending out his resume to several (4-5) different places, all of which have shown great interest in Del's financial abilities. He is mostly wanting to be hired by another department within his current company, Hewlett Packard. This will all pan out within the next 2-3 months but hopefully will land him with new possibilities and a higher paycheck. He is currently working many nights until 9:00 p.m. and even several midnights. Very taxing on his mental and physical state.
Jordan: engaged and going to school. He is needing a job and to get ready for his new life. He's not liking being away from a new nephew and looks forward to seeing us all in January when he and Lexi get married. He's wondering how he's going to juggle it all...baha..welcome to being an adult Jordan!!! He will be applying for some grants etc also, which in and of itself, is quite the process!! He needs to get married though. He can't seem to take care of himself very well. He only lives in survival mode without a mother or a wife! Good luck Lexi!!!
Kylie: Motherhood is a divine calling of which Kylie was born to be!!! She loves Preston so much and couldn't be more loving and tender with him than she is. Things have gone well although she has quite nursing as far as the actual 'act', but does still pump her breast milk and feeds him the bottle. Preston doesn't seem to want the milk the other way any more.
And Kylie seems to go with the flow of this big change in her life. She is, of course, back into her size 2 jeans, takes care of herself, her home, her husband and her baby all in stride. I couldn't be more pleased with the good life she is living and the choices she is making.
Preston is adorable. We cherish every moment we get to spend with him. Del especially loves to hold and be with Preston, watching him hold his head up and exercise with him. They are adorable together.
Kathryn: She is working two jobs right now - a hostess for both LaHacienda and Texas Land and Cattle...and she's great at both!!! But I guess her biggest and most exciting news would be that she is dating a really nice young returned missionary named Brett Clark. He is the brother of Bradley Clark who works at Apple Orthodontix and that we have known for years. Both Kathryn and I love Brad...we have enjoyed working with him and find him a dear friend. Well, he set Kathryn up on a date with his 'only home from his mission for 6 weeks, 6'5 brother' Brett and they double dated with Bradley and his wife Vanessa... and it's been history ever since. They have been inseparable...go to all single adult activities together, Institute, dates etc etc...on the phone constantly, from morning til bedtime. They are cute together, but geez, Kathryn isn't even 18 yet - still 2 months away! So time will tell.
Then ME??? Life is good. I'm busy with each of these people in my life, but I wouldn't want it any other way. This juggling being wife to a husband who's changing jobs, father dying, new grandma, planning a wedding, dealing with puppy/doggy love and working full time has it's days of exhaustion. But joy and happiness abounds every where so I'm not complaining in the least.
That's my update.
I'll be writing more as I get pictures and a few more details of each of these significant people in my life. This was just an update of the past few weeks.
Didn't want people thinking a lot wasn't going on around here, because there is!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Intentions

I'm not a morning person. Just ask my husband.
I'm up at 6:45 every morning to get ready and be at work by 7:30.
On weekends, early is 9:00 a.m.
On the other hand, half of Del's day is over by 9:00 a.m. He gets a LOT done by the time I'm rolling out of bed.
Del likes to go to the temple Saturday the 7:00 session no less. He hates me, I'm sure.
So I try sooo hard to be pleasant and accommodating to his desires but never pass up the opportunity to let him know that it's not MY idea to be up that early.
This morning, my alarm goes off at the appropriate time for me to be up and showered and ready to go so that by the time he gets back from his walking Lacey, I just need to wait for him to finish up his shower and dressing. It's then that I hear him say, 'We can't go to the temple!'
Because I'm sure I haven't heard him right, I go into our bathroom where he is half dressed - pants on but no shirt.
"I don't have a white shirt".
Of course you don't, they are at the dry cleaners where Kathryn dropped them off two days ago!!!
Can you receive exaltation because of 'good intentions'?
Del says, 'The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions.'
GREAT! (moan)
I'm going back to bed then.

A New Set of Wheels in the Driveway

Del takes our dog, Lacey, for a walk every morning; usually between 5:00am and 6:00am.
Usually it's Lacey who comes home with something she's found along the way; a bone, dead animal, left over food etc....
Today, it was Del who came home with the find of the day.
A garage sale that hadn't even opened up for the day caught grandpa's eye and wallet. A steal - only $5 and we have a new set of wheels at our house.
Not to be used for at least 3-4 years, but they come equipped with training wheels and a new shiny seat.
I'm sure a horn will be added over the years but otherwise, it appears that Preston will have his first 'set of wheels' - keys included.
Oh grandpa!!!

Primping Princesses

Even though it was Preston's photo shoot of the day, it was these two who were getting all doll'd up for the photographer!!
Not really - they were just putting their make up on for the day but I just had to get a picture of it as it looked sooo funny.
Okay - so the photo shoot was interesting - to say the least.
Preston doesn't cry. I have heard him MAYBE twice since he's been born, both times when he was having his diaper changed. He HATES to have his diaper off.
Well, have you SEEN newborn baby photos??? No diapers. Lots of crying.
Both Kylie and Shelley came out of the nursery in a sweat, but Shelley assures us there are some great shots. I will hope so after all she had to go through to get them taken...he pee'd and poop'd on at least three different blankets, 2 different outfits and 3-4 burp clothes.
All in total? One load of laundry, of which I started as soon as the photo session was over.
Mind you, Preston was a little 'put out' also.
Kylie had just fed him so he would at least be pleasant with a full tummy. But of course, he usually then sleeps for 4 hours.
Not to be...he was being poked and turned and plumped up on this pillow and that blanket. I'm sure he felt like a turkey being basted for the holidays.
And all he wanted to do was sleep.
And then the whole 'no diaper' thing just had him fit to be tied...MAD even.
So at the end of the 3 HOUR ordeal, Kylie gave him a nice cleaning up, put a new diaper and clean outfit on him, nursed him to pleasantly full again and snuggled him up close.
He'll never remember the worst of it.
I used to wonder what he dreams about at this age.
He now has his 'first nightmare'.

Newly Employed

It took just one day, two interviews and she was offered both jobs. So, she took them!!!
One is during the day as a day hostess for the restaurant LaHacienda (otherwise referred to as LaHa) and the other is a night time job as the hostess for Texas Land and Cattle (commonly known as TLC).
I am SOOOO proud of her. These are HER jobs..SHE found them, SHE called them and SHE got them!!! THAT'S what she needed to happen.
So, back to work she goes starting Monday morning.
Go conquer the world baby dolly!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Refrigerator Door

As it is with most mom's I know, my mother used to put all my elementary artwork on the front of our refrigerator door, along with graduation announcements, wedding announcements and special dates and occasions. As her children left home, married and started having children of their own, the artwork was replaced with photos of grandchildren and then great-grandchildren. I remember a time in Utah, that my parents refrigerator door was covered, from top to bottom almost, with pictures of grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
It got to be too much.
They have now removed all the pictures and started the same concept but on a bulletin board type thing down the hall near their back door.
I am one of 12 kids - who each have 4 children or more - who each have children starting of their own also. The fridge door couldn't possibly hold us all.
But the tradition was great none the less.
So the tradition starts again with my family.
Preston Michael has taken his rightful place on the front of our refrigerator door where we can smile and enjoy his sweet face each day of our lives.
I like this tradition and I hope to fill my refrigerator door just like my own parents did for years and years to come.

It's a Rebuilding Season

Every fall, come football season, I go a little crazy. Okay, that MAY be an understatement. Okay, FINE - I go downright NUTS!!! Between college football and the NFL, I'm watching football all day long on Saturday's while I do the laundry and keeping tabs of the scores in Sunday's games on the internet.
Yes, there are occasions I will actually WATCH a Sunday game - mostly teams with BYU alumni that I've watched over the years. Austin Collie, Kelly Popinga and some others are my favorites.
Of course, this week when it was announced that Max Hall , an undrafted BYU player would START for Arizona, I went a little nuts...he will play last years Super Bowl Champion Drew Brees, of whom I love too, but of course, my loyalties are ALWAYS to the BYU player.
So - speaking of BYU.
It's a rebuilding year. That has become my quote of the season.
We are currently 1-3 for the year.
It hasn't been pretty.
I have remained faithful and loyal each game but have added a few words to my 'gameday' vocabulary - most of them not appropriate - but I mostly just repeat my new phrase of 'it's a rebuilding year'.
Patience and calm have become the goals of each weeks games.
But, I am a BYU fan - like a marriage covenant, it's 'for better or worse' and right now, it's not so much the 'better'.
So each week, I breathe in and breathe out, calmly sigh and speak my infamous words...
'It's a rebuilding season'.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Grandma Updates

Mike and Kylie brought Preston home on Friday, Oct 1 and started the rest of their lives.
This baby is adorable...absolutely adorable.
And BIG.
I do not know how my teeny tiny Kylie had such a big baby, but she did.
I spent the day at the hospital the day after Preston's birth, just helping Kylie with things she needed and to make sure she was okay. Although her delivery was great, this was all new to her and I just wanted to be there for any questions she might have.
But Kylie is a natural. This motherhood role couldn't come any more naturally for her and it's what she was born to do.
Her breastfeeding has been perfect, her recovery has been perfect and her mothering has been perfect so far. Preston seems to already be on a pretty good feeding schedule - every four hours - and he nurses well.
We've seen him just about every day and Kylie even brought him over for General Conference Sunday and then to my office on Monday to meet all the staff.
It has been so great to be a grandma.
I can't even express what it was like to have my own daughter deliver her own child - my grandson.
Great days ahead.

Preston Michael Crump

He HAS arrived -
My grandson Preston Michael Crump arrived Wednesday, September 29th, 2010 at 6:50 pm.
He weighed 9 pds. 8 oz and was 21 inches long.
Michael, Kylie and Preston are doing great.
Details to follow...