Sunday, April 29, 2012

Needing a Booster Shot Of Patience

Little new kitties and puppies come in for their first visit to the vet when they are about 4 weeks old.  This is when they get their first puppy and kitty vaccinations.  Then, they get boosters again at 8 weeks, and then again at 12 weeks.  After that, it's not until they're 1 yr old that they finally get their big puppy & kitty or 'dog and cat' shots for the first time.  They are considered 'grown up'.
There are certain things I know are going to happen in the next year or so.
How do I know???
I just know.
So I wait.  Some days, I wait without even thinking about it because I am just so busy with every day living and life.  Other days, I think about it once or twice, but know that 'it's too soon' and more time is needing to pass.  So a little patience is needed.  But then, there are some days when I want it to happen now...sooner than later, and 'yesterday couldn't be too soon'.  That's when I need my 'Patience Booster'.
I need a Patience shot.  I'm so hopeful and long in desire for these things to happen so my patience is not necessarily 'wearing thin' because I will wait for as long as I need to for them to happen.
But...heavy sighs...I see a tinge of hope but then try to stay realistic without losing my focus.
Keep my eye on the goal...
keep my eye on the hope...
don't give up...
and be patient.
It will be worth it.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Busy Couple of Days

Since my last's just been busy stuff.
Work, Relief Society Homemaking meeting about Women's Safety from a police officer.  It was really quite humorous but also really really informative.
I went also to the Open House for Dr. Henoa, the orthodontist that I used to work for at my previous job.  I love her.  I worked for her for three years and she was good.  Really good.  I miss her and her little family.  Her open house was really well attended and she is doing extremely well in her new office.  I'm so proud of her for going out on her own.
Today was my day I spent my early morning mowing the lawn, cleaning the house, doing some laundry and then getting dinner in the oven so that all Del had to do was turn the oven on while I was gone to the movies with Kathryn.  She and I had such a fun time....kind of like old times...movies, laughing, crying, sharing and secrets.  I'm so proud of her and the improvement she is making.  Still has some struggles and difficult moments, but overall, she is trying so hard to be such a good woman.  I love her.  We saw two movies...
The Lucky One and the Mirror Mirror.  First was great...the second one was just so so.  Then we stopped off for ice cream.
Tonight, we had a yummy dinner with great company.  Sean and Becky are in the process of moving and so really don't have a lot of time to stop for dinner in between their trips to their new home.  So I made one of Becky's favorite dinners - pork chops, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and dinner rolls.  Then Lexi and I did up a no bake cheesecake during our playing of games.  An overall fun night....
I'm back to work tomorrow.  But thank heavens I love my job.  The temple is closed this week and next...of course.  So I have not been able to go yet.  Disappointed but not defeated.  This weekend is Stake Conference so we will go tomorrow night to the adult evening session and then Sunday in the morning.  A nice weekend.
Del will not leave this next week, but the week after for Washington DC.  Appears he will be working from DC for the summer and maybe up to 5-6 months.  It will depend on how the 'big deal with the Military' goes.  he will come home on the weekends.  I'm glad he is doing so well. I said...just a bunch of every day living and staying busy.
But that's good....for someone like me, who likes things just level and even key.
One note....
Because of Becky and Sean's moving, they are borrowing our mini van and I am driving their Honda Accord.
The other day, I went to Sams grocery store.
I came out and spent the next little while looking for my car.
I never did find it.  But I finally found Sean's...15 minutes later.
Senior Moment.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Ink Isn't Even Dry Yet

I have a current temple recommend, signed just a few moments ago.
What do I feel?
Not what I thought I would but I know it's because I'm still too humbled to want to SHOUT for joy.
Right now, I want to be still...and feel gratitude.
I will go to the temple on Friday.
I can do that now.
I can go to the temple.
So, I will.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Of Course, I Cried

Today in Primary, one of our new little 5 yr olds was assigned to give a talk.  His name is Casen Shumway.  For the most part, he is a really quiet child and only participates in the songs and Primary when he has had plenty of time to loosen up and get comfortable in his surroundings.  But then, still, he is not overly excited or talkative about anything.
Right before he was to get up and give his talk, he frantically looked over to his dad, whom he told me would be coming up to help him, and motioned for him to hurry and join him at the pulpit.  His dad was by his side in a flash and I could see Casen relax.
Then he started.
His talk was the reciting, by memory, word for word, the page long, small print Proclamation of the testimony of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostle of Jesus Christ called..'The Living Christ.'
I started sobbing.
Casen only paused two or three times where he would wait for a ONE WORD prompting from his father before he would continue with the paragraph long phrase that came next. I was the spirit that he presented and by the fact that this 5 yr old had not only taken the time to memorize this Proclamation, but that he had parents who had obviously sat with him day after day after day to teach him the many words he had memorized.
I was so grateful for the spirit that had touched my soul.  He was a testimony to me of the truthfulness of his words.
I gave my thanks when I came home to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to have this experience today.

Kylie Gave Lexi Some Pointers

We had a family get together over at Mike and Kylie's last night.  A great barbecue dinner and then we watched part of the Rangers game and then had Sam ores and played Yahtzee.
Kylie and Lexi had a mini 'photography' class too.  Kylie has two really great cameras and she has been mentioning how nice it would be to have an assistant with her at some weddings.  That would be Lexi.  So last night, they practiced what Kylie had taught Lexi.
I, of course, left my camera at home so for the first time in awhile, I was actually IN some pictures instead of being the photographer. 
After a yummy dinner, Preston wanted to watch a movie on his mommy's phone.  The minute Jordan found out it was one of his favorites, Winnie the Pooh, he went over and joined his little buddy.  I couldn't pass up the shot so insisted Kylie take the pic.  SOOOO cute!!  Preston and his Uncle Joe watching a movie together...for almost an hour they sat there not budging...Preston holding the phone and Jordan looking over his shoulder.  They would laugh at the same time, frown at the same time and smile together.  I LOVED it.
Then, after getting Preston to bed, we went out to the fire and made samores.  Lexi was having a great time taking shots with her new found knowledge of picture taking and really got some pretty good shots...It was cute to see her so excited about her successes.  Yahtzee ended the night.
While typing this, Kylie has sent me three pic's on my phone of her and Preston out roasting marshmallows in their backyard, and they are adorable.  I'm hoping to get them posted later cuz they are just really cute too.
I imagine we will have a whole lot more of these throughout the summer...

My Litl' Gangsta'

While waiting to go to lunch with all us ladies the other day, Preston played with Uncle Joe's hat.
Then found some cards on the counter top.
The combination of the two just made him appear...gangsta'.
Too cute for words.

Becky's 4/20 Birthday Bash!!!

A few things first....
Earlier that day, I had taken Kathryn to go get some things for her apartment and groceries.  While with her, she said some thing to the affect of...'OH, it's 4/20...National Weed Day'
What???  What in the heck is National Weed Day?  So she explained.  No way...there was just no way that there was an actual 'official' day to smoke pot - weed - do drugs.  Am I really THAT naive???
Apparently so...
We go home to meet up with Kylie and our afternoon girls to go to lunch.  Kathryn says to Kylie...'Ky, tell mom what today, 4/20 is.'  Kylie looks over and without blinking an eye says, 'Really mom...National Weed Day...EVERYONE knows that'.
These are my Mormon do THEY know that???
I puff my chest up and say.. 'there's no way Jordan knows!!'..The girls laugh and call Jordan out from back in his room to come out.  He enters the kitchen where Kathryn says..'Jordan, what's 4/20?'  With a smirk on his face, he says..'Who wants to know?'
REALLY????  They all knew....
Becky tells us at lunch that she never got to hang with any of her friends growing up on her birthday because they would all 'be busy doing other things.'  I felt bad for her.
A National Weed Day???
It crossed my mind of a few of my past friends that probably knew that...
I'm sooo naive - un informed - un cool, if that's what's considered cool.
But Sean had made plans for a party that night for Becky...supposed to be a surprise, but his Packard big mouth got the best of him and he ended up telling her.  She was nervous that nothing had planned or thought out because Sean had done it.  See...Becky is a huge planner - organized down to the last detail.  Sean isn' all. 
But it was one of the funnest parties I had been to.  Of course, Del and i were the 'oldies' of the group, but we felt really included in the fun..although we made our boundaries of stupidity and warned them that if they ever wanted us to come again, they would not make us dance....a little compassion was extended our way.  Thank heavens.
Ice cream, cake, cookies, presents and then the fun began.  The pictures can't even tell it all, but it was funny.  To see a bunch of 22-32 year olds dancing to music was just too priceless.
I was telling Del when we left (early to get to bed) that it was so refreshing that we just left a 4/20 party knowing how the evening would end when there are millions out there who are choosing to spend 4/20 in a completely different way, was both comforting and rewarding, considering several in attendance were my own!!!.  And they had fun!!!  Go figure!!!
So, I'm thrilled to know, that every year, on 4/20, there will be a party out there, somewhere in the world, where not a speck of weed, pot, drugs or alcohol will be available, and the party will be a success...
Right Aunt Marlys!!!

Becky's Birthday Lunch


Becky's 26th birthday was an afternoon and evening event.
The afternoon was a girls lunch to 'Chuy's, a Mexican restaurant, where we enjoyed some great food, drinks and conversation.  These are my daughters...literally and figuratively.  I love Becky like she's my own...or at least I want her to feel that way.
Of course, Preston was a blast to have with us too...
Fun fun lunch..

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sprinkler Fun

Could he look any happier???
Kylie sent this to my phone today while I was at work. It made me smile knowing how much Preston loves to be outside and then on top of that, being able to run through water for the first time.
Can you imagine how fun that was for him???
I hope she continues to allow him to enjoy such fun moments like this...let him enjoy being a little boy and doing new things.
He is going to have such a sweet life with fun memories.
This being one of the first!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

With Energy to Spare

After working an almost 10 hour day, I came home from work tonight, ate a quick piece of pizza, checked my emails and then went out to mow the yard, prune the backyard rose bushes, shrubs and trees and then finished my day by walking 2.5 miles for exercise.
As I type this post, my hands are shaking.
I must need....chocolate.
I must.

'If You're Happy and You Know It....'

I love....everything.
Absolutely everything right now.
My life.
I'm just plain happy.
And it's about time I feel that way about my life.
And you know what???
I plan on keeping it that way for a very long time.
So don't ANYONE make me change my mind!!!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scarred, But No Longer Broken

It's been a year today.
There was a time I didn't think I would live through this past year.
But not only have I lived through it, but I am stronger.
Scarred??? Of course.
But no longer broken. I'm whole.
I'm laughing again....smiling...not crying anymore...enjoying being alive and strong; not hurting anymore.
A little pensive at times and a little tender from the healing scars; an occasional song stops me in my tracks, or stills my heart for a slight moment.
But I don't cry anymore. At peace.
I take a deep breath, clear my mind and heart, refocus and move forward.
I have made it through probably one of the hardest phases of my life.
Not unscathed...and the scars will be permanent....but a reminder of a past that should have stayed in the past...and a future that has unfolded full of joy and hope.
I made it through; helped by those who REALLY love me...sustained by a loving and forgiving husband, and a God who loves me unconditionally.
Scarred, but no longer broken.
I am whole....and happy.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It Started a LONG Time Ago

It's a lot funnier if you know the history behind these 'putting things together' projects for these two.
There is no one on this planet more impatient than Del....except for Jordan.
And they're equal in being stubborn.
The combination generally makes for non compatible working conditions, which has been the case since Jordan was little.
Butt heads???
I think Jordan was around age 2...maybe three the first time I saw them go at it.
Jordan was born a cowboy...right from the start...his first word horsey...had a hat, a gun, the boots and the rope. Del is an Idaho farm/cowboy...the horse, the hat, the gun, the boots and the rope. Del liked to wear his hat a certain way, so when he put a cowboy hat on Jordan for the first time, Jordan put it on different. Del changed it. Jordan changed it back..back and forth and then Jordan threw a fit. He won.
Happened a few more times growing up...but then when Jordan, probably 8, Kylie 7 and Kathryn 3, our family went camping at Scout Mountain. It was a favorite activity for our family...or I should say...the REST of the family. I've never been a real camper.
Anyways....we video taped that whole overnight trip; from arrival to leaving...and we've laughed for years and years as we watch it now to see the personalities and attitudes of our children back then.
Kathryn...was a 3yr old in la la land...she was adorable. Loved to follow and copy cat everything Kylie did and said. She was clumsy too...fell down or tripped every other step. Oblivious to most things around her but very pleasant and happy. Her talking was soooo cute. Sweet little voice etc.
Kylie...was a stinker, especially to Kathryn. She mothered her in everything - was a little boss -a -bit and snippy snap. And she had a real mean streak to her. She watches the video now and is so embarrassed and what a little sneak she was. (know it all).
Jordan...explorer...wanted to try everything...learn along for the ride and fun. But he liked doing or showing what he knew how to do. Not a lot of common sense involved in anything but he wanted to please his dad. It was during this age that i started to see a LOT of Jordan's personality...a wry wit like mine...funny kid. favorite part of the video is Jordan and Del putting up the tent together. Just the dialogue between the two keeps me in stitches. Arguing which way to face the tent opening...arguing which side goes up to put the stakes in the ground, with the end result being a beautifully and perfectly built tent. Of course, Jordan walks over to me, who is still filming the whole episode and begins to mutter the following under his breath....'yeah, he just stands around looking busy while I do everything' and 'if he would just listen to me we could have been done HOURS ago'...(it took them 10 minutes).
The video continues like this the whole time...the two of them while building a fire, making sticks for samores...etcetc...

Now...years later...they have had a few more opportunities where 'Mr. Know it All who NEVER passes up a teaching moment' Del and 'I'm tired of you always trying to make me look like I don't know anything but I do know everything' Jordan, have had to work together on something that requires actually getting along. About 9 years ago, they took on the project of making me a set of bookshelves for my home. They are beautiful and even more appreciated by me because I know and realize that one, or even both of them, came near death at more than one time during that process. They built me a puzzle/game table....and it's gorgeous. Even though it was done secretly, I found out later that there were some pretty heated moments...
And we have little moments like last week, the putting together of the lawn mower...and today, the using of Kylie's new Kirby vacuum/rug cleaner to do our carpets. The dialogue during these moments is hilarious to listen to these two grown men who don't have an ounce of patience between them...
I just stepped aside...and laughed as Lacey watched them while sprawled out on the carpet they would soon be cleaning. I just have to let them work it out...
The last thing they need at that moment is a third person who actually DOES know most everything, to butt in and make them look bad.
So I just stay quiet.