Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Canning

While at Walmart, Del and I decided to buy some rotisserie chickens - 10 of them.
Came home and canned the chicken and the broth - got 20 pints of the chicken and 10 pints of the broth.
It's only the beginning of our next 3 months...
By the end of the year, we are hoping to have our shelves and master closet FULL of food storage.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Know Who I Am

So grateful.
Hope I show it in my actions, thoughts and words.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Go My Son...'

When Jordan was in kindergarten, his class had an 'Indian Day', where they made vests with fringe , feather head dresses and had bows and arrows.  As parents, we were invited to come and watch a program his class had prepared and practiced for weeks.  Jordan was pretty excited to have us there.
One of the songs the children had learned was called 'Go My Son'...and it had actions to it and a great Indian chant/beat.
'Go my son....go and climb the ladder...go my son, go and earn your feather...go my son, go and make your father proud of you.'  OOOHHHHH and lots of OOOOO's were in it.  I caught on to the song fairly quickly and would sing along with Jordan to it, of which in kindergarten, was really cute.
Not so much now.  I sing it to him all the time and he'll roll his eyes and say something stupid like 'let it go mom'...or 'mom, really, stop.'
Today is Jordan's birthday.  He's 26.  He works the late afternoon/night shift at a warehouse right now and so our schedules mean that i never see him during the week and not until Saturday morning.  I feel bad - especially because I wanted to somehow make his birthday special...let him know I was thinking of him.  So last night, I made him a cake, decorated balloons around it and stuffed a boatload of cash in an envelope for his birthday.  Then I wrote a sweet little note and ended it with...'Go my son....'....knowing that it would make him laugh. (I hope).
Early this morning, as I was getting ready to leave for work, I went through the kitchen and noticed that the envelope of money was empty and there was a big slice of cake missing from the plate.  Typical Jordan, the cake wasn't covered, the knife had been licked clean and crumbs were all over, but I smiled, knowing that the last thing he did before going to bed the night before his birthday, was know that his momma loved him, remembered him for his birthday and wanted him to smile.
Love you Jordan....
Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I'm a BLISS Girl

James Bond had his 'Bond' girls...
Dr. Henao has her 'BLISS' girls.
And the scrubs make us official.

Our Bliss Orthodontics October Contest.
Is that the cutest piƱata you've ever seen??

Monday, September 23, 2013

FINALLY: It's Been Announced!!!

We've known for weeks, but been sworn to secrecy.  And I even made the huge mistake of mentioning it in one of my blog posts without really realizing I did...but Kylie made me aware that someone had read the news and I quickly went in and deleted the information...(sorry Jordan and Lexi)...But they have finally, officially announced that they are expecting a baby, due the end of February/beginning of March.  And we could not be happier at this wonderful news.
And ha, ha ha ha ha...I know what it is...!
And I'm not telling.
I'm not!

Feeling Unnecessary

I'm the 2nd Counselor in the Primary Presidency.
I've been in the Primary for over 20 years of my married life, and many years before that as a teenager.  And most of that time, I was the music leader.  I've done 18 Sacrament Presentations over the years and so I have a 'little' experience in that area of the church.
But I was useless in the planning and implementing of yesterday's Primary Program.
Two months ago, when as a presidency, we decided it was time to start on the planning phase of the program, our new president got on the internet, found a program that had been done somewhere in the church, copied it and decided THAT was the program we were going to do in our ward also.  I was a little dismayed, thinking that no thought or feelings of our own had gone into the program - that we had had no input, it wasn't personal to our children, and we (me and the other counselor) and not been asked our opinions or been allowed to feel any promptings of our from the spirit.
Then, in the practices and seating details etc, once again, executive decisions were made without our thoughts or opinions being contributed and finally, by about this point, I was feeling that enough executive decisions had been made and that counselors weren't really needed, except for crowd control.
But, the Program went off beautifully - smoothly...and yes, even with many feeling the spirit of the sweet children and message.
After the program was completed and we had been dismissed to have 'regular Primary', we had previously decided as a presidency, that instead of me doing a Sharing Time, I would have fun music time and activities with the children.  I'm a born Primary's my niche.  So, I did fun, active songs with them - they moved and laughed and played etc...I thought it had gone well. 
As we dismissed the younger Primary to go to classes and the older Primary children were coming in, the Primary president pulled me aside and said...'just a're a little loud and you get the children a little too riled up.  And you scare some of the children...they cower from you.'
I was...deflated.  Like A full blown balloon with the air completely let out of it.
And I was hurt.
I went up to the front of the room and sat quietly as the older children came in.  I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes and the lump form in my throat.  The chorister came up to tell me what a wonderful job I had just done and 'what a natural I was with the children'....I looked up at her with tears and said, 'apparently not to some'...She could tell I was having a melt down and offered to take the next shift of music for me...I accepted and left.
After I went to the bathroom and wiped away any sign of hurt, I snuck into Relief Society and sat on the back row where I listened calmly to a lesson on 'Peace'.
Later last night, I thought about it all...
There are times when I just want to stay inside the four walls of my own house.  I feel safe there.  I feel loved there - protected from hurt - where all I am concerned about is my sweet husband, my own children and family and where I know I am valued, can feel the spirit and can contribute and be appreciated.  But that's not God's plan. 
I don't like being hurt.  I don't like feeling unneeded - unloved, unappreciated.  I have plenty I could be doing to take care of the Bishop and his needs.  So my initial thoughts are to ask to be released.  But, I know there is a new primary President 'for the first time', that at some point, is going to fall flat on her face...and is going to need someone to help pick her up; someone that has been through the exact same 'crash and burn' phase of her presidency and is going to need the 20+years of experience counselor to help lift her up and give her the encouragement she needs.  I will be needed. 
And I will be there.
Until then, I will be quietly fulfilling my calling and try my best to not frighten the little children in Primary when I sing 'Nephi's Courage'.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Naked and Smilin'!!

You had to know I was talkin' about these two precious babies.
Are they not the cutest grandbabies you have EVER seen???
I think so.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Call His Secretary For An Appointment

Preston is a very active little almost 3 yr old.  And he's got a busy schedule.  Here's a look at a typical Saturday at Papa's house.

First task at hand?  He and his gang needed to build a fort so they had a place 'to hang'.

Papa needed some help making peanut clusters for the family.

And, of course, Preston had to be the 'taste tester' to make sure the chocolate was melted perfectly.

Then there was pizza dough to make with Aunt Lexi.  Preston needed to make sure the exact amount of flour was measured out into the machine.

Checking the bread machine to make sure it was ready to start.  Preston gave his 'okay' to start.

While the pizza dough mixed, there were stories to tell Aunt Lexi about whatever Preston could think of...which was a LOT.

Of course, when it was time for clean up, Preston was in charge of taking the fort down.

In between his clean up and kitchen duties, he had to save the Ninja Turtles from whatever mess they had gotten themselves into.

Time to roll out the pizza dough.

Of course, Uncle Joe was needing Preston to show him how to do things.

Final touches on the rolling process before everyone got to add all their toppings.
 Overall...Preston had a very active day.  He also made time to go outside and check out the forest with Papa, kill a few grasshoppers, water the yard and himself, watch a movie and play with his little sister Madi and anyone else that demanded any of his time.
And that was all in one day.
The night before, you could have caught him on t.v in about 12 appearances at the Rangers baseball game with his other grandma.  He had a wonderful time at the game, being caught on camera in his bright yellow t-shirt, which brought great joy to both his mother and father.  He's famous now...and will give autographs if requested.
But if you want to spend any time with this active little three year old???
You'll have to call his secretary.

I'm Glad They're Back

Jordan and Lexi have moved back home.  They will be with us for probably almost two years and so I have put them right to work.  Lexi will be doing a lot of the cooking, which I am thrilled about, but we do have several projects that we will be doing together.  The first, of which we did this first week they were here.  I was so disappointed I had missed the opportunity to make raspberry freezer jam the last time raspberries were available, BUT, when Lexi went grocery shopping this week, she found raspberries on I sent her back to the store to buy out every raspberry she could find.  And then we spent the evening making my favorite jam ever.  Now, my freezer is full.

Del even helped in the process of jam making, even though he had strict orders from the ER doctor to stay down for a few weeks.  Yup, Del is back to some of his OLD tricks...emphasis on the OLD.  He really needs to remember his age and act accordingly.  But no...instead, he has to go to Young Mens activities and play softball like he's 20 something - hit like a mad man, run bases even harder and diving and stretching for fly balls he has no business reaching for.  The results of his childish actions?  A torn calf muscle on his right leg...visit to the ER, much pain and discomfort, and the instructions to stay off it for at least two weeks. one ear....and out the other.  And a $100 co-pay.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I Bleed Blue

It was the BEST. GAME. EVER!!!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The 'A' Team

For 4 wonderful years, I worked with these wonderful women.
They are good people; hard working, honest, full integrity and full of fun.
Each of us were dealt a raw deal when we were let go and or quit from our previous employer.
But we have remained the best of loyal and devoted friends.
Today, Karen and Gloria came to see me and Dr. Henao here at our new office.  I knew they were coming.  Karen knew they were coming.  Gloria knew she was coming to see Dr. Henao but didn't know I was here.  Dr. Henao knew that Gloria was coming but didn't know Karen was here.  Bottom line, the two that have always been 'clueless', remained clueless. 
And it was a wonderful reunion.  Dr. Henao treated us all to a yummy lunch and for just over an hour, we all gabbed, shared, laughed and shared a lot of memories and updates with each other.  It was a great time had by us all.
So, we do not regret the time we had together and the memories we all have and friendships /love that we all share.  We do not regret leaving where we all once were.  We only regret the way we all had to leave and the fact that we can't all be together again.
But when we were together, we definitely were...
....the 'A' team of Orthodontics!!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Finally....I'm Home!

A week ago last Monday, I got an email from a previous employer asking how I was doing.  Then she asked if she could call me the next day.  It was my day off from the bank and so I told her to 'of course, call me.'
The next day, she called fairly early and we talked for over an hour. During that discussion, she offered me a job, asking if I could start the following week.  Of course, the details are more detailed...more involved..  But I knew the answer immediately...YES!!!
I love Dr Anabella Henao.  I worked with her for almost 5 years and loved almost every minute of it.  My departure was very painful and difficult and not one of my fondest memories...but had nothing to do with either of us.  It had to do with the company we worked for...Now, three years later, we are back together, and I couldn't be happier.  Today was my first day of, I'm hoping, many more years to come.
Here's to the best team EVER!!!

Receptionist Bryleigh and assistant Becky.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Found Sleeping on the Job

This man works hard and he plays hard.
He starts EARLY EARLY in the morning and goes LATE into the night.
Today, I needed to go over to Kylie's to help her out with watching the kids for a few hours while she got some things done.  This is what I found when I came home.
He didn't hear me; he didn't hear a thing.  His feet were up on the desk, THREE computer screens going and the ear phones in each ear...he was on a conference call.
I took the picture.  I took TWO, in fact.
Minutes later, while I was here on the computer downloading the photo to face book, he got a call on his cell phone that awakened him.  He had a short conversation, then got up, used the restroom, and then came into the kitchen to snitch into the chocolate cake that was on the counter.
Now, mind you....he had to pass me to get into the kitchen.  I mean...HE WALKED RIGHT PAST ME to get to the cake, and didn't see me.  He snitched into the cake, taking several bites and even licking the knife several times before he went to the sink to wash his hands.  The sink faces where I was sitting at the kitchen table.  Still no recognition.  It wasn't until he was on his way back to his office and passing the table, that he finally looked over, jumped back, and said 'Uh, hi honey...'  I was staring at him with the most dumbfounded look on my face and said, 'Hi Del.'  I couldn't help but ask...'Did you NOT see me Del?'  'Nope...I was thinking about something else..'
Really??  Two feet away and he was 'thinking about something else'.
I'm pretty sure he lives in a state of comatose.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - The Sequel

All growing up, one of Jordan's favorite things was..The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He had the action figures, he had the movies and he even had...Turtle underwear!!! (he was not real thrilled when I shared that information with his friends in high school.)  But ALL things were Turtles.
Now, it appears we have a second generation Turtle fan!!!  We're starting the Turtle Craze all over again with Preston.  So, we celebrated his birthday early this year, with his daddy's birthday on Labor Day.  This was all the fun we pictures.

We have this exact picture of Jordan, 23 years ago.

These two have way too much fun when they are together.

Madison didn't get to swim cuz she had a bad cold.  But she was still happy and pleasant.

These two helped Nana 'clean up' from making chocolate birthday cake for the birthday boys.

Always time for coloring.

Major Dog Pile.

The Crump family just hangin out.

Toe Jam

Yah for birthday presents.

Preston so excited to have new friends.

We knew this might be a problem, but Preston seemed happy enough to share his friends with Uncle Joe.

They played from room to room.

Don't ask cuz I can't explain.

Just Call Me 'Robin Hood'

One of our favorite things to do in the backyard is archery.  Del sets out some bails of hay and then Mike puts a bulls eye on it for us to shoot at.  Because some of us miss the target more often than we hit it, there are great adventures to be had out in our forest searching for the missing arrow.

My first attempt was a HUGE fail, with the arrow landing directly at my feet.  Caused for much laughter from the peanut gallery.

Second attempt DID hit the target...somewhere.  Third attempt sent us on one of those 'forest adventures'.  Ricocheted off the top of the bales of hay and went sailing over the forest trees.  It was awesome!!!

Maid Marion had a few good shots of her own - her Prince Charming was truly the most accurate of all, hitting a bulls eye one of his first attempts.  

My one and only bulls eye came with a side affect...a massive bruise on my left underarm that looked
abusive' for weeks.

Once we had mastered the 'stationary' target, we chose to 'up our game' and go for the 'moving targets', which were our neighbors escaped goats from their backyard.  They learned very quickly that we were tired of them eating the only lasting remnants of our pathetic attempt of a garden!!!

The First Time.....

Madison's FIRST Oreo cookie...the cookie won.

Preston's FIRST haircut!  No, he does NOT have orange/yellow hair.