Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I Hate the Hiccups

So we are finding a few gliches in the 'buying the house' department.
I call them hiccups.
Del went out to the property yesterday with the inspector and the findings were not very encouraging.  Appears there are some foundation problems, plumbing and electrical mishaps and then a few other 'hiccups' here and there.  And then last night and today, there were MAJOR thunderstorms and hail throughout the area and our new neighbor over there, Eric, called Del to say that his home, several neighbors homes, and most likely our home too, had roof and hail damage.
I'm feeling nervous.  Del asked me what I thought of everything and strangely enough, I still feel it's where we are supposed to be, but we need to figure out how to get rid of..the hiccups.
Some of the things are 'do-able' with little or no effort, but a few of the hiccups will take a little more negotiating and repairs.  We will see what the builders are ready to do.  But in the meantime, Del has asked for an extension on our 'option out' time for an additional week to see if the situation gets better.  I'm sure hoping that it does.  I want the house...and I know Del does too.
I wonder if I hold my breath for the extended week, if the hiccups will go away?
It's worth a try.

Memorial Day Memories 2012

As you can see, our day was full of fun fun fun!!!! 
Because I am not the professional photographer in the family, I didn't know that all of my first pictures were blue, until Kylie took the camera from me to take some pictures herself.  that is when she changed my camera settings and they rest turned out great.  Oh well.
Swimming, eating, watching sports and then samores.  All of it made for a very wonderful Memorial Day as a family.

Monday, May 28, 2012

De-Junking Begins

It was a holiday today...Memorial Day.  I must say, we missed you my sweet Michael, but enjoyed taking a few moments to remember your sweet spirit and what joy you gave us during the two years you were with us by looking at your pictures.  Love you buddy.
And because it was a holiday, we were all off of work, so took advantage of the time and we started the cleaning out of our closets and attic boxes for our upcoming move.  The piles have started...the Jordan, Kylie and Kathryn piles...the Frisco Family Services pile...the Goodwill pile...and the taking to the new house pile.  I am actually purging my belongings from 30 years of marriage...dishes we've had our whole marriage, furniture, microwave, gas dryer, porcelain dolls, old clothes, books and frames, jigsaw puzzles etc etc...of course, the kids are wanting to put several things on craigslist and make money.  I'm just wanting to be done with it.  But we'll see what they can do.
But, we have organized ourselves into assigned days of accomplishing certain tasks which will ultimately have us de-junked and ready to move by July 20th. 
At least, that's the plan.  But you know how plans go, right???

First Things First...Checked Off HIS List

Del made the first purchase for our new home today. He has a 'list'.
Not pictured are the two large shovels, two storm/screen windows and the new refrigerator; all secondary needs (in my mind) except the refrigerator.
I'm thinking after the amount of money he spent today, it was a wise choice me putting the new dinnerware set I had in my basket at Walmart, back on the shelf.
My list remains tucked away...for another day.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Sign Says So

When we went out to the house yesterday to measure windows for shutters, we pulled up to see this sign posted in the front yard.  Mike and Kylie were with us and we all got so excited that we insisted Kylie take a picture of us to make it real for us.
Yesterday, Del and I went shopping at Lowes.  There are a few things we will have to get for the refrigerator, but then Del decided that what I thought were things that could wait, became things he wanted to go ahead and get now because of the Memorial Day sale weekend.  So it looks like we will be getting screen doors for both the front and back doors, a chain saw, wheel barrel, posts (lumber) and fencing for the grape arbor Del is making along the back of the garden line and.. what else??  I guess that means I will be waiting to get a few things I was hoping for, but oh well.
We don't close on the home until July 20th, but that will give the builders enough time to finish up on some of the things we requested in our, they will finish the sodding of the yard both back and front, they will put in a garage door opener, pay for Mike to do the shutters throughout the house and then fill the drop off we have in the backyard with supporting rock and dirt to prevent erosion.  We don't want to see our grape arbor fall off into the abyss of the backyard forest.
We have started the mapping out of the garden space...where the berry patch will go, full of strawberries, raspberries, black berries and boysenberries.  We will have a huge area for the green beans and corn which are the two main things I want to can this next year.  Plus tomatoes...I love tomatoes, so I have asked for a large area for a salsa garden...herbs to be included.  And then, of course, the grapes.  Del wants to have three different types.  I just want my concord grapes back to make juice again.  It was one of our favorite things to have in Utah..speaking of Utah, when we mapped out this garden, it's like triple the size of our Utah garden, which means a LOT of work.  But now, we have grown children to help us and finally, they are as excited as we are to have it all.
Of course, our forest will be the highlight of our new home.  I think we have decided to officially name it after our first grandchild...Del wants to call it 'Preston Hollow', with the contents of the forest then including everyone else in the naming of 'paths and trails', the campsite, the tee pee, the tire swing, the tree house and the shooting range.  Between Jordan, Sean and Mike, we will have a grandchildren heaven back there.  They are up for it though.  They have discussed some things that are going to take a lot of work, but I have never seen such excitement and support from the best group of kids.  I think they realize how much fun their children will have in the years to come...and them also!!!  And we will NEED their help.  There is no way Del and I will be able to do it by ourselves... We are going to be counting on their help.  It will certainly be a family project with the whole family benefiting. the sign's SOLD.  It's be official in July.
So happy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Our Piece of Heaven in Texas

                               So, this is our new home... I cut off the left side in the picture, but it's only                       the garage....Del measuring the front arch to see if my Texas Star will fit ,
                                                            and it appears it will.

        And this is my kitchen...half of it.  There is more back to the left...
I will spend a LOT of my time in here.  
                                               This is the laundry room, right by the back garage door and around  
                                                             the corner from the kitchen.

                          Lexi is trying out the master bedroom space, deciding where our bed should go.
                                                                 The Master bathroom
                                                                    The Master Shower
 Only half of the master closet - this is a HUGE closet...our clothes, between the two of us, fit on one shelf.
                             The Gathering room...left wall will have a big screen, right wall, the piano
                                             Light fixtures in the kitchen.  Notice the wheat...for Del.
                                 The back porch, of which we will extend with a really cool patio
 Del and Lexi out exploring in Sherwood Forest.  Over an acre back in them there woods. The boys have planned a campground fire pit area, tire swing, tree fort, teepee, trails named after family members and much much more fun.
                                                              The future tree fort/house.

We couldn't be more excited and we're now enjoying the phase of planning and mapping out our garden area, play area and future 5 years in the backyard.  Big project, but it will hold our memories for the next 50 years to come.  It will be a great place to settle with our children and grandchildren.
Future posts and pics to follow.  We will close the middle/end of July.
P.S.  Sorry about the wording being all whacked out!!!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jumping Up and Down!

We offered.
They accepted.
Looks like we bought us a home.
Details to follow.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Keeping Fingers Crossed

We have found the home we want to buy.
The lease on our home here is up at the end of July and we are finally in a position to buy...BUT
we just started looking over a month ago, saw a few homes, have had some different options and opportunities to consider, and then our real estate agent sent us the info on this home just Sunday night.  We went out to look at it Monday night, Tuesday twice and then once again tonight.  We have shown Kylie, Jordan, Sean and Becky and Mike has seen the home, and all of them LOVE IT.  Del loves it, I love it...and it is perfect.
BUT...we are short some money.
So, we are going to be playing the waiting game and 'perfect timing' game to see if we can somehow maneuver how to get this house.  I'm not going to give any details because I don't want to say anything more until it is final.  But hopefully, it will work out for us.
More to come....

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers Day

There is not any group of people more important to me than the one's I see here in these pictures.
Because of them, I enjoy this day...Mothers Day.
This family brings me so much joy and happiness.
I truly am blessed to be the mother of these great kids with their individual personalities, strengths and weaknesses, quirks and idiosyncrasies, good and bad days and everything they have to offer and contribute in this world.
Each is unique in their personalities...each is unique in their dreams and desires in life.  Each has a different level of confidence and faith, each loves me differently yet completely and best of all, each has a fantastic spirit and sense of humor.  With no-one else do I laugh more or enjoy being around more than this family.
I am truly blessed to be their Mother.
And may the fun continue.
(p.s...I miss you sweet Michael Jorrell...I loved being your mother too.)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

One Breath at a Time

So much...
to do...
to think about...
to decide...
to consider...
to choose from...
to forget about.
It's been so much, that I have basically put the talking and writing about it on complete hold.
And it's not just one's in so many areas of my life.  To stop and dissect each area of decision and action to be taken is overwhelming.  It's like trying to eat an elephant...quickly.  It has to be done, one bite at a time and very very slowly.  But I'm feeling the need to hurry when all I want to do is be done and over with it and move on to the dessert.
Work...I'm loving my job.  The dust is settling from the blow up months ago...and things are even starting to be better than they actually were before.  I can actually say, that even though there are still a few awkward moments with certain fellow employees, I really do like each one of them and admire what they are able to bring to the table.  I did have my first casualty...Last Thursday, I was bitten by a dog...barely bad enough to even get attention for, but policy mandated me going to the Care Now I was there for over 2 hours.  A small puncture wound, broken blood vessel and scratches.  A band aid would have been fine.
My kids....Okay, so Jordan finally got a job.  He's working as an area manager at a Termite company; doing what, I'm not really sure.  But he gets a salary, a new truck to drive and a uniform.  Sighs of relief.  Now they will be saving up some money so they can move into their own apartment over the next 4 months or so.  Lexi is working full time and long hours trying to keep them above water and meet their bills.  I'm glad she will have some relief now.
Mike and Kylie....They are soooo busy.  Mike, with his full time job, being Young Men's President, going to school and doing another part time insurance job to make extra money...Kylie with her two jobs, photography and being a nanny, full time mom, keeping house etc etc....and Preston?  Oh, he's 1000 mph and growing like a weed.  Too much to say about their little family and their comings and goings.  They just went on a cruise for their 4th anniversary.  4 YEARS!!!  Really??  Where did that time go!!???
Kathryn....moved into a new apartment and she is working lots of long hours at her gymnastics coaching job..having s few drama issues still with friends and boys but overall, is on a good path right now.  She just wants to be happy...comes over and takes me to lunch sometimes and then I take her shopping..we have fun together.
Sean and Becky...have moved into their new home!!!!  I am so happy for them, even though I haven't been over there yet to see how everything looks.  Becky has been so overwhelmed with the whole change that I have wanted to give her some space and air to breathe so she can have us over at her own pace.  Sean just graduated and Becky got her wisdom teeth out, so they always have something going on too.
Del...soooo busy with work.  He has some really big things going on right now and is spending some long hours and days working them out.  He and I are sharing some joint concerns and decisions that need to be made about our near future so a lot of discussion is had about some of those topics...which are...
Our house lease is up at the end of July.  We have been renting homes the whole time we have lived in Texas, not knowing if we would stay here, where we would ultimately like to settle or what we would like to buy.  Well, we are finally out of debt and in a position to buy a home.  But where we want to live and what we want to buy is everywhere...some close to Mike and Kylie.  Some close to my work, some not.  Some in our ward, some not...some in our stake, most not.  And then, to top it off, the landlord of this home has offered this house to us at an unbelievable price, that if we bought this home, paid it off in 5-6 years, we could then turn around and buy again what we ultimately want to retire in. 
So much to decide and so many options to consider.
Del asked me today if I would want to move back to Utah.
My first thought was of my parents, his mother and all of our siblings.  But our parents will be some point...and honestly, our own little family is who I want to live by now.  I want to live near MY children and grandchildren.  Plus, I couldn't live in Utah again.  I just...couldn't.  I can't.
So, we have a lot to think about.  We have started the house hunting process and seen a few really desirable homes out there...but too far away.  Or there's one thing off in this house, and another in a different home...haven't just found the right one yet.  What am I willing to do without or find necessary to have?  We have really had to sit down and write down our 'must haves', 'would likes' or 'have to do without' lists and we are finding that overall, we agree on almost everything.
So, as July approaches and some choices have to be made, we will have to exercise even more patience so that we don't make the mistake of 'settling' on something that really isn't what we want or where we want to be.
If I take this challenge just one breath at a time, I feel that I can actually live through this.