Monday, June 25, 2012

I Need a Fairy Godmother!!!!

Bippidy, boppity..... BOO!!!!!!
And she better have a magical wand that can do some pretty wicked business for me!
This 'buying and moving into a new house' stuff has me pretty weirded out.
I'm having a hard time realizing that this house we keep going out to see in Aubrey is going to be ours.  We drive out two or three times a week, check out it's progress, see where things need to change or be different and then we leave.  It never really registers that the choices at the house and the changes I'm suggesting are for MY future home.  And the weeks seem to be stretching out longer and longer.
I have some REAL blessings I need to acknowledge...The whole 'coming together' of this home has been one whole blessing in itself..the timing, the finances..etc.  But along with it, I have some inner turmoil.
I love my job...finally.  And I really don't want to change it.  But I also realize that my job will now be almost an hour drive each way once we move into our home.  And with THAT realization, comes the realization that I know I won't be able to do that forever, if at all.  i will need to get a different job.  And yet, I can't do anything until we sign our loan on the 13th and close on the home...and then, I will need to do the actual moving and then somehow try to work full time through the whole thing....
So, I have been praying...went to the temple and have given much thought and contemplation about what I am supposed to do and how I am supposed to do it.  I have to work....I need a job.  I will have a new home, one that I really want but don't want to spend most of my days OUT of it because I am spending 11 plus hours at work.  And I am pretty certain that the Lord too, is aware of all these things.
So I'm asking Him...what do I do???
Last Friday I drove out to Aubrey alone.  I had gone to the bank, run a few other errands and then had planned on going into a few places to see if there were any job openings while also transferring my prescriptions to the little corner Aubrey Pharmacy.  I was wanting to start 'establishing' myself in this new little town I was going to be living in...meeting some of the 'neighbors', planting some roots.  I went in to the Pharmacy and gave them my one prescription, new address, name and personal info.  The young girl was sweet...Steve, the owner and Pharmacist came from around the counter to meet me.  I told him of our future plans and he was so friendly and kind and expressed his excitement at having us move to his town.  Near the end of my errand, I asked the young lady if she had an inside track on any of the places of business and if they were hiring.  Yes...the doctors office right next door, attached to the pharmacy, had just had the receptionist/office manager move out of town, and they would be hiring soon.  REALLY!!  She gave the information of the doctor and I made the call before leaving the building. Owner was out of town, but her tech, Heather, was excited and gave me encouragement to email in my resume and gave me great hope for a job interview this coming Friday...she would talk to the doctor today (Mon).  After I completed my business there, I drove out to our home...clocking it at 4 minutes and 48 seconds away from what might be my future job, Monday through Friday, 8:00 - 5:00.  I cried.  I was and am so hopeful...trying to evaluate if it's just co-incidence, wishful thinking, or truly the Lord has stepped in as I hoped He would.  But it hasn't even happened yet.
So, I place myself in the Lord's hands...with the exercising of much faith.  Do I want the job???  Of course, without even knowing what it entails or encompasses.  It would be ideal if I happened to love it too...But as someone pointed out to me, it's not just the next three weeks I need to put in the Lord's's my life, on a continual basis, that I need to allow Him to lead.  Not just when I need things to work out according to MY plan.  His plan my be different...may be even better...may be even the same.  But I need to have my life be His.  So much easier that way.
Back to that fairy Godmother I'm wishing for.....she would come in handy near moving time.  I hate much to pack...throw away, give away, sell and let go of.  The waving of her magic wand would be a dream come true...but as always, I'm realizing it's going to just come down to hard work and a lot of stress.  Plus dear family and friends who are already stepping forward to offer their time and strength on our moving days.
Last week, I was released as the Primary chorister.  My heart broke as several of the children expressed how much they would miss me.  I have come to love them...dearly.  I spoke in Sacrament meeting too, for Fathers Day.  It gave me such a sense of peace to realize I was able to express my honor and love for my sweet husband without any reservation or hesitation.  I adore him and expressed my adoration and love for him and the Priesthood he honorably bears.  What a blessing we enjoy as members of the church to have the Priesthood restored and once again upon the earth; and in my home.
Now...I am behind in blogging all the little days I am living right now.  It's too hard to write and express every emotion and experience I have been having lately.  But I didn't want to miss sharing the one or two significant moments I have enjoyed of the spirit testifying to me of truthfulness in daily events.  Going to the temple.  I mentioned it slightly, but last Saturday, I attended the temple with Del, for the first time in over a year.  And it was sweet...comfortable...and I was grateful.
Kylie has finally announced her pregnancy.  Yes, we are having another grand baby!!!  Kylie told us about two months ago and asked us to keep it quiet until she was ready to share.  So it is a relief to finally be able to share openly her joy and excitement about another baby.  She's just over three months...13 weeks, due the end of December.  This pregnancy is different.  She was never sick with Preston; this pregnancy already has her down 10 pounds from vomiting and not eating.  Poor thing.  She is more tired too...wiped out.  I wish I could help her more.  I also hope, it's a girl.
Jordan and Lexi have found an apartment and will be moving the day after we close on our home.  I am excited for them.  Their future looks very promising right now and I am thrilled!!!
BUT....the rest will have to be on hold...until after our move.  Unless something REALLY comes up that is 'BLOG' worthy, I will be taking a hiatus from the computer until I am settled into what will be the rest of my Aubrey Texas, in my new home 6650 Blackjack Oaks Road and at my new still be determined.
It's all in the Lord's hands from here...should have always been.

Sean and Becky Throw a Party

They bought a house!!!  Sean and Becky bought their first home and we were invited to celebrate with them.  They threw an Open House with wonderful food and good people and so we had the best time seeing how they had decorated and where they had placed all of their beautiful things.  They will enjoy this house for many many years to come.
Preston didn't go to the party, but we had balloons at our house for him, which he loved.
I guess our house will be next....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling Some Anxiety

Just a little stressed out lately.
I'm letting too many things get me overwhelmed with worry.
Most recently, is my father.  I'm hearing reports of his rapidly declining health and think that if I don't ask about it, or don't hear things, that it will all go away.  But the reality is, the next illness he gets, be it bad cold, pneumonia, infection etc...will probably end his life.  That is, according to what Elaine thinks.  She is up there right now with him and has been giving me reports about daddy.  She says that on good days, he really is okay, although 'okay' means very slouched over, slurred speech, faltering thoughts, shuffling feet and tired most of the time.  But when he has a bad day, it is bad.  Heavy heart for me.  I've asked Elaine to let me know if my plans to go to Utah in early September need to be moved up.  She has said, 'only if he gets sick.'
Then there are my children.  Good or bad, their comings and goings keep me stressed.  Kathryn is back to roommate problems, health issues and just some drama here and there.  She tends to want me to know everything...which I appreciate...but I don't always know how to handle all the information she gives me.  I can't FIX most things, although she thinks I can, I can't CHANGE anything, although she hopes I will, and I can't DO what she usually wants me to do because I'm 'too busy' doing something else the moment she needs it done.  No win situation.
Kylie is overwhelmed with her full plate right now.  Works two jobs, mother of an almost two year old, wife of the YM President and some other issues.  I desperately want to help, but have to stand back and watch her live through it with just our occasional support.  I would LOVE to be a stay at home grandma, but I'm not.  I would love to relieve her of her burdens, but I shouldn't.  So, I help when I can and watch her grow during the other times of her life. Most often, she handles things with poise and strength - seldom complains and is very grateful for the blessings she enjoys.
Jordan is having some blessings come his way that will provide he and Lexi with a good future financially and spiritually.  I am excited for them both.  He is being offered a situation that will allow him to be his own boss in a company that will give him part ownership and future stability and growth.  Lexi will be able to participate also until she becomes a stay at home mom, which they were hoping would happen soon.  I'm wishing them both success and happiness.  They move out into an apartment next month.
Then, there is the house.  Things have fallen into place beautifully.  This house is meant to be and we feel very strongly that the Lord has been preparing not only US for this house, but the HOUSE for us.  This house has been under contract twice before but due to various reasons, neither contract went through.  The Lord has been saving it for us.  But along with that assurance also comes some difficult realizations for me.
Del asked me the other day, while driving to the house, if I thought anyone would come to an 'open house' party if we threw one.  It was only a moments thought before I said, 'family would come'.  We realize that this move will be changing some ties that we have with friends we have made over the past ten years.  Sure, they will still be friends through facebook and email, but there will not be the constant sharing of smiles, conversation and Sunday spirit as we have become accustomed to having with them.  And my work???  I love my job, but I have to realize that the purpose of moving to where we will be is so that we can prepare our family and home to be a place of refuge and safety for our family and grandchildren.  I can't be part of that if I am traveling an hour to and from work every day and working over 9 hour days.  In short time, I am probably going to have to find something closer to our new home or a job I can work FROM home.  I'm praying the Lord will help me in this area.
I spend most of my waking hours doing my job while my mind races with ideas for the new house.  We are dreaming big....but can see the Lords hand in all things.  He wants this for us too. 
So...I need to release some of the anxiety...hence?  I took a 'sick day' today to just relax and rejuvenate myself..I have Father's Day to get ready for...the primary kids are singing...which by the way, has become a stressful situation in and of itself.  I will probably miss them most of all.  I have promised myself I am NOT telling the new ward that I sing, play the piano or have any other talents whatsoever!!!  And i can't stand little children!!!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
Now, a few loads of laundry, homemade cookies and a nap will have me back to new.  Just need to get through this next month...End of July, I should be fine.  Until then, not so sure!

While His Dad is Away...

As the ward Young Men's President, Mike is gone a lot doing activities and going to meetings.  This time, Mike has gone on High Adventure with the Young Men and will be gone this whole week.
But Preston doesn't lack for attention from his other male role models.  Of course, there is Papa, with whom Preston LOVES to spend every spare moment he has.  But 'Uncle Joe' has also become a best friend, especially when it comes to watching "POOH" on his mommas phone.  I have no doubt, whatsoever, that if 'Joe' were to take Preston to the actual movie theater, it would be one of the best times Jordan OR Preston would have and Preston would probably sit still through it better than Jordan would!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Just a Sunday Night

Game night on a Sunday night.
We had a great dinner of Poppyseed Chicken after having a wonderful Fast Sunday.  It was nice to have Kathryn over and especially nice to have her stay to play games and help out with dishes.
It seems, from the photos, that Jordan and Lexi had some games of their own to play....

Friday, June 1, 2012

'Where Should We Plant the Berry Patch?'

For some reason, Del and I couldn't sleep last all.
I never did fall asleep, so at around 2:30 am, when I noticed Del was still tossing and turning, I leaned over, gave him a soft kiss and asked him what he was thinking about.
'Where should we plant the berry patch?'
I knew it was something about our future backyard, I just didn't know the specifics.
He asked me what I had been thinking.
In my mind, I had visually placed everything it's appropriate place to decorate our new home.
We spent the next three hours talking about what we would name our backyard...
and we laughed, giggled and had fun imagining all the wonderful things we would do with our kids and grand kids in our future there.
What a great way to start our day.