Sunday, March 29, 2009

Young Woman Recognition

'Pray every day.
Read the Book of Mormon every day.
Smile every day.'

Last night was the General Young Women's Conference broadcast from Salt Lake. Every year, the hour before the conference starts, our stake Young Women's presidency has a special awards presentation to all young women who received their medallions over the past year. Kathryn was one of those young women last night. What a special honor. And our stake YW presidency always goes to such lengths to make these girls feel wonderful and special, especially Dana. She called and text Kathryn several times to make sure Kathryn got her 'things for display' to her in order for Kathryn to have a special spot. In other words, as Dana always does, she took Kathryn under her special wing to make sure she was there, recognized and loved. All accomplished. I couldn't go - Kathryn felt awkward with Del wanting to go to a YW night, so we honored her wishes and stayed home. She said she didn't like this 'honoring thing anyways cause she didn't do all of this to be recognized in front of everyone...she did it for herself'. She came home hours later, with a rose for me, this special framed saying and expressing how wonderful the conference had been from Salt Lake. An overall spiritual and fulfilling night for her. I was grateful.
To my friend Dana - thank you. Thank you for caring about Kathryn and showing her that she is loved not only by her parents and Heavenly Father, but by you. You hold a special place in our hearts.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


After a tender hug and a kiss from Kathryn, that was her comment about my surgery..'that's a gnarly scar mom'.
It's a little over an inch long and there are 6 stitches below the surface and 6 on the top surface - and it hurts like the dickens. My surgery was in the morning - took about an hour - I was slightly sedated before the injections for anesthesia and then I had the 'shakes', a reaction I always get with any anesthesia...I sat out in my car to get my bearings and relax before I drove home and then rested the remainder of the afternoon. Del and Kathryn were very attentive to my needs but during the night, while they slept, I was up feeling a lot of the pain - I was out on the couch trying to endure it while watching basketball. I'm supposed to keep in bandaged the rest of today and then starting tomorrow, I can take the bandage off and let it 'air dry' heal.
I have an appointment for next Friday to have these stitches removed and then have my lip done. NOT looking forward to THAT one. He thinks he may do something a little differently on the lip so as not to have such a big scar, but we'll see.
Just going to be a nice weekend of resting. Glad I have such a great daughter and husband who are being so kind and loving.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Mullett

Okay, so three weeks ago, I had HAD IT with my long hair - especially on top and on the sides. I didn't have time, and couldn't afford to go have my hair cut, so I did it myself. Chopped off the sides and then did from the crown of my head forward - short. I've done it a few times before, but never quite this poorly and quickly.
My girls teased me several times, saying I had a 'mullet thing going'...
So, what's a mullet you ask?? Official teenager answer...
I arrived in Utah and the first thing my nephew Spencer said to me was , 'Sure Aunt Marlys, you come to Stephanie's wedding, not mine..and BTW, nice mullet going on there.'
I finally had to ask Kathryn , 'What is a mullet?'
My mother says it is a fish...great. THAT makes me feel better.
It's short in the front and long in the back - like Billy Cyrus when he sang country music.
After 4-5 times of being teased about my haircut, or lack of, I made an appointment with my Utah hairdresser, Diana, and she evened out the front and the back with cute layers and fixed my disaster. She tried to keep as much length as she could but had to chop enough off of it to fix my train wreck. It looks fairly decent now and Jordan was still able to find enough of it left to keep running his fingers through it while we watched movies.
So, I bid farewell to my mullet and swear off being my own hairdresser - especially in moments of desperation.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Back in Texas

Grandma and Grandpa took us out to Sizzler for lunch before we drove through a snowstorm to the airport. It was a nice visit to Utah...ended way too soon, and Texas arrived even sooner than that. We arrived early so there was no-one there to greet us. Del, Kylie and Mike arrived about 15 minutes later..kind of anti-climatic. But that was the basic feeling I had anyways. Kathryn was quite excited so I figured she would have enough excitement for the both of us. They did surprise us with a new car in the airport parking lot. A 2002 Honda Accord. It will make things nice for while Jordan has the van.
Back to work today with a full busy day. Didn't leave me much time to reflect on how I felt about being back home in Texas. I guess I'll try to stay that busy for awhile so I don't have to think about it. I gained three pounds back during my trip but it feels like more than that. The inches feel much thicker than only 3 pounds. So I walked Lacey first thing after work today and only ate very little for lunch. I won't have dinner, mostly because I'm just not hungry. Going to start reading a new book tonight. I'm going to try and get to bed earlier in the next little while just to try and keep myself energized. Anything can help.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Son: Armed and Dangerous

Jordan calls this morning, once again apologizing for the ticket and sharing some ideas about what he may want to do to fight the cost of the ticket. Then he proceeds to tell me that the police officer had accused Jordan, or thought Jordan had stolen the van...kidnapped the girl he was giving a ride to AND was drunk, because his eyes were red from the time of night and lack of sleep. By the time Jordan was finished explaining the whole episode, I was a little IRATE at the assumptions that had been made about my son and the stupidity of the whole scenario. Like there are no 'out of state cars' in Rexburg Idaho!!!! Or single girls in a car with a young CLEAN CUT returned missionary!! OR red eyed students from long nights of studying, traveling or just dating!!! OR young men going over the speed limit by 8MPH!!!!!! I think Jordan was a little raked over the coals UNJUST FULLY!!! And he was feeling like quite the loser this morning apologizing for having the car only 4 hours before he got a ticket, probably increasing our ins rates and the cost of the ticket. He claims he'll pay for all of it...but he has no job yet and he has no means to cover the expenses - just the desire to be a good kid. He called himself a loser. I then raked him over the coals and told him to snap out of it and focus on his grades, dating and getting through this semester. By the time we hung up, he was feeling better and promised to keep all his legal weapons hidden and his foot off the gas pedal. He at least hung up laughing, which is what i wanted to accomplish.
Now, I get to go home and tell Del.
No more laughing.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's Time to go Home

So tomorrow, we fly back to Texas. I'm a little sad but I guess 'reality' has been set aside for long enough. Heavy sigh.
Kathryn went to 'The Best of EFY' yesterday and listened to a Brother Smith and the infamous John Bytheway. She LOVED it and was so touched by the wonderful spirit that she felt there. Both she and her cousins laughed their heads off, enjoying the humorous messages shared by both men and the sharing of their testimonies. Kathryn has had a great experience up here in Utah and has recognized some important things about her life and decisions she has made and been making recently. She is feeling much changed and wanting to have some calmness and peace in her life. And she knows now that this comes from living the gospel and having a testimony of our Savior. I have been thrilled to see a changing of her heart and desire to live the gospel this past week. I feel some real hope for her and our lives in Texas. Yes, she wants to stay in Texas. I'm thrilled. I would just miss her too much.
Jordan left today to go back to Idaho. He has the van - and within in one mile from his apartment, was pulled over by a policeman - clocked going 53 in a 45 mile zone. He's disappointed, as am I. That will increase our insurance premiums and be quite expensive - $140 to be exact. He felt terrible and I was more thrilled that he had arrived safely and in enough time to get to bed and get some good sleep for another week of school. I miss him already. I won't see him again now for probably 5 months or so. Heavy sigh again. Yesterday, we spent the day getting him some groceries, new garments, getting the van serviced and full of gas and then playing games and having dinner with his cousins over at Rebecca's. We laughed and had the best time - including getting Jordan to call a girl that has been pursuing him up at school for a date on Friday night. He will have a good time. He is adorable. I wish he had a little more confidence in himself and felt better about his own good looks and personality. He just doesn't feel he has much to offer any girl. But hopefully, soon, he will realize what he really does have to offer.
Well, it's late and tomorrow brings doing a few loads of laundry and packing things up before we leave for the airport. We'll be home around 8:00ish p.m. The diet starts over. The belly roll and thickness have returned and I have eaten WAYYYY too much while here. Oh well....I have to remember that I have this full year to finally meet my goal of 150 pounds. I just didn't expect to have to start over soo soon. I haven't weighed, but I feel about 5-7 pounds back on.
So, tomorrow? Back to the diet, back to the heat, back to work, back to.....all of it. Does anything ever CHANGE????

Friday, March 20, 2009

Stephen and Stephanie - Party Time

And the reason for our trip to Utah was to witness the marriage and temple sealing of our dear Stephanie and her fiance Stephen. And what a lovely sealing it was. Daddy performed the marriage and sealing and did a wonderful job. There were many nieces and nephews in attendance and many of Mark and Elaine's friends. It was a great showing of respect for that family and the people who love them.
The reception that evening had the arrival of my date for the weekend - Jordan arrived, safe and sound, and was I thrilled to see him. We had a big hug and then enjoyed the evening of celebration with family and friends. It was so great to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. Jordan even tried to catch the brides garter, but his forthcoming marriage appears to still be a little time off as one of the bachelors in front had the garter fall nearly in his lap. my daddy enjoyed spending the day with his brother, and Kathryn and Jordan enjoyed many cousins and aunts and uncles.
We're back at Von and Ann's now watching yet another movie. Kathryn and I watched 'Tuck Everlasting' last night and we were sooo mad at the ending. We also watched 'Timeline', which we loved and will watch again with Del when we go home to Texas. Jordan is watching some of it tonight before we head off to bed.
A good, special day - a wedding and reunion with my Jordan. I can sleep happy.

A Day on Temple Square

This was our day on Temple Square. We went to the Visitors Center and then saw many of the fountains and statues that were around the temple grounds and surrounding areas. It was beautiful. One of my favorite nephews of all time was there...PJ. I haven't seen him in a few years. He was there with his wife Hailey, who is expecting a baby girl in July. PJ looks just like his dad - the real reason he is one of my favorites...his dad is too.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Day...of Madness

So, March Madness started today with the most significant loss of all - BYU to Texas A&M. It was sad - they just got too far behind in the beginning and were just never able to really catch up. Shoot, it was frustrating. But it was just a continuation of how my day started...I got on the scales this morning and for the first time in awhile, it spoke to me..."Oh, I remember you!!". I was up 2 pounds from last week back in Texas. Ugh!! So, I watched very carefully what I ate today, mostly as it went into my mouth. I had Herbalife for breakfast, skipped on the pizza for lunch but DID eat the wonderful apple crisp dessert Becca made. Then tonight, Kathryn and I both had a nice salad, a few M&M's and we'll have apple dumpling dessert that Annie made, a little bit later. Not a really 'balanced' diet...but a little of everything.
After the basketball game, we played some board games, Kathryn went over to visit her Aunt Loraine Lott and Uncle Lon - then we came back here to Von and Ann's where we are going to watch movies again - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang first, as Kathryn has never seen it. She won't like the child catcher. He scares me to death. But Dick VanDyke is always fun to watch - especially as he falls in love...
Another fun day with great memories of cousins, sisters and game playing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Day of Rest from Spring Break

Okay, I needed some rest from this vacation I'm on!!! So I stayed up until 1:00 am gabbing with my lovely sister-in-law Annie. We laughed and gossipped until our eyes almost shut on us and then I slept in until 9:00 this morning and I've been in my PJ's ever since, watching basketball games, Disney movies and reading a book. I let Kathryn take the van a few times to go see friends and hang out and now she's gone again while I am going to go help Annie make some dinner. It's been a nice relaxing day - no obligations, the weather has been gorgeous and so I have come in and out from enjoying the beautiful light breeze and warm sun.
A truly good vacation today.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Day for the Irish

We had a very fun St Patrick's Day today - meeting over at Rebecca's first thing this morning where we played games and had fun before going out to lunch to a place called Zuppa's - a salad, soup and sandwich place. Good food, but I was very careful to not overdo as I knew we would be stopping at the See's candy store across the parking lot. I bought Jennifer's little girl Andy a bunny chocolate and I got myself just a See's chocolate sucker.
On the way home, we stopped at my Aunt Alice's grave site where I took pictures of her headstone and marveled at the beauty of where her body lay to rest. My parents will be buried right alongside these best friends of theirs, Uncle Floyd and Aunt Alice. Some discussion was had as to which side of the plot dad wanted to be to Uncle Floyd, or mom next to Uncle Floyd. Interesting conversation.We asked them to write down their final decisions as to what to have on the headstone etc...
Back at Becca's, we played more games until Rachel had to leave for home and mom and dad needed to go also. Kathryn had gone out to the mall with Moon cousins and then came back in time for our Irish celebration...corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes, green rice krispy squares and green mint milk shakes. Fun dinner before the kids went off to YM/YW joint activity.
We're back at Von and Ann's now for the evening. The March Madness brackets have been filled out by all and the party begins on Thursday morning when we will once again get together at Becca's house for the BYU/Texas A&M game at 10:30 in the morning.
Life just couldn't be better right now with the fun Kathryn and I are having in Utah. Jordan called several times today just about as excited as I am to come down this weekend to see me. It will be so much fun. Kathryn is NOW, as of today, once again wanting to move here to Utah to finish her schooling at Lone Peak High School. We still have 6 more days here and I imagine just as many mood swings and changes of mind before we know what she really thinks. So I just let her talk and listen to all she has to say, knowing that by the end of all of this, she will still not know what she wants in life.

It's Springtime in Utah

And LOVE is in the air - we have hugs and kisses everywhere - married couples, dating couples, engaged couples and more.
With a wedding this weekend, I think we have 'marriage' on the mind for many - just a few to watch in the near future???
Lyndon and Chelsie are of course, already engaged . But I have a feeling that sister Jenna and her 'friend' JR Ross may be close behind with cousin Emily and her 'love of her life' Phil coming in a close second. But I'm only speculating, of course, but I think I see a few of the signs - and of course, it is spring - the time for love.

Monday, March 16, 2009

The First Days of Spring Break

So here are some pictures showing some events of the past three days. On Saturday, I took Kathryn to her favorite all you can eat restaurant Chuck Arama. Not a real smart thing for the two of us on a diet. By the way, speaking of diet...I'm not quite sure how the results of this diet will be during this Spring Break. I am trying to be good and do my Herbal Life, but some days have been better than others. It seems that most things we do center around eating and playing games. The game playing has been fine - it's the eating part that's killing me.

We've had dinner at Grandma's house, dinner at Rachel's house and tonight, dinner at Rebecca's house. In between all of that, I try to stay away from all kitchens.

At grandma and grandpa's, we played games, ate a great meal and then all the young folk took naps. This is the engaged couple during one of their many 'hand-checks'. Looks innocent enough

Kathryn always likes a good game of Zarahemla with Grandpa...Kathryn won this one.

The evening was spent at Rachel's home up in Ogden for dinner and Family Home Evening. Kathryn immediately hooked up with her favorite cousin Sarah and I hooked up with my wonderful sisters and parents. I had two brothers there also, Von and JD and their wives. In all, we had quite the turn out...

This is Kathryn with her cousin Austin - trampoline jumping and cow racing...did I really say cow racing? Yep!

Today, Monday, Kathryn and I went up to BYU campus where we went to the BYU bookstore and had a fun time watching some ballroom dance class, went to Cougar Eat and then just watched all the BYU students, mostly the boys, coming and going. Kathryn was quite impressed - even encouraged to get good enough grades to attend this wonderful university in the near future.
After campus, we went up to the University Mall where we went to the Deseret Bookstore, got Kathryn a book, ran into a RM from our Lindon Ward and then went over to Rebecca's house. We played games, gossiped and then had taco salad for dinner. We are also in the middle of planning a date for Jordan this weekend when he comes down from Idaho. He will quadruple date with some of his cousins and go with a really cute girl he has already met once while down here visiting Lyndon.
So overall, we have had a very eventful first few days. Lots of food, game playing and visiting with cousins, siblings and parents.
Tomorrow, all of us sisters are going out to lunch and then spending a few hours just gossipping our heads off. So fun - so needed. Girl talk...

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Water from the Tap

It's been almost two years since I experienced the simple pleasure of drinking cold water straight from the tap. And the other picture?? That's called a mountain - with snow on it even. You won't find one of those in Texas, which should be your first clue that I'm not Texas I mean. I'm in Utah, and that mountain is right outside my brothers back yard...and it's beautiful! The whole state is beautiful...and the water is cold and fresh and it's 50' degrees outside - and feels wonderful.
Okay, can you tell that I'm loving where I am?? Kathryn and I left Thursday afternoon and drove here in record time...we loved the trip. Kathryn drove a few times; once through a snow storm in Albuquerque and the other was a rain storm in Gallup New Mexico. No offense to anyone out there, but New Mexico has got to be the most God forsaken place on the planet. I'm not sure of it's purpose on the earth except to give us a place to gas up on our way to Utah! And to keep me awake, which I had to do while Kathryn was driving. She had not a concern in the world while I sat in the passenger seat completely white knuckled and in a full fledged cold sweat. I could read the small print on the side of each 18 wheeler we passed but only because me eyes were about coming out of their sockets. 'Hazardous Road Conditions' needed translating for Kathryn and she missed every 'lane merging' sign posted where there was continual road work going on. Before I ended up in a 'full arrest' heart attack, I told her to pull over so I could drive the rest of the way. The 21 hour trip took us just over 18 hours; I guess I was anxious to get here.
The first day has been spent with my oldest brother Von getting my computer hooked up to wireless etc. and errand running with my sister in law Ann. Kathryn went to Lindon, our stomping grounds and spent the day with her best friend Nicole (CoCo) Packer and a boy she had a crush on growing up. He, of course, is no longer the blond haired gorgeous boy she remembered, but more brown haired, not as cute as she had envisioned and she carried on most of the conversation for the two hours she was with him. She was soooo disappointed, I think hoping for some 'love connection', but realized he's still the good friend that she texts for hours on end each day and throughout the WHOLE trip. So, they are back together tonight hanging out at the park and just talking like they used to when they were younger. She had a GREAT time with CoCo and they have a double date planned for later next week.
So, thus far, it has been a real fun time for Kathryn, which is exactly why I am here. This trip is for her, but I get some side benefits also - seeing and being with family not seen in years. Tomorrow, I will get to see my parents and sisters and their families. Should be a great week.
I will be taking more pictures and posting as the week goes on.
Seems Del won't have time to miss us or wish we were there...I guess Kylie has spent a lot of time with him - going to the movies, watching t.v., making food and going grocery shopping. I doubt he'll notice if Kathryn and I choose to stay in Utah...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Results Are In

On my lip, there are cancer cells that they will remove with surgery. They think there will be a scar and asked if I wanted to consult with a plastic surgeon. I figured I would look fine at 50 with a hair lip, so declined the consult .
On my forehead, there is a tumor with cancer cells. How big, they won't know until they get in there and remove it all. Malignant or melanoma? They won't know either until they get in there, see how big it is, remove it and biopsy again. It will be surgery also - in fact, they will do it first, suture, then 6 days later, remove the sutures and do the lip, suture and 6 days later, know the biopsy results and remove the lip sutures. The scar will be bigger on my forehead and will be right by my hairline, but it is pretty well hidden by my bangs. I didn't even consider the plastic surgeon for that area.
I feel fairly confident that all results will be fine and so I have scheduled the surgeries for the week after I get back from Utah. It will be nice to have a conclusion to this little bump in life. Thank heavens I have never really been one to overly concern myself with the whole 'make-up glamour look' thing. Having always been a plain Jane will have it's benefits in that one or two more scars won't bring any added attention to this already 49 year old face.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

And So We Wait

Test results....seems like everyone is waiting for results for something...Kylie for her biopsy - came back negative - yippee!!! Kathryn for mono - just came back two seconds ago - NEGATIVE, but she's anemic and lethargic due to a viral infection. My dad - still waiting for test results to figure out why he can barely stay awake - and me, biopsy results, nothing yet. And so, we continue to wait while Kathryn sleeps, my dad sleeps and I wait to see if I can sleep.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My Caboose is on the Loose

Urim and Thummim translation would be: My youngest got her drivers license!!! She insists she is a good driver though so you have nothing to worry about! NOT!!! She is your typical 16 year old 'I know how to drive mom' child, emphasis on the 'child'. So we will see. This is, of course, right before our 18 hour road trip to Utah this weekend. It will be helpful to have a second driver...not that I'll be able to sleep or even shut my eyes, but at least I won't have to do all the driving. And we will have her insured - both car insurance and life insurance. I better remind Del to increase my life ins. policy before we leave. He might as well be rich if the trip doesn't go well.

It's Only One Hour

It really shouldn't make that big of a difference, right??? Then why am I soooo tired???!!! It's only one hour....but I guess if you think that way before you go to bed Saturday night, and then again first thing Sunday morning..but then, once again Sunday Monday morning, you've lost more than the one hour!!! You've lost like THREE!!! And they are never to be found because sure enough, come Monday morning, it's life as usual....nothings different - no shorter days, no longer lunch and no earlier getting off. It's 8: - 5:00 p.m. same old same old.
Yesterday, our Bishop's wife made the comment that in today's world, we use the phrase of 'it's hard' a lot...harder than what? As compared to who?? (was that supposed to be 'whom'?) The pioneers? Our past heroes? Fallen or martyred prophets? And what's harder? Life in general? Having a home, car, clothing and the gospel?? And what's the definition of HARD???
Last night, Kylie and Mike came over after church to play games and just hang out. We played Tricks, Make a Million and Pig (with the dice). Laugh laugh laugh laugh fun to be had!! And then we all took Lacey for a nice evening walk down and back up the street. I couldn't even make up a definition of HARD at that moment. Life is what it is....hard or challenging in some moments and then relaxed and rewarding in others. But it is what it is. That's why we hear both the joy and the groaning in the same breath from our teenagers. We feel the joy and the anguish in the same moment of feeling and we continue to live each day as it comes and goes, with or without an extra hour of sleep. It's only one hour.

Friday, March 6, 2009

And a Fat Lip Too

I had biopsies taken this morning. My forehead was obvious - he saw that as cancer right off the bat. The spot on my lip though, I had forgotten about. It showed up when we moved to Utah from Idaho. Literally, the same day...and then I had it for years - coming and going - but it's been gone for a year or so...So, 'out of sight, out of mind'. The doctor found it though while checking my face and asked me about it. I had forgotten, but confirmed it's history, so it was biopsied also. He said it was cancer also, but we still need to know if it's anything more. The injections to numb the sights were painful! OUCH!!! I do not see how women get BOTOX on their upper lips. It hurt!!! So now, I have a frozen forehead and a fat lip to boot. Not real attractive for the next few days. I should have results next week.
Seems a young boy in our ward, Meredith Smith's son , Jacob, also has MONO!!!! I think Kathryn 'has sum esplainin to do'. She can tell me all about it as I sit home with her today. Oh, except we ARE going to get her license today. Oh happy day!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's all IN/ON my Head

I've had this on my forehead for almost two years now. The first year, I just thought I had burned my forehead curling my hair or something. This second year, it still hasn't healed and has become slightly larger. I forget everytime I'm at the doctor's office to ask about it because I'm always there for more important reasons...usually Kathryn. Well, I was there today, about Kathryn, who happens to have MONO again...ugh...and I remembered to ask.
The doctor was NOT thrilled; for several reasons...1 - He couldn't believe I had had it for over a year and not asked about it. 2- He couldn't believe I didn't know it was basil cell cancer - skin cancer - and 3- he couldn't believe I was fairly calm about everything. He had me schedule an appointment for first thing tomorrow morning with the specialist to have it removed and then biopsied for melanoma. I should have results by next week.
I know my mother has had several skin lesions/cancer removed and she has been just fine. We are your typical redheads that have to be very careful in the sun. I, of course, have had my several years of tanning in my youth that may have finally caught up with me. But we will see what the dermatologist says tomorrow. Hope he's a little more calm and encouraging than our family doctor. He was mean!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

So Many Questions: What are the Answers?

From Del:
How much did it cost?
Will you marry me?
Did you pick up the dry cleaning?
Did you pay our tithing?
Do we have anything Friday night?
Can you see the Big Dipper?
Can we afford that?
Did you feed Lacey the leftovers?
What do you want for Christmas?
What's for dinner?
Do I have to go?
Did you get your haircut?
Is that new?
What did your mother say? (to the kids)
Where is my...?

From Jordan:
Did Adam have a belly button?
Can I go to the dirt trails?
Do I have to get a shot?
Can I take the car?
Can I hang with Mark?
Do you want to go riding with me? (to Del) on the horse
Can we make cookies?
Do I have to?
Can I ride with Josh?
What's for dinner?
Can I get a horse?
Did you take my boots?
Did you wash my hat mom?
Where is my....?

From Kylie:
Do these shoes match my dress?
Does my hair look good this way?
When are we going to get there?
What's for dinner?
Did Chris call?
Can I take the car?
Have I had that before? about dinner ..Yes, and you liked it.
Can I get a dog?
Dad, will you tuck me in?
Mom, will you teach me how to play the piano?
Did Chris call? (or the current boyfriend)
Can we go to grandpa's house?
Is dad at a meeting?
Can I go with Lauren....?
What's in Texas?
Is he looking at me?
Can we go over to Hicken's?
Where is my ......?

From Kathryn:
What's for dinner?
Where's Kylie?
Dad, can you tell me another story?
Can we have potatoes for dinner?
Can I play with...?
Can I get a cell phone?
Mom, will you teach me how to play the piano?
Does my throat look sore to you?
Where did dad go?
Who are those for?
Can I make something? Cookies?
Do I have to go?
Can you tuck me in dad?
When can I go?
Can I move back to Utah?
Can I live with the Hicken's?
Where is my.....?

And from Me:
What's for dinner?
Can I have an epidural yet???
Did you do your homework?
Do you love me?
Have you cleaned your room?
What time is the game?
Did he kiss you?
Did you tell Kylie she could go to....?
What will happen if I double my Prozac??
Have you walked Lacey yet?
Did you take your medicine?
Why doesn't he get it??
Did you practice the piano?
What time do you need to be there?
You have got to be kidding me?
Where are my keys?
Who's on the phone?

There have been so many more questions than I can even remember....and so many more that will happen over the years.
Will I ever have the answers to them all???

Monday, March 2, 2009

Men are from Mars

Why did the Lord make men and women sooooo different from each other??? Did he really think that at some point we would come to a meeting of the minds??? Of the heart? Of the sense of humor? Of the finances? Of the physical nature of mankind? Of the spirit? OF ANYTHING???!!!
They say that opposites attract.....attract WHAT??? Flies? Fungus? Mold?
The cup is half full, the cup is half empty. We've paid $20,000 towards debt, we still have $20,000 to go. We are employed, but we hate our jobs. We have a car, but it's on it's last leg. We have a roof over our heads, but we're renting it. We have food to eat, but we're on a diet.
DOES IT EVER END , our differences?????
I am, by nature and design, a very positive, happy person. I CHOOSE to see the joy in life. Maybe that is naive, or non realistic or the thing that has gotten me in to trouble. But I'm happy...UNTIL, I'm being forced to see things the other way...and I don't like it. It has made for a very miserable past two months and either I'm going to change some things around here, or I'm sending everything negative, realistic and pessamistic BACK TO MARS!!! This space on earth doesn't have room for aliens from Mars.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Wrapping up Loose Ends - February Gone

This is our dinner tonight...Wild Mushroom Stuffed Beef Tenderloin. I think Del 'sipped' into one of the bottles while cooking. It really is much better than the picture portrays. We had it in a sumptuous marinade for 10 hours, then seared the roast in the dutch oven and then finished by stuffing it with this yummy mushroom, red onion, pine nut stuffing mixture - and now it cooks in the dutch oven for just over an hour. Our new recipe for the week and I'm really looking forward to it.
This past week ended the month of February, so along with 'wrapping up' our tenderloin, I'll wrap up the week/month.
The diet....I weighed on Friday and joyfully I report that I have lost 14 pounds. It doesn't show a lot, although the ladies at work and Kylie both mentioned that they can tell, mostly in my stomach area. My pants are very loose on me and my bust line is diminishing quickly. If I had known THAT would happen, I wouldn't have had a reduction 9 years ago. I've gone from a 'D' cup to a 'B' cup in the past few years. This morning when I weighed, I happened to be down even another 2 pounds from Friday, but I only go with Friday's weight numbers. I continue to walk with Lacey but missed a few days this past week when it was really cold.
Work...still wish I could quit but continue to endure hoping that I might actually take some time off in April along with Spring Break. We had a good month of February and I will make a small bonus - probably enough to pay to add Kathryn to our car insurance.
Kylie - if you follow her blog, you have read where she is having a few medical procedures done due to an abnormal pap smear. Mike has been out of town this week and so I have gone with her to the dr. for some of these procedures. I happen to have a 'slight' different take on what she is needing to have done and why...but not to share at this time. Her results from Friday's testing should be in next week and we will hope that nothing further has to be done. She is in our prayers though...Mike comes home tonight, for which we are grateful, as Kylie became our house guest in the middle of the night last night as she was SURE there was someone breaking in to her was her printer resetting its self...but Lacey was THRILLED to have Kylie home the several times she was over during the week. I had to smile as I heard the two girls getting ready for church this morning and their bantering back and forth as to the mirror and bathroom usage. Good old times.
Stake Conference was wonderful this weekend with today's session being broadcast from Salt Lake with Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Cook presiding. Their messages were poignant and precise - from D&C 30 to David Whitmer -
1 - Listen and give heed to the Lord's spirit - set aside pride and stubborness.
2- Focus on spiritual instead of worldly things.
3- Listen to and follow our leaders.
Also, last nights message from our stake president said one thing that gave me much thought. It was this question..
'Are you learning more than what has been said?'
I've pondered much since last night about the multiple meanings of that statement and how he then concluded with the message of being able to receive revelation and the 'proper use' of agency. It has given me much to think about and organize in my mind and heart, of which I am sure will take me more than just a few days to wrap my thoughts around. I want to understand what he said more than just on the surface of the message. I want to study it out in my own mind the inspiration behind the statement/question and what that can mean in my own life. I came away from the conference feeling that there is much more for me to do in understanding the promptings of the spirit and then implementing those promtings into action.

Well, the aroma in the kitchen is telling me that we have another 'keeper recipe' to add to the file. The meal should be ready in a little over 30 minutes so I will close this entry.
BYU mens basketball team beat Utah last night in a great game!!! They won in volleyball this past week also - not the basketball men, the volleyball know what I mean!!! But I'm getting ready for the MWC basketball playoffs and then going right in to March Madness, hopefully with weeks full of watching the BYU team. I think, of course, of Stephen and Wanda Dunn during this time and remember our great trips and memories of NCAA basketball games. Some good times to remember!!!! GO BYU!!!!