Friday, January 20, 2017

No Snoozin' While They Were Cruisin'

Del and I had Emerson for a week while Emerson's parents went on a cruise for their anniversary.
Jordan and Lexi live with us right now.  They have for a year now, and we have LOVED every minute they have been here. Emerson is a blast and funny as all get out.  And of course, he adores Papa - well, and me.
BUT HE IS 150 MPH at all times.  Always on the go with a gusto of life that is hard to not have rub off on you.  He stayed two days at other homes while I had to work, but then I took two days off and we were on the go always.  There are more pictures that I didn't post - mostly of him playing out in the mud...but what a great time we had with him. He loves it here - loves outside - from one end of our 2 acres to the other.  Such Fun

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