Monday, April 24, 2017

Another 'Out of the Mouths of Babes' Moment

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In Primary yesterday, I was trying to teach the 2nd verse of a song that talks about feeling safe with your family in your home.  I asked several of the kids, who they would turn to for protection from harm.  Many of them answered 'My dad', some, 'My mom'.  I held up this picture, and while pointing to Del, I said, 'I would call him' to protect me!'
This sweet little 7 yr old girl, sitting in the front row, looked up at me questioningly asked 'Why would you call the Bishop?'.  Before I could answer her, she hesitantantly asked, 'Do you live with the Bishop?'  I laughed as the other kids were trying to tell her, through giggles, that we were married.  She snapped her head to look at me and exclaimed 'You married the Bishop??'
Shocking, I know.

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