Thursday, January 30, 2014

One Month Down, Eleven More To Go

So the year has started off with a bang....
We had a record month at the office - best month since doctor opened her office 2 years ago.
The most 'starts' in a month she had had to this point was 11, and I had that back in November.  With her first treatment coordinator, it had been 9.  I was determined I was going to do better.
Today was the last working day of January.
We ended the month with 14 starts!  We produced $54,000. and collected $29,000.
I make a bonus of $25 per start - for a $350 bonus check next week.
I couldn't be more excited - and Dr. Henao is even more pleased than I am!!!
Now, to keep up the precedence will be another matter to deal with.
But, I'm up for the challenge.
I love my job, I love my boss and I love this challenge.
Bring on February!!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mammogram, Menopause and Meltdown

Went for my annual pap smear and check up.
The pictures tell it all....
I was supposed to have been on medication this past year for my cholesterol, triglycerides and mood swings.  I was supposed to lose 20 pounds by dieting and exercising.  I was supposed to be better than last year.
Instead, I was asked why there had been no improvement from the year before.
As I started to explain, I sobbed...'my dog died, my dad died, my garden died, my...'.  My doctor interrupted me and asked, 'Your crying about your garden?'  I laid into him like no other.  Then he smiled and said, 'So I guess I don't need to ask you how the Paxil is working?'
I BUSTED out in laughter.
I needed to.  I had already slammed my finger in the door while going into the bathroom, I weighed exactly what I had weighed last year but have more belly fat - and I still had the mammogram to go!!!  I won't get those results until next week.
So I just laughed.
Dr. did get serious though and said I need to make some changes this next year as I am pre-diabetic and my cholesterol and triglyceride levels are both too high.  I'm on medication, need to lose 20 pounds and cut out junk food.  I've done this before and I can do it again, so I will.
Plus...I want to.  Well, not really.  But I will.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flu Prevention 2014

I have not had time to go get a flu shot yet this year.
And the flu is REALLY bad this year.
Already over 30 deaths in Texas alone.
So, until I have my shot, this is how you'll see me at work.

Finding Hidden Treasures

Preston's favorite thing to play with at Nana's office.

The grandchildren came to see me at my office yesterday during lunch hour.
I love when they come as Preston loves to play with the teeth models and Madison loves to just run around and then climb up and down into my lap.
When they came yesterday, of course, I had to show them off to Dr. Henao, who just loves to love on Madi and is amazed at how brilliant Preston is.  While she was 'oodeling' over Madi, Preston went off exploring.  He came back in a few minutes with toothbrushes - one for him and one for Madi.  I was amazed that he had picked a blue one and a pink one, knowing at age three that blue is for boy and pink is for girl.  I opened each toothbrush and let them pretend to brush their teeth.  Then, inside my office, Preston played with the tipedon's I had on my desk (teeth models) and he pretended to talk from them - it was hilarious.  The whole time we were in my office, he played with that and Madi just giggled and ran around.
After an hour, it was time to leave.  I helped gather up all their belongings that Madi had spread around the room - couldn't find a few things...but...
After they had left, I got to cleaning things up and doing some work.  I went to put the teeth models away and while doing so, heard something inside - opened it up to find Preston had hidden a paperclip inside.  It made me smile, having a reminder he had been there.
About an hour later, near the close of the day, I had to go into my filing drawer, and inside is where I discovered Madi's carefully placed toothbrush, where she had been playing earlier.  I smiled again and felt the warmth of my love I have for those sweet children.
Their visit certainly had made my day.
My later discoveries of their visit made me smile with joy.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Another Year, Another Birthday

Turned 54 this past weekend.
My birthday fell on a Friday, but we celebrated it at work on Thursday with flowers, a cake and going out to lunch.
Del was extremely busy on Friday, so we squeezed in dinner that night at Texas Roadhouse for a wonderful steak dinner and then celebrated Saturday, when Del spent the whole day with me.
We have been talking for weeks about our goals and plans for our backyard, garden and side of the house this year.  There is soooo much we want and need to do, so we narrowed some decisions down and then went to Lowes to price out how much it would cost to get it all done.
In the backyard, there will, of course, be the chicken coop and then Del is going to build a large shed/shop.  We bought books and plans for what he wants - plus, we are going to build a retaining wall on the side of the house, along with some other nice landscaping to form our fruit trees garden. - Lots of rocks, stone and gravel and walkways.  It's going to be lovely.
Del and I got lunch at Arby's before going to Sleep Mattress to look at possible beds.  Ours is/was 15 years old and had divots in it from years of sleeping in the same spot night after night.  We had talked about a bed two years ago, but instead, planted our $2000 garden.  But Del said it was time to look again, so we found one Saturday and it was delivered to us today.  Of course, I made the new bed when I got home, so you are looking at a picture of our 'made new bed.'  But we are going to sleep well tonight.
A very nice birthday weekend. I was especially thrilled for Del's undivided attention on Saturday.  He was loving and tender - wanted me to get what I wanted - wanted ME to be thought of first in the choosing of which bed, wanted ME to choose what to have for dinner - it was all about me.  He does that other times too, but it was nice to have him all to myself.
Fifty four isn't too bad...just give me my arthritis meds and my happy pills and fifty four will actually be GREAT!

Night at the Packard's

Cousin Fun -
Emily, Paul and Sherrie's daughter, was in town visiting her brother Sean and his wife Becky.
That's a good reason to have a get together and eat and play games.
So we did.
Del couldn't go due to some Bishop responsibilities, but the rest of us got together for Mexican food, games and a whole lot of fun with grandkids.
Emily and Lexi are both due with babies within a week of each other and look very much the same size.  They had fun talking babies.
Elaine and I had a great time with our 'already there' grandchildren - especially watching Madi meet Elaine for the first time and doing a very quick and OBVIOUS double take from Elaine's face to mine, just to make sure the right Nana had her.  I looked around the room to see cousins paired off in deep discussion, then watched as everyone took turns having social conversation with others in the room.  I loved it.
Food was great, company was fantastic and memories are priceless.
Thank you Sean and Becky for such a fun fun night.

Proof That God Has a Sense of Humor

My daughter in law Lexi is so creative - and a hard worker - and loves to make her own things instead of buying them.  She has saved them a lot of money over their three years of marriage.
For Christmas, we gave them the materials to make themselves a headboard for their king size bed.  Lexi had found a design and instructions on how to make it and was so excited to get the project started.
Jordan's idea of a new headboard was to go to the store and BUY a new headboard...but the good husband that he is decided to keep his mouth shut and pitch in to help Lexi do their project together.
This was last Saturday.  I was at the table preparing my Sunday School lesson while over hearing their conversation in the front room.  It was comical, to say the least.
Opinions were flying; tongues were wagging; there was a lot of huffing and puffing and BIG sighs of patience were had by them both.  It reminded me a LOT of when Del and I were first married.
I find it amusing that the Lord has man and woman married - two opposite aliens expected to work and think alike in harmony when it would be soooooo much easier for 'thinking alike women' to build things together and get things done much quicker, easier and completed in half the time.
Del and I had our own project to work together on.
We are getting chickens - 15 of them, to be exact.  Which, of course means, we are building a chicken coop to put them in.
But that is not yet the problem.  The problem is....where to put it.
We have differences of opinions, that's all.  Del wants to put it back in the corner behind the shed he is going to be building.  I want to put it just to the right of the garden, right where it will be seen and visited day in and day out by the grandchildren.  I want them to SEE and interact with the us collect the eggs - play with them - chase them through the yard and garden.  I want it to be a really nice chicken coop -
Our conversation out in the backyard was similar to Jordan and Lexi's in the house.  Lot's of opinions flying, tongues wagging, huffing and puffing and big sighs of patience.  But ours had a lot of laughing and humor with it too.  We were able to laugh at each others ridiculousness and finally came to a pretty nice compromise and agreement of both WHERE the coop would be built and what KIND of coop we wanted too.  And when we went to Lowes to price out the materials and lumber, we even bought a book - to help become the 'expert I wanted to be in raising chickens.
Yes, I AM the 'chicken whisperer'.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Lord's Tender Mercies

Yesterday was Kathryn's birthday.  I tried to make sure I called her, texted her, emailed her and facebooked her, all to make sure she knew she was loved and adored.  Many others expressed their birthday wishes to her also.
In the late afternoon, she called me.  She was swinging, alone, at her favorite place in Utah, Lindon Park.  She was crying.  I asked her why.  She said, 'Because I am happier than I have ever been before in my life'.
I was so relieved, and grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that reminded Kathryn, that she is loved, above all, by Him, His daughter.
Things are falling into place for her...prayers are being answered and she is feeling hopeful and encouraged by good things that are happening in her life.
I am so proud of her and her current choices and attitude.  I pray for her...and love her deeply.
Thank you dear Father, for your tender mercies.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Paper Cuts and Hangnails

Not very many things hurt - or bother me like a paper cut or a hangnail.
It must be that our finger tips are the most sensitive parts of our bodies because, DANG, my ring finger is killing me, having both a paper cut AND a hangnail.
Of course, the hangnail didn't hurt until I pulled it and made it bleed.
Why do I do that?  I guess the same reason I cut my toenails too short and make them bleed - or pick my scabs (sorry, that's gross), or bite my fingernails too short.  And now, I have the proverbial band aid on my finger that brings me only enough relief to not be crying out in pain all day as I type my reports at work and type here on my blog.
Fingertips.  Our sensory minds. And the paper cuts come so suddenly and then hurt so bad.  It's ridiculous how much they hurt.  I have the pain threshold of a wimp.
But until this finger heals, I will whine...because I can.

Slipped in a Quick Trip

In between Christmas and the New Year, I traveled with Kathryn to Utah.
Yep, Kathryn has moved to Utah.  Good thing for everyone, especially her, to have a new start on life and some new and very good opportunities.  I am thrilled for her.  She has been able to transfer in her job to the Lehi restaurant and she found a townhouse to move in to.
Our trip was fun.  It's always fun for me to travel with Kathryn.  She has such a fun sense of humor and she and I find a lot of the same things hilarious.  We laugh a lot together, which makes for a long 22 hour drive even better when we do it in just under 19 hours.  When we got there, we went and first thing I did was buy her a new bed and bedding (an early birthday present) which would all  be delivered the day after New Years.  Then we slept and went visiting to cousins and aunts and uncles places.
I spent New Years with Becca and family while Kathryn was with her BFF Rachel Taylor. We played games and watched fireworks.  When my mother and I went back to her house, she broke out the Martinelli's (drink) and I got a few cute pictures of my mother.  She's a natural 'lush' and I had a good time with her.
I ended up needing to come home two days earlier than what I had planned, as flights out for Sunday were non existant.  I fly on stand by and so didn't get out until Friday night late, getting into Dallas at around midnight.  I was both exhausted and disappointed that I missed two last days in Utah to visit with family.  But life is what it is.

Now, the New Year has begun - I've been home but not been very social on the internet at all and haven't even had time to go see my grandbabies yet.  But Kylie has sent pictures and they still look adorable.  Jordan and Lexi have already changed Kathryn's room into the baby nursery and today is Kathryn's birthday - she's 21, and I'm missing her and hoping she has a wonderful day.
I'm back to work - back to church activities and back to a very quiet home.  Kathryn seems to be happy as cousins are including her in activities and giving her special attention.  She will hopefully start her new job tomorrow and get settled in.  The trip seemed to exhaust me a I'm trying to catch up on some sleep and things around the house.  I missed Del terribly too.  We will spend some private time together this weekend.
So...welcome 2014 -