Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Visit From Heaven

My brother in law Mike had to come to Dallas for a Dental seminar.  So, luckily, he had two little tag a longs that came to Texas to play!!  And boy, was I glad.  I knew Rachel was going to come and was absolutely thrilled about that.  But then, when she told me she was dragging mom down here with her, I was beyond ecstatic!!  What a fun visit we had.  We are one's that just love to hang out - relaxing, talking about family and kids, playing games and eating all the great food we were raised with - M&M's, shrimp dip - great dinners and just lots of gossip.  The first day they were here was Rebecca's birthday.  Whenever us sisters get together and one or more isn't there, those of together take a picture and send it to the one NOT there...that was Becca this time - and so we wished her a happy day and then rubbed it in.  And I think it's a pretty dang good picture of us with mom.
Anyways, the time together was much needed and very very relaxing.  I love each and every oneof them.

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