Friday, January 20, 2017

Babies Having Babies

Mike and Kylie are on a cruise.  I know - my kids and their vacations. Shaking my head.
I spent the day with my sweet granddaughters, Madi and Lucy.  Of course, their favorite thing is playing 'mommy' with their babies.  From what I can see, they are both going to be really good mommy's in the future, as long as you don't count the being thrown across the room and accidentally tipped out of the stroller while naked as a jay bird.
I don't see the problem.

No Snoozin' While They Were Cruisin'

Del and I had Emerson for a week while Emerson's parents went on a cruise for their anniversary.
Jordan and Lexi live with us right now.  They have for a year now, and we have LOVED every minute they have been here. Emerson is a blast and funny as all get out.  And of course, he adores Papa - well, and me.
BUT HE IS 150 MPH at all times.  Always on the go with a gusto of life that is hard to not have rub off on you.  He stayed two days at other homes while I had to work, but then I took two days off and we were on the go always.  There are more pictures that I didn't post - mostly of him playing out in the mud...but what a great time we had with him. He loves it here - loves outside - from one end of our 2 acres to the other.  Such Fun

Another Year Older

I turned 57 this year - yah, I'm getting up there.
But not as bad as Del.
He just turned 60!!!

A Peaceful Transition??

No.  There were protesters, radical democrats and a lot of chaos.
Donald Trump was made President of the United States today, replacing Barack Obama, President for the past 8 years.
I didn't vote for Trump.  I didn't vote for his opponent either.  I wrote in a name.  So did Del.  He told me he wrote in 'God's' name.  I laughed.
But Del's candidate is truly the only one who can help our country now.
The highlight of the whole even was watching my sister and cousin Ruth, singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for the event.  So proud and excited for them, a memory they will have always.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The Tickets are Paid For

London Bridges Falling Down...

Big Ben

Yes, Paris France

Arc de Triomphe
The flight is booked, the hotel reservations are made and I AM SOOO EXCITED.
It started as a business trip for Del...until...he invited me to go with him.  Now, instead of a 4 day trip for Del, it has become an 8 day trip for the two of us.  We are attaching days to the front and back end of the four days to make for a very encompassing vacation for us.  I'll give further details later, but the planning process has been fun for the two of us...
So, London and Paris - HERE WE COME - February 23rd - March 4th.

Monday, January 2, 2017

It Became Intentional

It started with the holidays becoming so overwhelming, then busy with birthday and new years activities, that at first, I just had no time to blog in 2016.  Then, I decided I was going to pass on blogging last year to see if I would have any extra time, and/or any regrets from NOT blogging as often as I was.  It then became a conscious effort NOT to blog.
A little more free time?  Hardly measurable.
Any regrets?  A few.  There were certainly moments over the past year that I wish I had recorded with both word and picture.  But I didn't.  I could recover a few of my thoughts and emotions of a few of THOSE moments by either going back to my camera, or facebook and seeing the picture, hoping that the photo would help the memories to flood back.  But, the task would be lengthy and tedious work.  The moment has come and gone. If significant enough, the moment will renew itself sometime this year in another way or form.
But NOT blogging last year was enough of a learning experience to know that I don't want to do that again.  So, I will once again share with both word and picture, the highlights of this New Year and all the year will bring...
So, Welcome Back to my life - I hope we have much to share in the coming months.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

And Yes, I am back.