Saturday, December 31, 2011

Anything For a Laugh

We had a 'girls day' at the Mall the other day and of course, we had to bring Preston.
He was the life of the party!!!
Forever 21 was the store of choice as the girls exchanged sweaters and scarfs and I tried on Preston, a variety of hats I thought he would like....all girl hats.
And just as I thought, he makes an adorable girl!!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

After Tomorrow

Just one more day and this year will come to a close.
I have typed, erased and typed again my thoughts of this past year...
Nothing seems to be right when I write my jumbled thoughts.
Nothing says it like it happened.
No words are accurate to the memories.
I have tried....over and over again to put into words this year of 2011.
But I can't. I don't want to anymore.
It no longer...matters.
After tomorrow, it will be over.
Thank God.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thirty Years Later, I Said 'Yes' Again

My initial engagement/wedding ring was stolen in 2001 while we were living in Utah. I was devastated, for several reasons. One, it was gorgeous and one of a kind; had been designed just for me. Second, it was expensive...about $4000. So it was quite disappointing to have it stolen in Utah while we were at church.
The next year, for our 20th anniversary, Del bought me another ring and gave it to me for Christmas in my stocking. It was also designed just for me...a half carat sitting over a band of smaller diamonds in a channel ring. It was beautiful.
The ring has been sitting in my dresser drawer since April as the diamond has been loose and the smaller diamonds have been collapsing in the channel. I've been sad not to wear it.
As I mentioned in my Christmas post, Del made me and each of the girls jewelry boxes for Christmas. Over the past 4 weeks, he has spent endless hours out in the garage building and making our gifts...and I have looked forward with great anticipation to the surprise I knew would be ours Christmas Day. Del brought in 4 boxes and placed one in front of each of us girls.
Of course, we each opened the boxes and 'ooh'd and ahh'd' over the beauty of each box but mine was the only one that held a special gift inside.
You can see the pictures. My box held a new wedding ring and anniversary band. I was stunned. The jeweler had taken the large diamond off my previous ring, smoothed down the sides and re-secured the smaller diamonds in the channel, dipped it in white gold, making a completely new anniversary band. Then, he had taken the large diamond and placed it in a completely new wedding set.
You can see the results.
I cried.
I love Del; I truly do. I don't deserve him or his kindness and love, but I love him. And he loves me. We've had a difficult year but one that I have promised him is in the past and will never be in our lives again. I have committed my heart and love to him again, for eternity. I feel so blessed that he has accepted this commitment from me.
I would marry him all over I accepted the new wedding ring with a resounding 'YES' and gave him a kiss to seal the memory.
I am so blessed.

Christmas Day 2011

Christmas Day fell on Sunday this year...and it was perfect.
We had church at 1:00 where we had a beautiful choir/musical Christmas program and I enjoyed singing in the choir and leading the Primary children in their performance also. It was nice to remember the birth of our Savior on the Sabbath Day and to give honor and praise to Him who's birthday we celebrated.
After church, we gathered here at our home for the opening of gifts. it was all about Preston it should be. Del and I gave him a red wagon and it was the hit of the day. He was in and out of that wagon the rest of the afternoon and pulled it everywhere he went. He also got blocks and a shopping cart, plus shoes, cowboy boots, snow boots and slippers. It was so fun to watch his face.
All the girls got sweaters and scarfs..body sprays, lotions, facial and hair accessories and fun stuff. The boys got shirts and Cd's - gift cards and I gave Del a really nice camp stove. From Del and me, we gave each of the kids a first aid kit, electric blanket and inverter for their emergency kits...non exciting gifts, but necessary.
Del made each of us girls a beautiful jewelry box...gorgeous with delicate details and beautiful wood and staining. I will blog about that next though.
Mike and Kylie gave me a home music/stereo system to have in the kitchen, plus a Green Bay Packer shirt...Del and I also got BYU shirts from Sean and Becky. Del got 2 pair of nice shoes from Mike and Kylie...
Needless to say, Christmas was beyond wonderful. Not with just the gifts but the special love and spirit that we felt as a family and for each other.
it was tender and a very special day.
Merry Christmas...
and God Bless Us Everyone.

The Chocolate Meltdown

Introducing Lexi to another family tradition....
'Pot Watching' to make sure the temp. is JUST right.
While playing games, Del and Jordan continue with the
stirring process of the fondant.
Preston and Nana watch intently as Del shaves the chocolate.
The dipping process starts...Kylie's fingers are ALWAYS first in the bowl.
It all comes together with team work.
Looking good.
Half way through the dipping.
Now starting the 'cleaning up' process...finger licking.
As each finger is licked, the chocolate seeps deeper and deeper into her blood stream.
Then Lexi decides to get in on the cleaning up.
Starting to takes it's affect on the nervous system,

The end results??....a complete 'chocolate meltdown'.

And we will complete two more batches before the week is over....

Still Trying

This post is just to show that I am still trying to lose and keep my already lost weight off even now...and probably for the rest of my life. I haven't gained any weight back...but I have a few inches..go figure...
AND, I have been trying to grow my hair out a little. Probably not any longer than it is in these pictures cuz I'm just too old for that. But Del seems to like it longer like this and I don't find it too hard to take care of. Makes me feel a little younger than 51.
After the New year, I will start back with my 'walking'. Hopefully that will get these inches back off.

Time For Christmas Traditions

Preston reading 'Nana's' Blog Book
Lounging around waiting for the cookies to be done.
The hard work of cookie baking starts....
mixed with a little fun...flour in Lexi's eye...oops!!
Seeing some of our first results.
Papa takes Preston out in the workshop to help.
Nana picking in the frosting.
Merry little 'frosting elves' finishing up their work.

We spent a fun night of making Christmas cookies. Everyone likes a good sugar cookie, right???

They've Arrived!! We Can Have Fun Now!!

Okay, so it's been weeks since I've blogged. I'm sorry already!!!!
But it's been busy, to say the least, with a LOT of unexpected ups and downs and changes of plans.
Kathryn was supposed to drive down to Texas with Jordan and Lexi in the moving truck....but when Jordan picked up the U Haul truck, there wasn't a front seat for Kathryn to sit in, soooo....we had to get Kathryn a plane ticket at the last minute and she ended up here on Friday the 16th late at night. I was glad to have here safe and sound. We had a get together at Kylie's house the next night where we made some dinner and fun playing with Preston....the rest of the weekend was spent in getting the rooms cleaned and ready here at the house for Jordan and Lexi to move into when they arrived on Monday.
Monday came and the kids arrived while I was at work. It poured rain but they were able to get most things moved into the house before the rain soaked everything. Tuesday, Kathryn went for a job interview at WOGA, the gymnastics place and she got the job. I was beyond excited for her and so proud of her abilities to be able to land her dream job. This is something she has wanted to do since she was a little girl and now she will have the opportunity to be a gymnastics coach. Quite impressive.
Jordan and Del spent much of their first day together setting up Jordan's big screen t.v. Yeah...we are finally in the 'big leagues', even if it isn't actually ours, we are just using our child's t.v. I don't's in MY HOUSE! Since then, we have watched several BYU games and football games on the big screen...pretty cool.
Now, we have lot's of last minute Christmas things to prepare for...the next few blog posts will cover details.