Sunday, April 2, 2017

No More Rooms in the Inn

Del flew up to Utah Thursday evening and arrived home last night in a Uhaul truck with his mother and her belongings.  Yes, we have a full house now.  We moved Del's office into my office back in our bedroom, a nice little room that sits off our bedroom. And we have moved Shirley into the front room, where we have set up her belongings and she'll have her own bathroom.  She will be with us for her remaining years.
I have joked about this transition in our lives.  You know, the typical 'mother in law' jokes - the, 'hide all the guns and double my prozac' jokes.  But I'm glad she's here.  She needed to come.  She has reached the point that it was either an assisted living center or living with one of her sons.  And we are the only ones who can really do this.  So, she is here with us.
My hope is that I can gleen from her, all she has to offer - all her experiences, all her memories of her life AND the life of my husband.  I want her to be joyful here - feel loved, feel comfort and feel peace.  She will most likely die here.  I want her to know, she will 'die at home' - her home, with her family; people who love her.
Emerson's expression of joy mirrors my own of his grandma Shirley living with us..
'This is super duper double awesome!!'

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