Friday, April 14, 2017

Special Delivery Packages

When Jordan was this exact age, he was OBSESSED with ropes and everything cowboy.  He had a rope in his hands at any given time of the day, tying up toys, chairs, trees and people.  Yes, one day, a ring came at the front door and I answered it to find the mailman standing there.  Seldom did he come to the door unless there was a package too large to fit in the mailbox or I needed him to pick something up.  Without me saying a word, he pointed out to the mailbox and said 'Am I supposed to take her with me?'  I looked out to where he was pointing to find Kylie, at age 2, tied to the mailbox in one of Jordan's  super duper double magic knots.
Deep heavy sighs and a chuckle from the mailman found me trying to UN tie Jordan's package and I scolded him for  not playing nice with his sister.  This continued for YEARS...even when he was 4, Del taught Jordan these magic rope tricks that after months and months of practice, Jordan was pretty good.  And when we went to Aspen Grove that summer for family reunion, Jordan got up in front of hundred's of other guests and performed his adorable tricks.  I found him so naive and brave to do that, but everyone clapped for him and gave him the encouragement he needed to show them all he had been taught.  It was a very fond memory.
Now, it's Emerson's turn.  This rope gets dragged around all over the backyard when Emerson is out there.  He loves tying up trees, and chairs, and his hands, and grandma's hands.  I'm watching for the day when the front door bell rings, and I'm pointed to the mailbox where I'll find Shirley tied up, ready to be sent out with the mailman.
It's only a matter of time.

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