Friday, April 14, 2017

In Only Two Weeks

 Shirley has been here two weeks tomorrow.  And bless her heart, she has been miserable.  I feel so bad having had Del go up to get her, only to have her just as or even more miserable here.  The drive here put her back into spasms of pain of which she is really not able to find relief for.  The few times she has actually felt comfortable enough to get up out of her lounge chair have been spent either eating dinner or this...sitting and enjoying the beautiful Texas Spring weather, while watching her great grandson Emerson play in the back yard.

 In the two weeks that Shirley has been here, these two have become quite the BFF's.  Emerson can be found at numerous times of the day, visiting with her in her bedroom - climbing up into her chair with her and just talking away.  He listens to her ramblings and she listens to his.  They laugh together and enjoy each others company.  And Emerson just loves to play with everything Grandma Shirley has to share - the walker, the electric wheel chair - the swivel 'merry go round' chair, her arm wrist wrap, her water jug etc etc...When outside, they like to watch the birds together, the squirrels, the chickens and the bugs.  They both find Emerson entertaining running around the back yard in his boots and boxer shorts...I think Shirley feels young and alive with Emerson around - and Emerson feels extra love and attention from's a mutual and beneficial relationship.

I guess until the newness of Grandma Shirley's arrival wears off, I will find these two together quite often.  I doubt they'll ever tire of each other.  Something new and exciting every day.

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