Sunday, April 9, 2017

Preparing for the Veil

Today was fast Sunday.
I'm a terrible faster.  I always have been.
I inevitably either drink something or eat something before the Sabbath is over, and I seldom keep the fast with a real purpose in mind.
But I've been working on it.  And with Shirley moving in and other things happening in our near future, I have had several thoughts on my mind about life on the other side of the veil.
In two months time, we will be having a sweet little baby girl coming to our home.  Jordan and Lexi will be adding to their family and bringing that little new spirit to our home.  I always relish in the awe and moment of a new baby - straight from our Father in Heaven - just having passed through the veil.  In many instances, I can even sense that the veil remains open for just a short moment as those in the heavens send those tender spirits to their new homes.  It's hard for them to let go.
And now we have Shirley.  I sense her time here on earth will not be for long.  Months? Yes, maybe even years.  But that's not long in the scheme of things.  And as we hang on to her here and understand her approaching passing through the veil to the other side, once again, I feel the veil will be thin - allowing us our good byes as she is welcomed home to the other side by her loved ones there.
I expressed to Del today, the reality of our near future experiences - life coming into our home, and life leaving our home - with both realities having us close to the comings and goings of spirits through the veil.  The veil will truly be thin - and the spirit will be a constant companion to the persons in our home.  I want nothing more, than to have our home be a place where the frequent visiting spirits feels welcome and comfortable in their comings and goings.  I have imagined that my son Michael will be involved, seeing that his little niece brings loves and hugs to his younger brother and his wife.  That possibly my daddy will send off another great granddaughter to her earthly home.  That Shirley's parents and siblings will be close by to welcome her home, along with Del's brother Al Jay there to welcome home his mother.
And I don't want to just be a spectator in all these events.  I want to be a participant.  One who might be able to take advantage of the thinning veil.  I expressed in my testimony today, that I want our home to be holy; a place where that thinning veil can be a comfort and joy to all those within.  I want miracles to happen and lives to be changed.  I want eternal moments to be shared by us all.
I will do my part to make this happen.  I will prepare my heart and home.  I will be ready.

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