Monday, January 25, 2010

Worth Waiting For

That's what good news looks like....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bedtime Humor

So about two weeks ago, we took the 2nd television from Kathryn's bedroom and put it into our bedroom. Our bedroom is fairly large and so the t.v is quite a distance from our bed and sits on top of our tall dresser. Del has been asking me the scores on several games we watch and has me tell him often what the fine print is at the bottom of the screen.
Last night, I'm reading my scriptures while he is watching the Utah/New Mexico basketball game. I turn over to say something to him and see him with these binoculars watching the game. Mind you, this is not a 'you had to be there' situation for this to be funny. It was just plain funny!!! I must have 'gut laughed' for a good five minutes before I turned the t.v off and fell asleep with a smile on my face.
I sure love him.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

It Was Painless

So all four pictures are of my 50th birthday. I don't know what I was thinking putting all four of them on - it's not like I was going to look any different from one picture to the next...I guess I was hoping I would...but no such luck.
I have some really good friends and family, all of whom have wished me very happy birthday wishes. Del gave me beautiful roses and 2 'oldies' CD's - a Carpenters and a John Denver, both of which we have really enjoyed and relaxed to today. Plus, he made me a really good breakfast and dinner...Kathryn made cinnamon rolls this morning - fun day. I've had phone calls from my parents, some siblings and Jordan so it has made for a nice birthday. Mark and Elaine took Del and I out to dinner last night - yummy Chili's. Mike and Kylie are taking us out tomorrow and then Wednesday, I'm having lunch with about 15 good girlfriends at Olive Garden. Tuesday will be lunch with the ladies at the office so it sounds like the week is going to be a full week of celebrations.
But my pictures will still not change....I will still be 50, slightly (or not so slightly) overweight, still love life and die with a smile on my face. Sounds good to me.
Happy 50th to ME!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Jordan has a GPS. We used it on our recent trip to Houston. It was a life saver. It is a device that allows someone to input a current location/position with an ultimate destination and it will give you the most direct route to arrive at that destination. If at anytime during your course, you deviate from that route, it will take your new position and re-route or re-direct you once again to your final destination with an alternate path. Needless to say, with Jordan's interpretations of the GPS and my driving skills, we found ourselves re-directed more than once.
This morning, on my way to work, I heard a commercial on the radio about the GPS. To summarize, the message was basic...'if you follow the directions of the GPS, it gets you where you want to go'. My first thoughts went to my scriptures and how they are such a valuable GPS in my life. But as the day has progressed and I have continued to think of the GPS and the many analogies it has in life, I have come to the conclusion that I am lost.
It is only the 5th day of the first month of the new year...and I am lost. I thought I knew my current position and ultimate destination, but because of the deviation of some others also on my road trip, my spiritual GPS is re-routing me and giving me some 'forks in the road', 'alternate turns' and a new basic 'road map'. I'm feeling very very lost. My GPS is having to be re-routed on almost a daily basis right now. I'm feeling helpless at every turn when I'm not where I'm supposed to be 'on the map'. How do I know my next turn when I don't know where I am???
My thoughts have led me to late tonight, thinking I need to stop the car, pull over to the side and re-group. I need to look back and see where this started and where it NEEDS to go and then re-enter the information in my spiritual GPS; that meaning, where the spirit directs my next turn.
Temple on Friday...and then some waiting and patience. I'm so uncomfortable being on the road to somewhere I didn't plan on going. But now, I have to be directed on how to travel the road.
I pray my spiritual GPS will be effective and clear as to WHAT I need to do and HOW I need to do it.
In the meantime, I work on not crashing and falling apart.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Guess Who's Staying for Dinner??

Well, their home sold and they are moving in this coming weekend. We told Michael that when he married Kylie he could never return her, but obviously, he didn't listen very well. They will start the building of their home next week and it should be done in 120 days, or the middle of May. They will stay in Jordan's room and share a bathroom with Kathryn. Jordan will be coming home the middle of April and camp out in the front living room on a mattress for a month and we'll be just one happy family. Well, we can hope can't we?? Things should be fine...there's no other option!!!
It was announced in church today that our ward and the first ward are dividing and creating the Frisco 7th Ward. The meeting will be held next Sunday night announcing the boundary lines and ward members of each ward. Frisco is growing so quickly, which is such a blessing for us all. But it will be hard, to once again, be separated from dear friends. Speculation?? Of course, there are many speculating as to the new ward boundaries and leadership of each ward. I'm thinking that our ward leadership will remain much the same with a few needing to be released. But there will be a whole new ward starting from scratch, needing to have every calling filled. It will be remarkable to watch as many will need to step up to the plate of service and help establish this new ward. I doubt we will experience much change.
But new and exciting events for our new year. I had my temple recommend interview today and made some new commitments on my temple attendance. I need to make sure I keep my desire for going to the temple high on my priority list and never let it waiver. Along with several other lofty goals, I will need to make sure my time away from work and mandated obligations is spent in temple attendance and personal relationship with my Savior. I cannot be so easily distracted with things of the world using up my time devoted to the Lord. Even with the raising of my children, I need to make sure they have the time to do the same...unmandated, undedicated time being reserved for the Lord. They need to slow life down to recognize opportunities of time with their Savior. I need to help provide that for them.
Back to work tomorrow....another area of setting goals for myself. I love a clean slate; in all areas of my life. Such a great opportunity each year to re-commit.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The End of the Year - 2009

So the year came to a close with a quick trip to Houston, and because Jordan is not currently covered on our car insurance, guess who got to drive him the 4 hours there and back??? Yep, his mother. But, he couldn't have been in better company.
The trip was to visit a friend of Jordan's that is not going back up to school but is leaving on a mission in February. My niece lives in Houston, so I made a quick phone call asking for a place to stay and off we went.
I spent my days with my niece Debbie and her family - husband Jim, and daughters Dixie and Summer. It was fun - laid back and relaxed. Jordan spent his days and late evenings with Alex, seeing the sights of Houston and enjoying New Years Eve celebrations. Although only just over 2 days and 2 nights, it was a nice trip. Jordan and I had the chance to talk and visit a little more intimately and re-connect after his 4 month semester away at school.
When we got home, Kylie and Mike were here at the house and they, along with Del and Kathryn, had made a very yummy dinner and dessert for us all to share before games and some last minute bonding before bedtime.
Now today is the day after the New Year. Del took Jordan to the airport early this morning, Kathryn had to train at a wrestling meet at the school and so Del and I had the day to take down the Christmas tree, lights and decorations before calling it a day.
We have a few anxieties for the new year coming, but as with all trials that come our way, we are also blessed with the means to confront them and overcome them.
It will be a year of hope and much faith; a year of growing pains and patience. But hopefully, it, as did this past year, will come to a close where we can look back and thank a loving Heavenly Father for His tender mercies.
God Bless Us All.

Mark and His "Amigos"

December 29th was the reception here in Texas for Mark Roberts and his bride Alison. Jordan was Mark's best man and attended the wedding in Salt Lake on the 19th, but was joined by the rest of the 'gang' to help Jordan celebrate his 'best man' duties.
Please notice the new leather coat Del and I gave Jordan for Christmas. He looked sooo handsome. Funny note...I was standing with Jordan visiting with some friends when Jordan received a text on his phone. He giggled loudly and turned to look in the reception line at his friend Ricky Adams, who was waiting to greet Mark and Alison. Both started laughing hysterically. When I questioned Jordan, he showed me the text, which read, 'You look stunning tonight'.
OK, these boys are funny. There is Jordan, Ricky Adams, Chris Colegrove and Mark. It's been 7 years that they have developed a tight and bonding relationship. Mark is the first to marry. Ricky is engaged. Chris is...well, let's just say that Chris and Jordan have no prospects for the near or far future!!! But they are there for each other...and it made for a wonderful evening.
Congratulations Mark and Alison. I hope the bride realizes what she has gotten herself into!!

Christmas Day 2009

Kathryn's new sweater with her
2 favorite men....

Movie watching as a family - above 3 photos

Three bugs snug in a rug!!!

It's All a Blur!!! - part 4

Some intense chess competition.

A new game involving these little pigs..

Kylie setting up her 'pig army' to battle
Jordan's pig farm.

Christmas gift from Kylie.

A 20+ year wish...a Vitamix for dad!!

Since our kids were little, we have had the tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve. And since our kids were little, they have always begged to open ALL their presents Christmas Eve night. So, we let them....
Yep, for the first time, we caved and gave them their Christmas wish. The gift opening didn't end after the first gift was unwrapped. We let the kids unwrap until all the gifts were opened. It sure made for a late night, but one that was filled with anticipation and joy. How fun to just be spontaneous and without tradition!!!! Everyone was thrilled with their gifts and grateful to the giver.
Del was so thoughtful in giving me the gift of having my first year of blogging put into a spiral bound book for not just me, but one for each of our children. I was touched at his desire to have our children enjoy what their mother found to be so important over the past year. A treasured gift.
Money was passed around to the children for future shopping needs and wants, plus some for me was found in my stocking. Santa was very kind this year.
Bedtime came very late Christmas Eve but with the anticipation of sleeping in late the next morning as there would be no unwrapped surprises to keep us restless through the night.
We all slept well.

It's All a Blur!!! - part 3

Right after losing his arm wrestling match with
his dad, Jordan was pretty sure he needed some
food for energy.

Kathryn helping with the shredding
of the chocolate before dinner was made.

It was 'fajitas' for dinner - the two on the
right were never taught to NOT play with
their food.

Isn't it the rule that the chef should always
sample their own food first???

The family that 'frosts together, stays together.'

Once we were done with the candy, frosting the cookies and our fajita dinner, we felt it was time to move out of the kitchen and on to the rest of the evenings post.

It's All a Blur!!! - part 2

Within minutes of Jordan's return home, the 're-bonding' began. He had Kylie down in a wrestling hold, torturing her for no apparent reason; he was attempting, YET AGAIN, to arm wrestle his father, the 'arm wrestling champion of Ricks College'; the three kids were spell bound to the song 'Sisters' in the movie White Christmas on t.v.; and then the endless night of card games began. An over-all wonderful evening of being re-united for the holidays.
P.S. - Jordan promises his dad he'll be ready for a re-match come the end of this winter semester. Needless to say, Del is not holding his breath.

It's All a Blur!!! - part 1

Del and Kylie putting the first of MANY fondant
batches out on a cookie sheet to cool.

After the fondant is cool enough, they both
take it and begin to pull it like taffy.

The chocolate was melted and the 'dipping'
began...a finger here and a finger there.

And what to our wondering eyes should appear?
Jordan hopped an earlier flight and showed up
3 hours earlier than we were expecting him.

This is only SOME of the final product after
a very long 5 hours. So Yummy.....

At the beginning of Christmas week, Kylie decided she wanted to make homemade chocolates with her daddy to give to her co-workers. I knew we were in for a long haul. But, I was determined this Christmas that the season was going to include 'all good things desired for the holidays'. I'm not a candy maker, but I am a good 'cleaner upper'. So that became my contribution. I followed them around, cleaning up their messes and it turned out perfect. The candy was wonderful as was the experience. So for two solid days, we made chocolates, learning a lot of inside secrets along the way until by the end of the experience, we felt like experts, and the goodness of the candy was proof of our talents. Fun fun memories of our homemade candy.