Monday, December 31, 2012

A Little T.L.C. For the Baby Daddy

Just wanted him to know that we thought he was pretty wonderful too!!!
Having a baby can be rough on a guy!!!
Love you Mikey!!!

He Wasn't Sure at First, But Now???

This was when Preston first saw and was introduced to Madi.  He wasn't sure about the whole thing and insisted Mike stay a very 'safe' distance away from the new addition.

Preston was forced to sit 'near her' and he wasn't any too happy about it.  He wanted out of there  as soon as he could leave.

When they came home and Mike would hold Madi, Preston would INSIST that Kylie come and take Madi from Mike so that Mike could then play with Preston.  He did NOT like Mike holding Madi.  That went on for a full day.  Then today, Preston actually wanted Mike to take Madi from Kylie so he could play with Kylie for awhile.  Eventually, and through the bribery of candy, Kylie was able to get Preston to come over and 'touch' Madi, talk to her and look at her.  
Well, that's all it took.  Guess who can't get enough of holding and touching Madi now???  Kylie says Preston wants to be with Madi all the time now.  It just took a little time...They are BFF's.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Bishop

Yes, that would be Del.
Del was called and ordained as the new Aubrey Ward Bishop today.
It has been an overwhelming past three weeks, when Del received the call.  So many emotions, thoughts and blessings have been ours to enjoy and cherish.  We are so blessed.
I do not have time right now to write everything about the past I am going to end this now and write more later this post will be a continuation later...
Later....just got home from going over to Kylie and Mike's home.  They are getting settled into their house with little Madison and trying to adjust to their new circumstances.  We dropped by with dinner and some moral support.

And now back to our news of the day.
Yes, Del was made the new Bishop of the Aubrey Ward.  I guess we know now, ONE of the reasons we are here in Aubrey.  We keep getting told that 'we were prayed here' by the members in the Ward and by the leaders in the Stake.  Apparently, they have been needing to make this boundary change for our ward for over a year, but there has been a hesitancy in the minds of the Stake Presidency and Bishopric as to who could or should be the new Bishop.  They felt the new Bishop just wasn't here yet, and so they decided to make it a matter of prayer.
I can't remember if I shared the circumstances of us finding and finally buying this home, but the process and results were completely and divinely governed by our Heavenly Father.  We are here, in this home, because that's where Heavenly Father wanted us.  We just happened to love it too.
Even the very first Sunday we were here, the Bishop's wife, the Bishop, a counselor, Stake exec. secretary and two or three others all made the 'we prayed you here' comments.  We accepted their comments as 'welcome to the ward' type comments and they were glad to have us here; nothing more than that.
Then about 2 months ago, the rumors started flying in the ward that there were going to be some boundary changes.  We heard everything from we were going to be in Mike and Kylie's ward, to we were going to be in the Denton 4th Ward to a few others but mostly we heard that we were going to be losing our current Bishop and his neighborhood to another ward.  I was so disappointed, as Del and I had become, and are, good friends with Trey and Patti and their family and neighbors.  I was hoping that the much spread speculation was just that, speculation only.
Del and I noticed the Stake President and his counselors visiting our ward on several occasions.  We didn't think anything of it.  But the rumors became more frequent and started to get even more specific.  Then three weeks ago, after a Sacrament Meeting where our Stake President had attended, I was making my way to the Primary room where I would be teaching my class when the Stake President caught me in the pew and asked if Del and I could meet with him in his stake office.  I told him we would be right there.
I tracked down Del and told him we were wanted in the Stake Presidents office.  'The Look' passed between us.
I had been feeling , the previous week, that there was the possibility Del was going to be called as the new Bishop.  So much so, that one night, while we were laying in bed, I told him my feelings.  I tried to strongly impress upon him that I didn't feel I was receiving any revelation or anything, and I didn't want to appear that I was presuming ANYTHING unrighteous, I just had a calm feeling that Del would probably be the Bishop. He, of course, prayed I was 'out in left field' and said 'he hadn't been having any of those kind of feelings'.  I was relieved and said 'Good, I'm probably just crazy'.
The Stake President spoke with me first, asking me to tell him about myself and my family.  He asked me to share with him information about Del's MS, his work, my feelings about him and our family.  Then he informed me they were calling Del to be the Bishop.  I cried.  Our conversation lasted about 20 minutes.  When I left the office, Del was called to come in and when he passed me, he gave a questioning look of 'why are you crying'...I whispered, 'You'll understand in a few minutes.'
Pres. Peterson came out about 20 minutes later and asked me to join him and Del in his office.  Del and I hugged and Del said, 'You forgot to tell me to run..'  The call was extended, counsel was given and then we left.  We told our children that evening and have remained in a state of humbleness ever since.
Last Thursday evening, after we had finished watching a BYU basketball game, it was late and we were getting into bed, when the phone rang.  It was Brian Holdman from our ward...the Stake exec. secretary. (BTW, he's the one that suggested Del's name to the stake presidency - BUT, as Karma has it, HE was called as the new Bishop of the Denton 4th Ward today too) Del and I had just finished our evening prayers and we were talking about the excitement of the next day when our sweet Madison was going to be born.  Brian's phone call would dampen our spirits significantly.
Apparently, one of the new families moving from the Denton 4th Ward into OUR ward were preparing to leave on vacation to Arkansas, and went in to awaken their 20 month old son, only to find that he had passed away from SIDS during his afternoon nap.  The funeral was going to be held this next week, and Del, as their new Bishop, would be conducting the meeting.
I was heart broken for the family.  And I was heart broken for Del.  No Bishop should have to conduct the funeral of a baby as his first assignment after his ordination.  But then such comfort came to me knowing, that if ANYONE could comfort this sweet family, it would be Bishop Lott.  WHY???  Because Bishop Lott has been through the same exact experience, having lost his own baby son 27 years ago during the Christmas Holidays.  Bishop Lott knew EXACTLY how they felt and would be able to not only have compassion, but empathy for this sweet couple.  I was so comforted knowing Del would be able to help them...and I would too.
More phone calls were made over the weekend, back and forth to the new Bishop, old Bishop, Stake President and so forth, as to who would officiate, conduct and all funeral arrangements.  In today's meeting, previous Bishoprics were released and new Bishopric's were called.  Both Del and I were asked to share our testimonies as were several others.  Then after Sacrament meeting, as we were making our way to the Stake offices for Del's ordination, I was stopped by Del in the hallway, who introduced me to the parents of the deceased baby boy.  I was humbled to meet them as they took me into their arms and thanked me for my testimony and words of comfort.  I told them how much I loved them and looked forward to many years of friendship with them in our ward before Del and I were rushed off down the hall.  I really wish I could have spent more time with them, but I know there will much time in the future.
Tonight, while over at Mike and Kylie's, Del left for a few hours and went to the home of the family to help them plan and organize the funeral.  I almost wish I could have gone also, but instead, Del had the whole Bishopric go.  It was probably better that way.
This whole experience has been sweet for us.  From the calling, to the recognizing of the anniversary of Michael's passing, to the death of a baby to the birth of a new baby...The Lord knows it all and his plan is perfect.  And I have found each and every moment sweet.  I'm so grateful for our Saviors love.
The first thing I told our Ward members was...I love Bishop Lott, with all my heart.  And they will love him too.  And I know the Lord loves him too.
Of this, I have no doubts.

Madison Comes Home

Doesn't she make an adorable little bundle of joy???
Mike and Kylie got to bring little Madison home today at the exact time that we were at church.
I just sent Kathryn over to their home with plates of food, and Jordan and Lexi just left our place to go on over also.  I am waiting for Del to get home from church so we can go over after he eats dinner that is staying warm in the oven.
It is so nice to know Kylie and Mike have their little family all together at home again.  Can't wait to go over and see them.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

'Pete, and Re-Pete'

They look the same, with only a FEW slight differences.  Otherwise, Preston and Madison are going to look as much alike as Jordan and Kylie do.  Same lips, noses eyes...oh my, they DO look alike.  I hope they are much like Jordan and Kylie in many other ways too...BFF's, look the same, act alike, help each other, love each other, hate each other, cry over each other and laugh with each other.  Many times, people thought Jordan and Kylie were twins.  I'll bet the same happens with Preston and Madison.
But can you see the similarities???

Time to Play Dress-Up

And this is why Kylie has always wanted a girl.
This little girl will be the fashion statement of the century.  She has more clothes hanging in her closet than I think I have EVER had..EVER!!  There aren't enough days in the year to use them all...but Kylie will sure have fun trying!!!
Went to the hospital today so Kathryn could meet her little niece.  It was nice to see Kathryn falling instantly in love with little Madison.  She held her for quite awhile, until it was time for Kylie to nurse and we left shortly after that.  Madison looked like a little angel.
She's not going to be spoiled...much.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Madison Paige Crump

And she is beautiful.
This is my new granddaughter, Madison Paige Crump.
She was born at 2:42 p.m., weighed 7 pound 11.6 oz and was almost 20 inches long.
And she will have a story to tell.  I was invited by Mike and Kylie to be the photographer of this wonderful event and, if I do say so myself, I got some GREAT pictures.  None of those will be posted yet, as I promised Kylie I would give her the opportunity to crop and edit them to her likes and dislikes and then only put on what she allowed.  The above pic was one Kylie took from her cell phone to be posted on facebook for all to be introduced to this sweet child.
I witnessed the whole birth, and for not having even seen the birth of my OWN children, this was an awe inspiring experience.  It was truly a miracle and a sacred experience.  I watched MY daughter give birth to HER daughter.  There is nothing quite like it.  Direct from from our Father in Heaven.  What a gift.
I feel so blessed.
Welcome, sweet Madison Paige, to our family.
We love you already.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Multiple 360's on FM 380

After snowing 2-3 inches Christmas Day, the weather dropped to below freezing that night and the next day.  I, of course, had to go to work.
I decided to leave at least 15 minutes early to work to give me the time to drive carefully.  I arrived in time, with minutes to spare coming from an hour away.  But then there were others who lived in the neighboring cities that were 15 and 20 minutes late.  I was stunned.  The roads were icy but there was enough sun during the day that most of the snow melted, but the ice was deep and became slushy.
The drive home was another story. Once I got out of the 'city' and on to the main hwy 380, I felt a little safer and more confident...but I was wrong.  I was going 60 mph, which is the normal speed limit, but not under 'normal' conditions.  I was going too fast.  I was in the FAR right lane going West.  I decided the car in front of me was going to slow, so I decided I would pass him.  I accelerated and started to pass, having to cross over a pile of snow and slush.  As my back right tire hit that snow, I was spinning from there. It immediately sent me into a 360' turn as I was spinning into the far left lane, then another 360' sent me into the oncoming traffic on the other side of hwy 380 going East, and yet one more 360' turn put me all the way onto the shoulder of the other side of the highway, my car coming to a stop facing East.  I was....stunned.
A few thoughts at this point.
I remember every turn.  And I remember thinking, 'I wish I could remember which way I am supposed to turn the wheel through all this'.  So, I let go of the steering wheel and let it do just whatever it was going to do.  The main thing I remember was the spirit telling me, no, yelling at me, to 'keep your foot off the brake'.  Instinct, going 60 mph, was to try and slow down, but the spirit distinctly told me that if I tried to brake, I would roll the car. So I did three 360's going 60 mph.
When I came to a sudden stop on the other side, I immediately rolled down my window to give me some air and I had a rush of 'burning rubber' smell come to my nose.  I put the car in 'park', took a few deep breaths and then gave a verbal 'thank you' to my Heavenly Father for His protection.  I saw several cars slowed enough to check if I was safe and I slowly put the car in drive, crossed the hwy again and drove the rest of the way home at a nice slow pace of 40 mph.
My thoughts were scrambled with questions and analysis of the circumstances. I remembered all my thoughts...I was protected for a reason.  I know what the reasons are; there are many, and I remember the distinct promptings of the spirit - let go of the wheel and keep your foot off the brake.  I never questioned the 'why's', I was just immediately obedient.
When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom and dropped to my knees.  I should have been dead.  If I had not obeyed the spirit, I know I would be dead.  I was grateful - I was humbled and I was scared at how close it had been.
My Heavenly Father loves me....and Del.  We have some things we still need to do and I need to remember to do my part in trying to stick around long enough to get those things done.
Today, we are waiting for our grand daughter to make her appearance into this world.  Kylie is anxious but ready.  We took food over to her house last night to make dinner at their home for, she went to the doctor and was already dilated to a 3, which was progress from only a 1 last week at her appointment. And she hadn't gained any weight, so to this point, has only gained 9 pounds.  Whatever!!!  She is scheduled to go to the hospital first thing in the morning to be induced, if she doesn't go into labor before hand.  She just called and said she feels she is in labor, having contractions every five minutes that are lasting for over a minute.  She may actually do this on her own?!  Ha...Go figure.
Well...I will be on call through the night.  Mike's mother has Preston for the night so we will wait for Kylie's call before we go.
Tomorrow, we should have our new addition to the Lott Family.  Prayers for Kylie, the doctor, Madison and the miracle of childbirth.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Les Miserables

It's a book.
It's a Broadway musical.
And it's a movie; done many many years ago.
But yesterday, the newest version of the movie opened up in theaters and our family decided to go for Christmas.
I have never seen the movie in complete form - only scenes here and there.  And I have never read the book or seen it on Broadway, so I was really quite excited.
BUT, I HAD heard about some 'bawdy' scenes in the beginning where they tell the story of a prostitute.  In the play, it was a little the book, I'm told it was even more detailed.  For those reasons, I was slightly anxious but felt that since it was a Broadway show, seen by almost everyone I know, I felt it would be okay to see it.
I was...wrong?  Okay.  I guess what I'm saying is...even though the rest of the movie is unbelievably remarkable, I was still upset over the first 20 minutes of the movie.  In my mind, the good of the movie does NOT outweigh the only equals to it.  So, would I see it again??  Only after the first 20 minutes.  In fact, it was at one point, maybe 18 minutes into the movie, that i leaned over to Del and with all intentions and purposes, said 'Del??...' and I was going to suggest we leave, as I was most uncomfortable with some of the scenes and suggestive song.  But I stopped, and it was within minutes that the movie took the turn it needed to keep me in my seat.  For the remainder of the movie, I was glad I stayed.
But Del and I discussed it afterwards...alone AND with one or two of our children. 
Our questions were many...
When do we accept 18-20 minutes of 'being uncomfortable' for the good of the rest of the movie?
When is the 'lack of the spirit' acceptable in influencing our thoughts and feelings?
Just because it's world famous and 'everyone has seen it', was that 20 minutes what I should have accepted as 'permissable?'
Am I just being a prude and over sensitive?
Because it was 'actually what happened back in that day' make it appropriate to watch on the screen today?
It wasn't rated 'R' so was it still okay to see?
Am I justifying the bad for the outcome of the good?  (the good REALLY WAS good)?
etc etc etc..
Del and I talked a lot...and finally felt that because we were talking about it and having the questions in the first place meant that not only would we not see it again, but we probably wouldn't buy it for our home either...unless, of course, we could edit or delete out the first twenty minutes of the movie(which included one of the best songs of the movie). (and double btw, I keep using 20 minutes as a timed and accurate ending of the 'uncomfortable' part of the movie.  I did not time it and I have no idea how long it really was...I just know it was in the beginning of a 3 hour movie).
In synopsis of Les Miserables.
The music was fantastic, except for one song...completely (it was disgusting).
For not a single actor being a professional singer, I was thrilled with each and every one of their performances.  And even some of the younger actors had down right fantastic voices!!!!  Loved it.
The story line is profound and touching...heart wrenching.
I cried.  Yup...I cried...more than once.
But I still would not see it again.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

'White' Christmas Day 2012

It took three adults about 30 minutes to put together Preston's Christmas present.

One adult watched with much skepticism .

Another decided his talents were needed technologically.

Papa decided to leave the 'assembly' to the experts this year.

Nana kept Lacey safe from any harmful parts.

Both parents felt it necessary to try out Preston's work bench.

Kylie's turn.

Of course, Uncle Jo felt he needed to show Preston how to work a hammer in one hand while 'sawing' in the other.

Mike FINALLY got cowboy boots... a gift from Kylie.

Del I spent most of our time in the kitchen making breakfast and dipped candies.

Lexi was able to visit with her family in Washington.

Del and Shirley finishing up some final touches on the candy.

Our counter full of chocolates!!!1
Mike and Kylie arrived at 9:00 last night and we played games and watched movies for a long time before finally putting Preston down to bed and getting everyone tucked into their beds for the night.
Christmas morning came earlier for some than others.  Del was the first awake....then I was up and then the rest of the family finally got up and out of bed before Preston was up at 9:45!!!  Can you believe that?  Too funny.  A nice relaxing morning enjoying everyone opening gifts and seeing a few actual surprises.  We are not a very good 'surprise keeping' family, but there were actually  few today.  Preston was overwhelmed with all the fun and just hopped from present to present.  He loved them all.
Then Del and I were off to the kitchen to make the family a huge breakfast.  While in that process, it started to rain....then sleet...and eventually, about 2:00 p.m., we had a full fledged snow storm.  We got about 2-3 inches and a lot of wind to go with it.  So we officially had a White Christmas.  HOW FUN!!
A special gift from our children...they are taking all of our selected VHS tapes and converting them to DVD's so we will be able to watch them on our t.v.  One of the special tapes was of our sweet Michael, when he was learning how to walk.  While watching it, I noticed Del tear up a little and Shirley sobbed.  Del mentioned later that it was special feeling like we had ALL of our children with us on this Christmas Day in the same room.  It will be a priceless treasure for us when it is completed.  I am very grateful for their kindness and thoughtfulness. For me, it was nice to see each of the spouses taking care of the gifts for each other and their individual families.  Del and I weren't the main people giving the gifts this was the spouses giving to each other.  In fact, Del and I gave very little this year, if anything at all.  We did take care of Kathryn but left the others to their spouses to provide for.  It was nice to see their sweetness to each other
Well, I am exhausted.  These past 4 days have literally exhausted me.  I will sleep well tonight after a very happy and peaceful day.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday Christmas Dinner

I've been neglectful of some people that I love very much, so I made the special invitation to have them to our family Christmas dinner.  There was some confusion as to the dates and availability of everyone, but we were finally able to arrange for our Family Christmas dinner to be Sunday evening.
Sean and Becky are my kids too; at least I have always felt they were and I have always tried to treat them that way.  But since they moved into their new home, a new ward, and we moved far away, it has not been nearly as frequent or as thoughtfully planned as I wish our time together could be.  And I have felt neglectful. So they came to Christmas dinner and we shared a wonderful evening with them.  They were thoughtful to bring some goodies to share and joined in the great food and game playing and then of course, the family pictures.  Dinner was wonderful....ham, potato casserole, veggies, rolls and a great dessert.
Then Del made our first fire in our wood burning capped off the warmth I was feeling in my heart for all my many blessings that were mine to enjoy last night...surrounded by my sweet family that I love so very much.

'And It's Not EVEN Christmas Yet!!!'

Del and Lexi start the candy making process.

Lexi's favorite part - shaving the chocolate.

Del cuts the chocolate to hand off to Lexi.

Jordan and Lexi peeling the potatoes for Sunday dinner.

Lexi decorating the Christmas cookies.

I frost - the fastest froster in the kitchen.

I'm getting quite a kick out of watching my mother in law decorate cookies.

Plates of goodies for our neighbors and friends.

The 'prep work' is so much sometimes.  There are presents to buy, goodies to make, people to see, food to provide, house to clean, laundry, work and just every day challenges.  And that all started Thursday when I got home from work.
Friday, Jordan and Lexi came over to stay for the holidays.  They didn't want to make the 45 minute drive every day, so they packed up there things and set up house here for the holidays.  We have put them on an air mattress in Del's office where they have a bathroom attached and can have some privacy.  So they have been involved in most of our pre- Christmas preparations and planning.  And I have certainly kept them busy busy busy.

Friday, December 21, 2012

It Packs a Giddy Punch

Kathryn introduced me to the 'Monster'.
Well, let's go back a little bit.
I left work early last night to make it home just in time to change clothes, brush my teeth and run off to the Relief Society Christmas Program being held at the Bishop's home.  I had been asked to sing.  I went through the song a few times, just to make sure I knew it well enough and got the feel of the piano.  The program was nicely done and the song was at the end of the program. It went fine....although, I was quite aware that I am way past my prime when it comes to singing solos.  Yes, I can still sing.  No, I don't think I should 'perform' anymore...or 'solo'.  I thing the new younger and much more talented generation should be taking over the sharing of their talents now.  I've had my turn and would like to now be the one enjoying the singing instead of doing the singing.
When I came home, I was greeted by Mike, Kylie and Preston who had come over to see Grandma Shirley that Del had gone to pick up at the airport.  We had quite the gathering and excitement.  They all stayed until about 9:30 and as soon as they left, we turned on the BYU football bowl game that had been taping since 8:00.
That's when Kathryn introduced me to her new friend, the Monster.
Apparently, this is an 'energy' drink.  No sugar, no calories, but TONS of caffeine!!!!!  Of course, she didn't tell me that until I had taken multiple SWIGS from the can and I was pretty wired!!!  She and I both got pretty giggly and fun through the following three hours and by 12:30 a.m., when it was apparent BYU was going to come away with a fantastic win, we were downright giddy!!!!  And funny...we laughed for hours!
And the fun continued tonight.
After a long day of grocery shopping, cooking, baking, laundry and cleaning, I was getting tired.  Jordan and Lexi came over and while Jordan and Del went horseback riding, Lexi and I made dinner and dessert for my neighborhood party tonight.  We snuck over to the party with Shirley and actually met quite a few wonderful neighbors.  We live on a great street with beautiful homes and very interesting people.  I was actually quite pleased to be introduced to such a diversity of friends.  I'm pretty excited to know that hopefully, these new people will be my neighbors for the duration of my life.  I spent most of my evening in conversation with an older woman who had been born and raised in Peru.  She was lovely.  Her father from Switzerland and her mother from Germany.  We talked of the Peru and Chile we knew from 32 years ago, which was the last time she had been back to her country.  I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening talking with her.
But we had to leave early as we had Jordan and Lexi back at home.  Played some games before they had to leave at 9:00.
And tonight, we have BYU basketball.  We're playing Baylor.  We started off with a bang, but we are currently getting our butts kicked.  The pictures are of us watching during a 'calmer' moment.  I have jumped up and down several times and Del has switched couches twice after pacing the room.  Our players are frustrated and you can see it in their play.  And even though it's 10:45 and we still have 5:55 to go in the game, I'm going to watch til the end.  Tomorrow is Saturday and I get to sleep in...
Okay, enough of today.  Now, I'm just rambling.  I wish I could go into detail of some of the funny things that were said last night by Kathryn...and me...funny.  But it would lose a lot in the translation...
I guess you had to be there.
Glad I was.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

'The Stockings Were Hung...'

Del, Marlys, Jordan, Lexi, Mike, Kylie, Preston and Kathryn.
I'm thinkin' there will be NO coal this year in any of the stockings.
Next year, we should be adding a stocking...or two...
...and as far as coal?
We'll have to see.

Having to Apologize...A LOT!!

I have company coming for the holidays.
I work full time.
I have 2 sick daughters and a sick grandson that I keep trying to help get better by helping whenever I can.
I have friends from a past ward and friends from a new ward inviting us to parties.
I have a pregnant daughter waiting to deliver 'any day now', per her OBGYN.  I am 'on call'.
I have committed to two singing requests for this week.
I have extended family holiday requests - none of which are falling on dates that I am available.  GUILT!!
I have a husband who is just recently thrown into pots of boiling water - job and church oriented.
Goodies for home teaching/visiting teaching families -
New Neighborhood Christmas Party.
My mother -in -law is staying for 3 weeks.  Need to buy sheets for her bed.
Del has decided TODAY, we're not finished Christmas shopping.
I have a Primary lesson to prepare and Preston to babysit tomorrow night.
I'm hosting two Christmas dinners at my new home.
And did I mention I'm working full time?  Meaning 12 hour days??

I'm sorry - to all those who will be offended that I didn't put them on my 'to do list' this year.
But this year, I just can't 'do it all' as I have tried to do in years past.
But Merry Christmas to All!!

Because God Said So

Morals are being challenged today.
When is it wrong to be happy for a couple that is going to have a baby?  When they're not married.
Why can't you just be happy that the baby is coming to people who will love it?  Because they're not married.
Why is that wrong?
Because God said so.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Emily, the Littlest CTR

This is Emily.  She's 6 and a CTR in her Primary class in Connecticut.
She was murdered last Friday in the school massacre.  She was one of the 12 girls and 8 boys that returned to live with her Heavenly Father.
Adorable, isn't she?
I imagine Heavenly Father is grateful to have her back home in His tender care.
Too precious to stay here on earth any longer than necessary.
A prayer for her, and all the others families who miss their loved one's this holiday season.
Our Father too, gave His Son to the world.
He knows the sorrow and grief being experienced by all those who mourn at this time.
He also knows the peace and comfort in the acceptance of that Son as our Savior.
Emily was welcomed home with open a better place.
She's 'home for the holiday's'.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Changes, and Rumors of Changes

It was announced in our Ward today, that there will be a special 90 minute Sacrament meeting held Dec 30th for our ward and the Denton 4th ward to announce some boundary changes and so forth.
I guess some of the rumors have been true.
How do people find out these things ahead of time???
Guess we'll wait and see who's information was accurate and which grapevine needs some 'pruning shears'????
Hahaha...I'm so clever, huh??

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just Too Much Today

I stopped by Mike and Kylie's on the way home from work today.
First of all, it's Saturday and I hate working on Saturday.
Second, Del was able to go to the temple this morning and do two sessions while I had to go to work.
Third, when I stopped at Mike and Kylie's, Del was helping them put up Madison's new crib for her hopeful arrival in the next few weeks.
And today is the 27th anniversary of the passing of my sweet Michael Jorrell.
After yesterdays terrible slaughter of those 20 innocent children and today's events, I was quite emotional.
Feeling overwhelmed with emotions and sadness.
Need to just ponder and be still.

Even He Weeps

We can't allow Him to be eliminated and then complain when He's bound by our decisions.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Why the Little Children??

Twenty Elementary children killed today.  In Connecticut...another school shooting.
But in an elementary school???
Why??  And 6 adults, teachers at the school while trying to protect the children. A young adult - 20 yr old boy, who's mother was the kindergarten teacher, went in and killed his mother, her entire class and then a few other teachers...then himself.
I'm stunned - and hurt.  My heart hurts for their parents - their families.
These were innocent, little children.  Kind of puts other things into perspective as to their importance.
So many other things so very unimportant when compared to the loss of innocence in death.
I'm humbled and move on.
God Bless the Dear Children in His tender care.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Under the Covers

It started around 3:00 a.m.; the tossing and turning on the other side of the bed.
But I was already awake, having gone to bed at 9:00 last night.  It seems that 6 hours of sleep is about all Del and I get these days.
I knew Del was trying to be as still as possible so as not to wake me but I finally just spoke up and let him know I was wide awake.  And the conversation flowed.
The next three hours were spent gabbing our heads off, giggling, pondering and sharing memories and feelings.  We talked about the past, the present and a lot about the future.  We had sooo much fun just talking.  I can't tell you how nice it was to feel like I was talking to my best friend, freely expressing feelings and emotions...sharing dreams and hopes and listening to him do the same.
I was grateful to be so in love with such a wonderful man; my husband and my friend.
I sure love him.
What a sweet moment for us.