Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apparently, I've Lost My Touch

'You're not holding him right'.
'We're not giving him a pacifier'.
'We bounce him, not sway him.'
'What are you doing to him?'

Apparently, I've lost my grandma touch and don't know what I'm doing anymore.
Although, he's sitting there fussing, obviously wants to suck, he can't have a pacifier to soothe him - but I take him into my room, put my pinky into his mouth, where he sucks until he falls asleep - in minutes.
I'm clueless - but I'll let them do what they feel they need to do.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Busy Saturday for New Baby

Growing Big and Strong

Momma's milk has come in!!  Yahoo.
Now him's is growing big and strong....
looking a little 'milk drunk'.

Friday, February 21, 2014

He's Home: Safe and Sound

Emerson is making himself right at home.
Today was his second day home - he's had multiple diaper changes, which he does NOT like, nurses really well, sleeps okay, loves to be held by everyone, daddy has read him stories and mommy keeps him snuggled tight.
He is a pure joy to have in our home finally.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Emerson Warren Lott

And look who made an appearance a week ahead of schedule!!??
This would be the newest addition to our Lott Family - Emerson Warren Lott.
And he is as beautiful as his name would indicate.
Lexi labored long and hard for over a day and finally delivered early this morning, Wednesday the 19th of February.  Here are Emerson's stats....

February 19, 2014
Born at 5:25 a.m.
Weighed -6 pounds 15 oz
Length - 21 inches long
and he has hair - which is more than I can say for any of my children at birth.

Welcome to the gang Emerson!!

Little Helping Hands

Del has been spending weeks preparing the garden for planting.  He has put certain nutrients in, brought in good dirt, bought some new seeds and tilled it several times and now into rows.
All in time for these four precious little hands to help him in this years planting of our garden.
The Lord certainly will not deny us success this year when we have the faith and hard works of these two precious spirits...ya think??
Had the time of our lives with them out here visiting us.  They LOVE following Papa everywhere, playing in the dirt, laying on the chairs and playing with the toys.  But most of all, they just love being outside to run and play at our house.  And these pictures just make me smile - a lot!!!
I love these two so much.
Lord, please bless our garden.

Monday, February 17, 2014

We've Added Chickens and a Trampoline

Saturday was a big day for us.
After spending the morning with Lexi at a Stake Relief Society Conference, we came home to await the arrival of our grandchildren...cuz we had places to go and things to do.
While Lexi and I were gone, Jordan and Del went and picked up a trampoline we bought from some ward members that moved to Utah.  It's in pretty good shape and broken in, so we decided it would be a great investment for the family and Preston and Madi.  The men had put it over by the swing set and near the fire pit, so it's in a perfect place for the kids to jump and be in the direct path of playing fun.
When Mike arrived about an hour later with the kids, we took them all over to a nearby 'nursery' where they sell animal food, plants, garden seeds...and baby CHICKS!!!!  Yup, we bought 12 baby chicks, that in about 4 weeks, should be old enough to put out into the chicken coop that Del will be building over the next few weeks.  Preston and Madi were so funny taking in all the excitement, especially Madi.  She wanted to touch them, and kept saying 'oh, oh' as she would point at them.  She also loved the momma rabbit that was there, that had just delivered 12 new babies the night before.
We had the chicks boxed up for us, bought all the supplies for them and then brought them home, where we have set them up in the garage until they are old enough to be out in the garden area.  We have a heat lamp on them to keep them warm, although, it's really not too cold for them either.  They are three weeks old and still considered babies...We got Buff Orpington's, which will lay brown eggs and Leghorns, which will lay white eggs.  They won't start laying for about another 5 months.  So, by the middle of summer, we should start getting about a dozen eggs a day.  How fun for us!!!  It will be most fun, when in about 4 weeks or so, we can have them out wandering around the backyard and garden with the kids chasing after them.  Of course, we will put them in their coop every night, as we have enough threats of wild life that will want to eat them for lunch - or dinner - and/or breakfast!!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

We hosted our first Valentine's Day Party...
And what a blast!!!  We had about 25 couples invited, but some weren't able to come at the last minute - so we ended up with 18 or so couples.  We had great food, played fun games with prizes, and took these funny pictures.

Packard Family Get-Together

Sean and Becky hosted another Party!!!
And boy, do they do a good job!!!
Sean's sister, Emily, and her husband, were in town visiting, which meant that it was time to have the cousins get together for fun and lot's of laughs...
I love seeing these kids interacting - so fun - and so much love between them.
Good food, good people and a good time had by us all.